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Unknowingly your’s – (RagSan) Part 2- It hurts

Thank you so much guys for your lovely comments on previous part. Here is the next part.

Stretch above land, into their peak, 
It is the sky, they constantly seek. 
In the far distance, we notice their height, 
A view from the top – spectacular site!

Closely positioned, to form a range, 
Human eyes, won’t notice them change. 
Not a prisoner, to immediate time, 
Challenges many; unforgiving climb.

So much more, beyond their beauty, 
Sheltering species, that is their duty, 
Mountains are members, of the nature we know, 
Way at the top, they often have snow.
(By Anita)

Perfect, I mouthed to myself and closed my diary which had more than 50 poems and adding to it another poem now.  I loved writing poems, especially on nature. I was just 10 when I wrote my first poem and since then I never stopped writing. I blushed remembering last night when Abhishek had called me and requested to say one of my poems. I gladly agreed after which he complimented me and even requested me to write love poems. I think I should start writing love poems from now.

My thoughts were broken by a sudden sound coming from the next door. I pulled out my chair and started to the room the next door. The scene in front left me flabbergasted. Kavita had been spreading her clothes all over her bed.

“Kavi, what is this all? Why have you messed up your bed?” Kavita ran towards me and dragged me towards her bed.

“Rags, can you please help me with this?”

“Help you with what Kavi?”

Kavita took out two of her dresses which were lying on her bed along with other dresses and placed the both on either side on her body showing me. I somewhat understood what help she wanted now.

“Which one is looking good on me?”

I looked at both the dresses. On her right side was a casual knee length beautiful blue dress. It was plain with only a waist band and had U shaped neckline. One on her left was black dress which was also plain but it had square neckline. Both the dresses were beautiful and undoubtedly they would look beautiful on her, but I chose the black one instead of blue. Since the blue one was U shaped I thought it would show little bit of her cleavage.

” Umm.. I would go for the black one”

“Yea? I liked the same one. Anyways thank you so much.”

I smiled at her and started to move out of her room when something striked through me. I didn’t ask her the reason of her getting dressed up. As I turned again the door was already closed.


“How am I looking?”

I was sitting in the living room when Kavita appeared in front of me showing her off. I don’t believe how on the earth I chose that dress. It was close fitting dress, knee length dress. She had left her hair open by curling little bit at bottom. she had worn black stilettos, which made her look more tall. She was indeed looking hot.

“Where are you going out Kavita?”

“It’s a secret.”

“Oh please Kavita, don’t be stupid and tell me where are you going so that I can inform Chachu or anyone from our family calls and asks about us.

“Look you don’t have to tell anyone that I have gone out. If anyone calls then just say I am sleeping understand. And yeah I am going out for a dinner with Sanskaar.”

“What? Since when did you both become so close that you both are going out now? Its not been a week also he is here and you both started dating also.”

“Aw my innocent Ragu, It’s a long story. I will tell you when I am bac..” she stopped as her phone started ringing. She had a bright smile on seeing the caller Id.

“Hello Ssanksaar?”

“Yes I am ready.”

“What, you have reached here. Ok I’ll come out.”

“I better be going now, Sankaar has already reached and waiting for me outside. We’ll talk later. Bye”

I fake smiled at her bidding her good bye. I wasn’t happy with Kavita. I would have been ok if she had gone with some other man but Sanskaar Maheshwari. After coming across him for the first time, I had this curiosity to know about him. He was filthy rich, who didn’t care about anyone. He dismissed people who disobeyed him with snap of his fingers. He had been linked up with many women celebrity models. He is a total player, arrogant person who probably lacked any feelings. I don’t know how much of the information is true, but now I feel I should should have stopped Kavi from going.


“Hey” I greeted Kavi as I saw her entering the house.
“Hi. You still up?”

“Yes, wasn’t getting any sleep. How was your evening?”


“By  the way I am free right now and so are you. So will you please explain to me now about you and Mr Maheshwari”

“Ok. Come will sit and talk”

I felt relief seeing her safe and  sound. I was somewhat worried about her. We moved to the living room and sat on the sofa  adjacent to each other.

“Actually he sent me a friend request on social networking site and I accepted it. Since then we started chatting. We even exchanged our numbers and this is the first time we went out together. He seems to be interested in me.”

“But Kavi he is a very rich and…”

“Yes Ragu, thats the reason. He is very rich and ridiculously handsome. I don’t want to miss him out. Out of many girls here he chose me to go out with. He is really interested in me and so am I.”

“I don’t think Kavi he is interested in relationships and all those stuffs. I am scared he wants you for just one night stand.”

“Enough Ragini just shut up. This is ridiculous, first you dragged me from him when we had met last time and now you are saying he is using me. You know what, you are jealous Ragini. You are jealous because boys run after me. You are jealous because you are ugly and I am beautiful. No one has given permission to you to jugde a person. Do you understand that.”

She furiously stood up and  went in her room but not before warning me again.

“And yes, you stay out of this. I meet Sanskaar or not is none of your business ok. You don’t act like you are my mother. Good. Night.

Unknowingly my eyes started watering. She was never been this rude to me. And it is all because of Mr. Maheshwari. I slowly walked to my room and closed the door. I looked at my image on the mirror. No one had ever called me ugly and those words coming from my sister hurt me. Tears were flowing non stop from my eyes. I miss you Di, wish you were here with me right now.

“Good morning” Kavita wished me as she entered into the kitchen.

“Good morning” I said plainly. After our argument two days back we didn’t talk to each other. I was expecting her to at least say sorry to shooting rude words towards me. But seemed like she was not at all feeling guilty for her behavior until now. She wished me morning, so may be she wants to say sorry. May be now she was feeling guilty spitting rude words.

“I am sorry Ragini I was been really been rude to you the other day I didn’t mean to say that. And we don’t want our parents to doubt on us right?”

“It’s ok Kavi, I didn’t mind”. I lied, though that was the only thing in my mind.

“Thanks. And yes.. I was serious when I said I don’t want you to interfere in my matters.”

She went out being rude again. Why did she  even say sorry to me.

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