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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Refuses Reddy Corporation’s Job For Prabhakar

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Siddhant tells Prabhakar that Srikant sent him there regarding Reddy trust. He sees his pic with him and asks him. Prabhakar tells about taking pic with him in his childhood. Receptionist asks them and says KK called them. They go to KK. KK tells Siddhant that he is very happy to see Siddhant in his company and asks Prabhakar if he talked to Siddhant about Salary. Prabhakar says no. KK asks Anu to decide his salary and asks her not to make it less. Siddhant recalls Karthik’s words that he is Prabhakar’s replacement. He tells KK that he don’t want to leave Khurana for bigger opportunity. He says I thought enough and says I can’t take up this job. Prabhakar is upset. KK is shocked for a moment and tells Prabhakar, like father like son, loyal. Siddhant says he is loyal and seek his

permission to leave. KK permits him. He comes to Khurana’s company. Sweety, Khurana and his colleagues welcome him. Khurana says I didn’t know you respect me a lot. Siddhant says you have trapped both KK and Khurana. Siddhant asks what you are saying? Sweety asks him to call Srikant. Anu thinks what happened to Siddhant suddenly. Srikant comes to Anu and asks what is going on between Siddhant and her, and tells that he has found a way to thank Siddhant. Siddhant calls Srikant. Srikant says Reddy corporation work will be done by Khuranas and you will head the work. Siddhant says Anushka can tell about her heart attack. Anushka gets upset and goes.

Goel asks karthik if he talked to KK. Karthik says he is next generation girl. Goel says KK is very stubborn. KK comes there. Karthik says I called them. KK asks Goel to spend time with kids, and says if you don’t spend time with kids then they get spoiled. He says we shall do dinner together. They have dinner. Karthik tries to talk to Goel. Goel says until Prabhakar is here, KK will not agree. He says you have lost. Karthik gets upset. Anu comes to him and asks what’s wrong. Karthik tells her that today Appa proved that Prabhakar’s importance is more than us. He tells that he asked Prabhakar to leave and told that Karthik is his replacement, but he didn’t back off. He says he is feeling bad for Siddhant as he left big opportunity because of Prabhakar. Prabhakar asks Gayatri and says he will talk to her in the morning.

Next day, Prabhakar plants a tree. Siddhant asks Purva if this is new project of Reddy corp. Prabhakar tells that fruits comes at right time irrespective of your work. Car comes from office. Prabhakar says today I will not go to office. Purva comes and says he is not Pradeep and car is also different. Siddhant comes out. Khurana talks to him and says he sent car for him like his father used to go by his office car. Siddhant gets ready to go to office.

Anushka comes. Servant asks Siddhant can he make coffee for anushka first. Siddhant says she is KK’s daughter and not poor like us.

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