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You & Me (Chap-15) Kanchi fs by ArpitaKrish

YOU & ME (CHAP-15)

RECAP- Sanchi marraid with Kabir secretly in a Temple. Kanchi’s mehandi & Sangeet happened in Mishra’s Mension. Next morning, RiPraSha called Sanchi finding her absent. Sanchi lied about being in hospital. Lets see what she is hiding………
“Is everything fine?” Sanchi asked.
“See, I cant say anything without seeing report and report will come in evening” Doctor replied. Sanchi became sad. “by the way why did you visited me? You should have go to SDCH. After all you are the daughter of owner of SDCH” Dr. added.
“Are you insane? If I will go there, everyone will get to know about this matter which I don’t want. By the way when report will come then please call me. Noone should know about that” Sanchi said and starts leaving from there.
“Okay” Dr. nods.
Sanchi came out of hospital and sits inside the car. She was driving the car.
“ I am feeling scared. Everything was going fine then suddenly……………….”
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Yesterday night, when RiSanPraSha were sleeping, suddenly… Sanchi’s eyes open due to hotness, she was feeling. She was sweating badly.
“AC is working then why I’m sweating like this” She opened the window but still she is sweating.
“I think I should take a shower” She went inside the bathroom.
After sometimes, she came outside and was drying her hair. She went infront of mirror.
“Aahh…what is this?” Blood was coming out of her nose.
She became scared and went inside the washroom. She washed her face. Now blood was not coming out but she was still scared. She came out and sits on her bed. Soon her eyes start closing and she slept.
When sunshine reached to her eyes through the window, her eyes open.
“I think I should consult to a doctor. If I will go to SDCH then everyone will get to know and I don’t want to make them worry. I must go to City Hospital” She thought and went to change her cloths.
“before anyone wakes, I will come back” Sanchi came out of home and sits inside the car.
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“don’t worry Sanchi. Everything is gonna to be fine” She thought.
“where did you went in early morning?” Jaya asked when sanchi is caught by her while parking the car.
“I had somework that’s why. Please stop asking questions Mom” Sanchi shouts being frustrated.
“what happened?” Jaya became surprised by her behaviour.
“Sorry” Sanchi realised.
In evening, Sanchi’s haldi was going on, On the other side Kabir’s at his home.
After haldi, “Mom, can I go for bath” Sanchi asked.
“Go, Riya go with her” Jaya said.
“no, I can go myself. You guys enjoy” Sanchi said and went upstairs.
“Sanchi is behaving strange” Jaya shared with Riya.
“it can be just stress of her marriage. Don’t worry” Riya smiles.
Jaya nods.
Sanchi came to her room & closed the door.
She called the doctor.
“Hello, what is in report?” sanchi asked.
Tears came in her eyes listening the doctor. “please don’t inform about this to anyone” Sanchi said to him and cuts the call.
She sits beside her bed & starts sobbing.
Kaise jiyugi, kaise, bta de mujhko, tere bina,
Kaise jiyugi, kaise, bta de mujhko, tere bina;
(She was sobbing remembering her moments with Kabir, On the other side Kabir’s haldi was going on)
Tera mera jahan, le chaloo main wahan,
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le;
(she starts seeing her picture with Kabir on phone. Otherside Kabir felt restless.)
Rakh loon aankho mein main, Kholu palake na main,
Koi tujhko na mujhse chura le;
( Kabir stood up and starts calling Sanchi. Sanchi cuts the call then he calls riya.)
Main andhero se ghiri hoon, Aa dikh de mujhe savera mera,
Main adhuri si leher hoon, Aa dila de mujhko kinara mera.
“Sanchi…. Sanchi….” Riya knocks the door.
Sanchi composes herself and opens the door.
Riya enters and closes the door.
“why were you not taking Kabir’s call?” Riya asked.
“Actually phone was on silent mode” Sanchi lied.
“okay, where you went in the morning?” Riya interrogates.
“I already told that I had gone to meet Kabir” Sanchi turns and hides her emotions.
“you are lying to me. I asked Kabir but he denied meeting you. What are you hiding?” Riya came infront of Sanchi.
“Nothing” Sanchi replied.
“you have to take swear of Kabir and tell me that you are not lying” Riya said.
Sanchi bursts into tears.
“Sanchi…..” Riya hugs her.
“I am suffering from last stage of brain tumour, I have only 3 months” Sanchi revealed everything.
“why did not you tell anyone? Kabir should know about this. Tomarrow is your marraige” Riya became teary eyes.
“I don’t want him to be heart broken that’s why” Sanchi replied. “I don’t want to ruin his life. I know he will not accept anyone after knowing the truth of mine. I want him to move on his life. I have a wish” Sanchi wiped her tears.
“what you want to say?” Riya asked.
“Marry him” Sanchi said.
“Are you mad? How can I?” Riya was shocked.
“I know, its hard for you but please do it, for me. Its my last wish. I cant find anyone better than you for my Kabir. Tomarow you will sit in mandap instead of me and noone will know about it and after marriage, you will tell everyone that I have run away that’s why you have to sit to save respect of both families. After then they will start hating me and my work will be more easy” Sanchi shared.
“Kabir loves you, he will hate me and will not believe me” Riya said.
“I will write a letter in my handwriting then everyone will have to believe and about Kabir, then he will forgot me with time” Sanchi became teary eyes. “please promise me you will do it for me and will not tell anyone about this truth” Sanchi forward her hand.
Riya agrees unwillingly after the request of Sanchi. Sanchi hugs Riya. Riya too responded.
Sanchi’s phone rang. It was Kabir.
“Please talk to him Sanchi” Riya gave the phone to Sanchi.
Sanchi nods and picks the call. Riya wiped her tears and went from there.
“Hello Kabir Sorry, phone was on silent mode” “Yeah, I am fine, don’t worry” “okay bye”
Sanchi cuts the call.
“Tomarrow, I will get my love” Kabir thought while lying on bed.
“Tomarrow I will lost you forever” Sanchi thought seeing the moon.
“Tomarrow, I am going to do unexpected thing of my life. Before everything goes wrong, I have to do something, I cant see injustice happening with Kabir & Sanchi. I have to tell the truth to Kabir but how…. Sanchi has taken my promise” Riya thought while lying on bed.
TO BE CONTINUED………………………..
Ribir or Sabir? Wait for the next chapter.

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