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THE WARRIOR LOVE CHAPTER NO. 4 (celebrate love)

In midnight
Someone comes in puru’s house and stumbles upon puru’s leg waking him up he sees the person and drags that person outside who turns out to be laachi
Puru smiles seeing her and they have an intense eyelock. Then laach realises that he is holding her very close to him she feels shy and tries to move away from him but he holds her and stops her and is going to kiss her when suddenly anusuya calling for him she comes out and finds them standing near each other she says that I think I have disturbed you amd I shall go she turns smiling and goes from there
Laachi feels shy and hits him playfully and says that what will she be thinking about me
Puru says that she must be thinking that laachi is a good girl and agrees to everything her husband says(laughing)
Lachi says that no but actually after marrige you will have to listen to me

While in paurav rashtra darius was not sent to faras and anusuya lied to puru to cool him down
Gadika and Kanishq enter Bamni’s room where he is drinking alcohol thinking about all that happened he is very much drunk

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