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Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sameer coming to Vishaka. Vishaka says if he don’t like the food then she will cook something else. Sameer says it is ok and tells that he will try to become her good son and will not give a chance to complain. Rohan gets upset. Vishaka kisses on Sameer’s forehead. Sameer and Rohan come to room. He comes to the window. Amrita offers him home and asks him to say her hi first. Sameer greets her and takes the phone. He calls Naina. Naina plays old song. Sameer smiles and says he likes both, song and her smile. Naina says I told my family about my result. Sameer says they might get angry. Naina says yes and asks him if he was calm after reaching home. He says yes and tells that he is missing her. Naina says we will plant roses and think we are together, and when flower

blossom it means we are together.

Naina’s voiceover tells that love for her is sameer, and if I love you can’t be said by feelings, then we can shorter the distance between each other. Sameer plants rose plant. Naina also plants it in the pot. Dheere dheere song plays. Preeti comes and teases Naina. They come to the stationary to buy notepad and tell that they want it for school. Shop keeper shows them notepads. Naina says she wants note pad with roses and heart printed on it. Shop keeper smiles and asks for school? He shows them notepad. Naina asks him to glitter pen and envelope. He gives. They pay the money and leaves.

Munna tells friends that Sameer calls him 10 times a lot and is studying in English medium school. Pandit tells other friends that Sameer said that he will come when I call him. He comes there. Friends ask if you both have two friends with sameer’s name. Munna asks Pandit not to argue with him and tells that he talked to Sameer. They try to prove that they said truth. Swati says what is happening with them. Naina says their friendship is such, they are fighting for a friend and will unite for him. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was settling down there and was missing munna and pandit, still they are friends. Naina writes on the notepad. Dheere dheere song plays….

Swati asks Naina what did she write in the love letter? Naina says she wrote his name. Swati asks if she made lipstick mark. Kamya tells teacher that her clip is stolen. Teacher says we will check everyone’s bag. Munna shows his hand. Shanti teacher tells that all girls’ bag will be checked. Naina says if teacher gets love letter. Swati asks her to give letter to munna so that he can post immediately. Naina gives letter to munna and he keeps it. Pandit comes and asks him to come to canteen. Munna refuses and argues with him. Shanti teacher asks them to go out. Munna picks his bag, letter is left on the table.

Update in ProgressPrecap:
Sameer hangs with his new friends and have fight on road. He plays cards in the bad company. Naina looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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