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Will she ever be mine? – Part 15

Hey guys..Its been a long time since i visited my page..Was so damn busy with 11th..happy to say that i have been promoted successfully to class 12th!

i Missed u guys alot..

Recap- shivaay finds anika in the pooja room!

S- Anika where were u? i was searching u in the whole mansion except here..

An- anything important?

S- only if its important, i should call u?

An- y r u behind me now?

Advay and Avni come together to the pooja room..They find the three standing!

A- looks like they have again started!!

Av- what did they start?

A- Their nok-jhok..


S- will u come with me, if u don’t mind? I need to talk to u!

An- what do u wanna talk? y the hell r u behind me?

S- i really want to tal..He couldn’t finish it as Anika already left….

Anika was going towards her room wen she got a call, first she ignore it and later she got a text message which made her do something and left the room..

Anika went to the garden, she hid herself behind a tree and called someone..

An- hey, where are u?? i have come now..u have just 30min to come and meet me!

Stranger- okay dear..i’ll be there within 5min..


After 5min the person comes and meets to Anika..

An- what is it that u wanted to tell me ?

Stranger-em..em..Actually…i found something which is really strange!

An- what is it?

Stranger- its about ur Husband!

An- about shivaay or..him?

Stranger- its ab him! by the way..u still shy calling his name?

An- nothing like that yaar..its just that i wanted him to be Mine..but he became Her’s..anyways..he’s really very happy with her, i can always see that in his eyes..

Stranger- what abt Urs? How are u? Do u still love him the way u loved “HIM”??

An- i’m good yaar..but..that was a tough question!! Anyways, tell me wat have u found abt him?

Stranger- first thing, its been almost 5 years since u met me and u won’t even hug or call me by my name ryt! We have only texted eachother, i tried calling u and u never picked the phone ryt..u hated me na?

An- acha..okay..My r u? Is everyone good at home? Not like that dear..its just that Shivaay would be around me always and i don’t want he to see me talking to u that’s it..i don’t him to know anything abt my he knows half of the truth!

Aahana- that only u should take my orders!! Anyways..everyone is good! Which part did he know? ur professional or personal?

An- Professional!

Aa- oh shit! y did u let him know that?

An- leave that dear..i wanna be ur Anika for tell me..How’s Arjun??

Aa- oh shit..u still remember him?

An- of course yes! okay now tell me where is he?

Aa- of course with me at my house..what type of question was that Anu?

An- hahaha…okay fine..Then?

Aa- i have alot to talk to u! what abt u, u have nothing to say?

An- not now dear..later on..wanna get rid of some people!

Aa- i get it..

An- u take a leave dear..i don’t want u to be here for more time..

Aa- okay bye Anu..

An- bye sweetheart..come and give me a hug and give me kiss!

Aahana kissed her and hugged her very tight and left!!

Anika comes back to the room and finds shivaay who’s quite tensed and was walking to and fro!

An- shivaay, wat happened to u?

S- nothing dear..

An- u said u wanted to tell something ryt..

S- yeah..but u said..

He couldn’t complete as Avni called her and she took a leave…This made shivaay speechless coz the first thing is that she didn’t allow him to complete his part and moreover she wasn’t angry!

Advay was passing by shivika’s room..shivaay called him and told him the whole thing..

S: how can she just like that forget it?
A: shivaay..I think she has started her acting!!
S: acting?
A: Yes..That means the game has begun!!

S- what do u mean?

Ad- u’ll get to know abt it..neither me nor she is not gonna tell u..u’ll have to figure it out by urself..

Advay left..Shivaay was hell confused!

Precap- Lights go off..Someone comes inside shivika’s room..

S- u know how much i love u, then y do u go away from me?

A- i’m not the right person..u should go find her!

S- anika please..don’t punish me..

A- areey..yaar go meet ur girl..

S- i love u anika..he starts kissing her and was abt to have a liplock we the current came back and and was shocked to see to the person with whom he was spending time for so long time…He turns to the opposite side and find Advay and Anika standing together near the door..Tears starts coming from Anika’s eyes!




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