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Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Tashi upset knowing Rani and Raghav’s marriage

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 5th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivraj introducing Rani to Pandit ji. Pandit ji says her face is familiar as if we met before. Tashi comes home and greets Shivraj. Shivraj introduces her to Pandit ji. Rani comes to kitchen and thinks why this Pandit ji came here? Just then she gets her finger cut by the knife accidently. Tashi comes there and asks what happened? Rani says it was a small cut and asks her to tell Raghav that she is bringing faluda in sometime. Tashi says ok and comes out. She tells the kids that good things needs time to make. He comes inside the house and goes to kitchen. Pandit ji looks at him, but don’t recognize him. Raghav sees Rani’s finger bleeding and gets concerned, he sucks her finger and blows on it. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage…he says I will also blow and tells that they

will bandage her finger. Rani says she is fine, but feels pain.

Raghav holds her hand and tells that he heard Papa telling Rivaaj that a good husband helps his wife and tells that he will also help her. He helps her serve faluda in the glasses. Rani smiles. Raghav tells her that he will take the tray out, and asks her not to work. He takes tray in a hurry, slips and falls down. Premlatha, Tashi and Rani come to him. Raghav says my faluda fell down. Rani says new faluda will come. Pandit ji sees them together and says you both…husband and wife. Rani signs him. Shivraj says they are not husband and wife. Pandit ji says I thought they are husband and wife. Shivraj says no. Rivaaj looks on suspicious. Pandit ji comes to Rani while she is standing in the inhouse temple. Rani greets him tensedly and then thanks him for not telling anything to anyone. Pandit ji asks your face shown everything and asks if her family is against her marriage. Rani tells that they got married accidentally and circumstances forced them to marry. Pandit ji asks her to remember that nobody can break their marriage as their relation is made by God. Tashi comes infront of him and thanks him for keeping Raghav and Rani’s secret.

Pandit ji says it is good that you know about them and asks her to send their kundalis. He tells that they shall sit for Ram Navmi puja as their marriage happened at the very auspicious moment. She gets shocked and recalls Rani’s lie. Pandit ji leaves. Rani looks at Tashi. Tashi turns and looks at Rani angrily. She asks how dare you? have you gone mad? You have married Bhaiyu…Shivraj tells her that they are going out to buy stuff for Ram Navmi as told by pandit. They leave. Tashi turns to Rani and says I didn’t expect this from me. She says you got married to him even after knowing his condition and took advantage of his mental state. She asks her not to talk to her again. Rani says no and goes inside. She asks her to listen and tells that it is very difficult to understand. She asks her to understand. Tashi says she is not a fool, and says someone didn’t force you to marry.

Rani tells that circumstances led them to marriage. Tashi doesn’t believe her. She pushes Rani. Raghav comes and holds her. he scolds Tashi. Rani says something went in my eye. She asks him to go and play with his friends. She comes to Tashi and asks her to listen. She tells that she had no intention to do anything with Raghav. Tashi says I will tell everyone and warns her. Rivaaj and Rukmani hear them. Rivaaj asks what she wants to say? Tashi says Rani plays prank with her and that’s why she wants to complain to Papa ji. Rukmani scolds Rani and asks her not to do again. She tells that they are going to travel agent to book tickets and then will go on shopping. Rivaaj asks Rukmani what were they talking about? Rukmani says Raghav.

Rivaaj thinks he shall find out and tells Rukmani that there is a change in plan. Tashi calls Shivraj while he is in car and tells that Rani and Raghav got married. Shivraj couldn’t hear anything and says I will come home and talk. Rani asks her to listen to her once. Rivaaj asks Raghav to come with him. He asks kids to go and thinks Rani and Raghav’s truth will come out. Rani asks Tashi to enquire from Raghav. Tashi says ok. They come to Raghav’s room and find him missing. They search for him everywhere in the house. Rani sees Rukmani if she didn’t go for shopping. Rukmani says Rivaaj went for work and told that they will go for shopping some other day. She tells that he took Raghav to cheer up his mood and says she feels proud to be his wife. Rani gets worried for Raghav.

Precap: Rivaaj asks Raghav what was Rani doing in his room? Raghav asks what Rukmani does in your room. Rivaaj says Rukmani is my wife. Raghav says Rani is my…Rivaaj gets angry and asks what? Raghav gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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