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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman and Ishita return Delhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone settling in a restaurant. Adi says this place is much crowded always. Roshni says we are in London, we should do something, like dance. Romi says on such music, we should have hindi songs. Roshni says I know the manager, I will tell him. The song plays. Adi and Aaliya dance. Raman and Ishita also go. Roshni says Shagun, I told this to Romi also, when you go India, tell Mani how much you love him, sometimes we should tell partners how much we love them. Adi thinks Roshni changed so much, she has become so much mature. He steps on Aaliya’s foot. She gets angry and goes. Raman says I feel complete when you are around. Ishita says I feel the same, shall I ask something, what did you get in that envelope, I know there is something that you aren’t saying me, you

got to know about Sonakshi and don’t want to share with me, trust me, I don’t know anything about her, can you share it with me. He says you trust me right, I will become a danger for any dangers coming over you. Roshni says I will leave now. Adi says I will drop you, come. They leave. Ishita sees Aaliya.

Mihika says Bhavna didn’t reply my message, shall we go to her house and check once. Ruhi and Mihika go to check. They find the house locked. Mihika asks neighbor about her. She says no one knows about her, I hope she is fine. Ruhi asks her not to worry. Roshni says I can manage, my house is nearby. Adi says I know you are independent, sorry the way I behaved with you, I was mad to leave you in park. She says no, the marriage was a blessing for me, I could leave from that village. A colleague sees Roshni and says oh, you are with your husband, carry on enjoy. Adi asks did you tell her that I m your husband. Roshni says actually, I wanted to avoid this, I lied that I m married and show our marriage pic, else people ask for date or so. He asks why, you are young and single, you should give someone a chance to come in your life. She says when someone has to come in my life, he will come. He says okay, after all its your life, take care. She goes. He turns and sees Aaliya. Raman says we are going back to Delhi, I booked the tickets. Romi asks what, I thought to call Mihika here, please. Raman says we are leaving. Ishita says we will go if Raman is saying. Raman asks Romi to book a taxi. Romi goes. Ishita says I know you will do this to protect me. She says Raman didn’t tell me anything, but I can see his fears, we will leave.

Aaliya asks what’s going on, Roshni told her colleague that you are her husband. Adi says you don’t overreact, Roshni is my friend, I have no time for this. Roshni comes to them. She says Aaliya…. and gives mangalsutra. She says you dropped this, I picked it, please take care of it. She goes. Aaliya says too much…. Adi asks did everyone keep passports. Roshni says I m going to miss you all, I felt happy to spend time with Ishimaa. Ishita says I m really proud of you. She hugs Roshni. Shagun gets Mihika’s call. Mihika says puja didn’t happen. Shagun says we are coming back. Mihika asks why, is Ishita okay. Shagun says yes, but we went to Sonakshi’s house. She tells something. She says Raman wanted me to ask you about Sonakshi’s soul peace puja. Ishita hears her and asks can we have it done here, I don’t know what you got there, I know you are hiding it, I understand, I won’t ask, if anything such hurts my family, I don’t want the trouble to reach Delhi. Shagun says perfect, did you know Sonakshi. Ishita says no. Shagun says we shall do puja.

Raman says its good, puja got completed. Shagun says I m sure Sonakshi’s spirit got peace. Ishita says we have to leave this lemons and chillies on the way. Shagun makes her wear Mata rani locket. She asks are you okay. Aaliya says I think Ishita is fine. Ishita says Roshni it was a pleasure meeting you. Adi says take care, when will we meet again. Roshni says don’t know. He says come to Delhi when you get time. They leave. She gets sad.

Raman says this was a memorable trip, now we will get busy in Delhi. Ishita says I wish we stayed here for more time. Sonakshi gets over the car top and says when will I go home. Raman, Ishita and others reach Delhi. She says there will be a temperature change here, you are behaving like a kid, you got spoilt. Raman says it was our honeymoon. She says I want to say thanks, the way you handled me, why did all that happen, you stood by me, I m just happy, this ended, what happened. He says nothing. Shagun says we were waiting inside, you guys came out. She leaves in her car. A cab comes. Ishita sees the cab number. She sees some other driver and asks him about the other cab driver who dropped her to the airport. Driver says this is my car, how can this happen. Raman asks what happened, come. She gets thinking.

Ishita sees the non veg food in the tiffin and gets shocked. She asks Amrita to take it away. She then sees Sonakshi’s purse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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