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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Goenkas meet Suhana’s family

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aryan coming to Kartik. He says Suhana’s mom is coming to meet, make me ready, please. Naira asks him to help. Kartik jokes. Manish says you don’t value me, why don’t you understand, what’s the rush, why do you need me then, do anything you want. Dadi says we are not making any promise, we are just meeting them. Manish says this happened at Kartik’s time too, our fate was good that Naira became our bahu, we have to know about Suhana, her family, her background, everything about her. Kartik says Aryan is ready. He gets Aryan downstairs. Aryan says Kartik has groomed me. Lights flicker. Dadi says its a bad omen. Kartik says its fine, its natural for lights to flicker. Suhana comes and says we also regard it a bad omen. Dadi says we have to find a solution.

Suhana strikes the stones and says its done, my grandma used to do this, I learnt this from her, she has taught me a lot of things. Dadi blesses her. Manish says no, that won’t be necessary. Dadi asks did you come here alone. Suhana says no, mum and bhaiya came along, I won’t give you a chance to complain now. Savita and Rahul come with shagun and gifts. Savita stops at the door and checks time, just like Dadi. She then prays and enters the door. Dadi smiles. Suhana looks at Dadi.

Savita stares at everyone’s jewelry. Savita acts like Dadi. She acts sweet and says Suhaan has found a nice guy for herself, we got this small gift for you all, this gift is for Naira, Suhana told me about your positive report, you will be blessed with a child soon, you are so sweet, bless you. Dadi asks her to sit. Dadi asks are you from Udaipur, we would have met before. Savita boasts of her richness. Dadi says we want the girl to be cultured and belonging to a good respectable family. Savita tells many details of her clan. Dadi says its enough. Savita says no, you can ask me more. They all look at her. Savita says sorry, I communicate to factory workers like this, so I got habitual. Kartik says its fine. Suhana says Lav Kush, I will help you in opening the gift. She unwraps the gift. They all see the idol. Naira says its same idol which Dadi placed in the temple. Everyone gets shocked. Surekha says yes, its same idol which got stolen. Dadi says yes, its same. Savita asks what, are you insulting me, will I get any stolen thing to my daughter’s inlaws, if you don’t like it, you can exchange it, I have got the receipt as well, Rahul give the receipt. She asks them to see it. She says Naira you check, as we got the gift for you. Suhana thinks don’t know what receipt is it. Rahul thinks its icecream bill.

Naira says no need of it, you keep it, sorry I just blurted it out, actually we lost similar idol. Dadi asks Naira to place idol in temple. Suhana asks shall I come along. Suwarna asks Naira to take Suhana. Naira prays and thinks why do I feel strange, like something is wrong with this relation. Suhana prays to Lord to support her. Savita says we will leave, you have Suhana’s kundli, our pandit gave mahurat for engagement, I had almost forgotten. She gives shagun to Aryan and says we have officially chosen him, its your turn now. Naira thinks why are they hurrying.

Rahul says we will wait for your call. Suwarna stops Suhana and gives her gold bangles. Dadi and Manish look on. Suhana says this wasn’t required, your blessings are enough. She takes bangles. Savita asks Suhana to come, auspicious time is ending. Aryan goes to drop them. They leave. Manish asks what was the rush, are they running off somewhere, if they are, let then run. Suwarna says girl’s family always hurry. Manish says don’t do anything in haste. She says you promised me, you won’t deny whatever I ask for, I ask for my son’s happiness, promise me that you won’t be a hurdle in this relationship. Manish says your son, he isn’t mine right, fine do anything you want, mark my words, being blinded by love for your son, don’t take such a step that you and your son have to regret. He goes. Kartik and Naira come to Manish. Manish says I don’t want to talk about it.

Naira says we didn’t come to talk. Kartik says doctor said stress isn’t good for anyone. Naira says we have to do like this. She takes a deep breath. Kartik says I will also do this, you also do. Manish says think about it calmly, we are going to get related with that family forever, we should get a chance to know them well. Kartik says we understand, we will talk to Suwarna, don’t get annoyed with her and Shubham. Manish says I know, he tries to appear smart, he is crazy, he won’t listen to me if I say anything, you both promise me you won’t let anything wrong happen. They promise. Naira prays. Kartik comes and asks what is your planning with Lord, everyone is fine, your planning to change topic failed. She says I don’t know, I feel there is something wrong in this alliance, I feel guilty. He says I know you have a strong reason for this. She says I feel its the same idol we offered in the temple. She recalls Dadi and Manish’s words. Kartik says lets check it once.

Naira checks the idol and gets shocked seeing jeweler’s seal. Suwarna sees her.

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