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Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartikeya goes to jalandhar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with ganesh saving all gods. Parvati prays to shiv ling and says the sun has risen. There indra dev thinks I have to go to mahadev and tell him this Jalandhar is forcing us gods to accept him as great god. There Jalandhar says I will not let these gods leave, Jalandhar runs behind them. Vrinda says no my love, these gods are going towards Kailash and you cannot go near Kailash, remember what rishi shokracharya said, only shiv can kill you and if you go near Kailash, you may die. Jalandhar stops. There ganesh hears everything as they land in Kailash. Ganesh thinks okay, some day or the other I will make Jalandhar come near Kailash so that father kills him.
All gods get down in Kailash and come near mahadev. Indra dev says it wont be right to disturb mahadev in his meditation.

Parvati comes and says all gods here? What happened gods? You have come so early in the morning? Parvati sees everyone injured and says gods what happened? You all don’t look good and are hurt. Indra dev says mata it is all because of Jalandhar! Kartikeya says Jalandhar?! Indra dev says yes. Kartikeya asks what happened? Suryadev tells entire story what happened and he was stopped and then attacked while rest gods came to help and they were attacked too. Parvati says he tried to stop you suryadev? It means he tried to break the natural law from letting daily things happen, it is like challenging mahadev. Parvati says what are you hiding suryadev? Suryadev says mata, Jalandhar calls himself the new god and says everyone should pray to him first and bend before him and not mahadev! His wife vrinda too calls herself the new devi Shakti. Kartikeya says that is enough now, I will not leave Jalandhar. Kartikeya goes in anger and says I will finish this. Ganesh and parvati say stop kartikeya. Kartikeya runs and sits on mayur peacock and goes towards Jalandhar. There ganesh says I will stop brother, he sits on mushak ji and goes behind kartikeya. Ganesh says we have to stop brother, he is the commander of the god’s army but he doesn’t know other than father no one can kill Jalandhar. Mushak says prabhu how will we stop brother kartikeya? His peacock is very fast. Ganesh says don’t worry, ganesh brings mushak on ground and he jumps with mushak faster and comes ahead of kartikeya. Ganesh says brother stop. Kartikeya says ganesh get away from my path, I shall kill Jalandhar today! He has to be punished, he is very egoistic. Ganesh says no brother it is no use of fighting with Jalandhar, please understand. Kartikeya is angry and says ganesh get aside, I wont stop. Mushak says prabhu I will die if mayur peacock goes flying through me, ganesh says don’t worry. Ganesh says brother listen to me, Jalandhar can only be killed by father, he has a wish and no one can kill him, if he is brought near Kailash he can be killed. Kartikeya says what are you saying? Is it true? Ganesh says yes brother, I myself heard his wife vrinda say this to him. Mushak says prabhu I think it is my last day as kumar kartikeya is not stopping. Kartikerya comes very close flying and then stops and says are you sure? Ganesh says yes, rishi shokracharya said this and vrinda stopped Jalandhar by telling him not to go near Kailash otherwise father would kill him. Kartikeya is still angry and says I cannot wait for him to be punished. Ganesh says brother we shall not use strength only, but intelligence too and jalandhar’s demonic character will only bring him near Kailash! Kartikeya thinks you use intelligence ganesh, I am just eager when Jalandhar is punished for his egoistic character. Ganesh thinks brother is still angry but I stopped him now though. Both go back to Kailash.
Ganesh tells all gods about a plan and says all of you go to Jalandhar! You understand right what I am saying? Indra dev says what are you saying ganesh ji? Ganesh says yes, he is a god right? A new god? Then go to Jalandhar, pray to him and attend his court meeting, then praise him a lot, praise his strength and intelligence, overpraise him! Indra dev says what are you saying ganesh ji? We are trying to destroy him right? Ganesh says this is the right thing to do. Parvati says indra dev, ganesh is the god of intelligence and he says anything only after thinking, if he is telling you this then it must be to end Jalandhar only. Indra dev says mata I am not doubting ganesh ji, it is just that I am shocked after hearing the suggestion. Ganesh says indra dev, if we go according to this plan, then Jalandhar will be destroyed, our plan is to bring him near to Kailash, so that father kills him.
There vrinda gives Jalandhar madeera to drink. Jalandhar drinks madeera and sits on his throne. Vrinda says my love, these gods have for ages prayed to mahadev and tridev, they wont accept you as god easily! So I suggest you kill all those gods, Jalandhar says you are right love, these gods have done too much of what they wished!

Precap: all gods go to Jalandhar and say they accept him as god, they attend his court meeting. Jalandhar and mahadev fight each other.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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