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Daayan 6th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan Takes Back King’s Dead Body

Daayan 6th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Everyone are amused seeing Mainka’s room messed up. Nandini says Aakarsh told he wants to spend some time in his mother’s room, if he did all this. Aakarsh emerges outside room and walks in asking what is happening here. Asha says someone messed up aunty’s room. Nandini says we need to find out who has done this. Aakarsh says let us discuss about it later, first he will send maids to clean this mess. They all walk out. Chandrika says what if there is really daayan here seeing all the recent incidents. Viraaj thinks he should forget about hidden wealth and escape from here with Jahnvi soon. Aakarsh thinks Jahnvi and Veer are missing, where they would have gone. Dipank cries worried for Dimpi. Aakarsh assures him to find out Rimpi and everyone start searching Rimpi in whole hotel.

Veer shows Mainka’s messed up room to Jahnvi and says Aakarsh has done this as he had tied holi thread with rudraksha outside room and Aakarsh broke it onto pieces, he is sure Aakarsh is connected to daayan. Maid informs Jahnvi that Aakarsh is calling her. Aakarsh checks someone’s wedding arrangements in hotel and waits for Jahnvi in hall. He thinks he loves Jahnvi a lot. Jahnvi reaches there. They both imagine romancing each other. Out of imagination, Jahnvi asks Aakarsh why he wanted to meet her. He says after hearing her, he also believes there is daayan in this haveli who must have kidnapped Rimpi. Jahnvi says she does not trust him anymore. He insists trying to know where she has hidden king’s dead body, but she does not. Flowers fall on them. They get into romantic imagination again. Maid comes and apologizes for dropping flowers on them. Jahnvi walks away. Aakarsh thinks he does not want to kill her and she should reveal where she has kept king’s dead body, else daayan maa will kill Rimpi.

Daayan troubles Rimpi and asks to tell where king’s dead body is, she is sparing her till now for a reason. Rimpi says she will not and her Jahnvi maasi will come and save her. Aakarsh reaches there as daayan and says he could not convince Jahnvi. Daayan shouts he goes weak in front of Jahnvi and fails everytime. Aakarsh requests to give him one more chance, he willl find out where king’s dead body is. He meets Prithvi and Vishaka and asks if they found out where king’s dead body is. Pritvhi says they could not. Aakarsh shouts in anger. Veer and Chachaji go to temple to find Rimpi’s clue and while Chachaji does pooja, Veer finds Rimpi’s phone and watches Chandrika and Nandini’s confession video in it. On the other side, Dipank continues crying unable to find Rimpi. Jahnvi goes there and informs that Rimpi is with daayan. Dipank panics hearing that. Jahnvi informs that Daayaan needs king’s dead body which she has hidden somewhere, so she kidnapped Rimpi; she needs their help to destroy king’s body. Narendra shouts he does not believe in all this and Kundini can get away from here. Dipank agrees to help, but Narendra gets adamant. Viraaaj comes there and drags Jahnvi with her. He locks her in room, packs bags and forcefully drags Jahnvi from hotel. Veer and Chachaji reach family and seeing Narendra fuming over Kundini shows Rimpis recorded video and informs Kundini is Jahnvi actually. Narendra feels guilty for not identifying his daughter. They all rush to Jahnvi’s room and not finding her there inquires in reception. Receptionist says Viraaj and Kindini checked out just now. They rush out and stopping Viraaj inform that Kundini is Jahnvi showing Chandrika and Nandini’s confession video. Viraaj shouts he does not believe and tries to drag Jahnvi with him. Narendra tries to stop him and he pushes Narendra. Jahnvi slaps Viraaj and warns to behave with her father. Viraaj leaves warning that he will return.

Narendra apologizes Jahnvi for not identifying her. Chachaji says he believed in Jahnvi from before. Veer says even he did. Narendra says whole family will help Jahnvi destroy king’s dead body and get back Rimpi. Jahnvi says they should not involve Pritvhi, Vishakha, and Aakarsh. Taiji asks why.. Chachaji says Daayan is using Jahnvi’s dear ones against her. They all try to leave hotel when Prithvi and Vishakha stop them and ask where are they going. Narendra says to do pooja for Janinta’s baby. They both excitedly insist to accompany. Chachaji says why not, it is their right. Dipank says he will take them in his car. Aakarsh hears their conversation and realizes they are going to destroy king’s dead body. Dipank joins family. Jahnvi takes them to jungle and shows king’s dead body and gives details about king and why daayan wants to relive him via sacrificing kids. Chachaji lighs fire torch and gives Jahnvi to do king’s last rights when Daayan emerges. Family is shocked to see daayan. Daayan says what Jahnvi told is right and shows Rimpi. Pritvhi and Vishakha try to harm Rimpi. Daayan asks Jahnvi to return king’s dead body. Jahnvi asks to send Rimpi first. Daayan returns Rimpi and escapes with king’s dead body. Family tries to run from there when Dipank runs in opposite direction with Rimpi. He then reaches Daayan and ties Rimpi to a tree and turns into Aakarsh. He tells his mother daayan that he got both king’s dead body and girl. Daayan praises that is like her son. Jahnvi with family returns back to hotel. Family discusses who must have disguised as Dipank and took away Rimpi. Jahnvi doubts on Aakarsh.

Precap: Jahnvi is shocked to see Aakarsh as Daayan. Aakarsh says he tried to save her till now, she has to inform where king’s dead body is. Senior daayan says Jahnvi’s husband is her son, daayan’s son is daayan.

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