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‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-33


HELLO ALL… how are you buddies?? So long guys…Finally my exams are over… huff.. had to struggle a lot.. I’m not boring you all….hope you remember where we stopped!

Recap : Shivaay screams over Raja and warns him not to create harm to Anika.. he nears Anika and they had a lovable moment… Anika says that it wasn’t the first attack on her… she reveals her incidents.. Shivaay vows to himself not letting anything happen to her…

**** Next day ****

Shivaay opened his eyes slowly to witness Anika cuddled onto his chest sleeping peacefully… an obscure smile made his lips curve up… he slowly got up laying her down without disturbing her slumber.. but her chand bracelet got struck with his shirt limb… he looked her who was completely lost in dreams…he caressed her face making his eyes wet…

“ Anikaa…Anika..” there he heard the voice of Gayathri knocking the door.. Shivaay’s face lighted up with shock..he tried speedily to get freed from her bracelet…

“ arrey Anika…this bracelet is similar to you… c’mon… “

He heard the door being opened and the same time itself he got freed… he jumped out of the bed and hid behind a pillar… Gayathri entered the room siding the door.. She placed the cup and plate of food aside and sat next to Anika holding her hand… Shivaay peeked out to see Gayathri with tears..

“I’m sorry Radhika… I couldn’t keep my promise.. I had vowed that I will always protect her, will always make her feel crowded, will never make her think she’s alone… but.. but I couldn’t… “ she cracked her voice caressing Anika’s face…

“ I think this is the right time to ask aunty.. “ Shivaay talk to himself and took a step out while Raja too entered the room unexpectedly… Shivaay hid again making the curtains cover him.. Raja stood near Gayathri and held her shoulder…

“ Raja, I can’t control any more.. Please Raja..please… “ Gayathri pleaded in her most lowest tone… Raja bend down his knees holding Anika’s and Gayathri’s hand..

“ What do you think Gayathri?? That I don’t want to protect her? Sh..she is my daughter… if there’s anyone who I love the most, more than my life then that’s Anu.. as like you or should say more than you I’m dying.. “ Raja said with deadly emotions.. Gayathri wiped off her tears sniffing..

“ If that so Raja then please, for once, obey me.. “

Raja nodded positively..

“ we’ll say everything to Shivaay… “ she said tightening her hand on his.. “ Raja, for once please…I’m sure he’ll help us out.. “

Raja “ No gayathri.. it’s too late now.. even Shivaay can’t help us out.. “ he lowered his head shedding tears..

“ WHAT CAN’T I DO ?? “ echoed the voice from Shivaay who came out from the curtain… Rajthri’s eyes became large the very moment when the voice reached their ears.. their head turned facing him..raja stood up taking few steps back… Shivaay neared them with a fatal glare..

“ What are you talking about uncle? What can’t I do? and..and what aunty is pleading?? “ his questions were making the situation arduous for them…

“ I know, I shouldn’t have listened to you but what I heard is making me confuse… what is bothering you both? TELL ME… “  his words were getting raged…Raja looked Anika who was immersed in a wonderland… Raja slowly decreased the distance and held Shivaay’s hand.. Shivaay looked him expressionlessly… Raja made his grip on him tighter and rushed out of the room accompanied by Gayathri..

Raja’s swiftness was increasing after every steps.. Shivaay didn’t utter a words coz he wasn’t in a state to repeat his questions again and he knew that the rushing man in front of him wouldn’t listen him now.. Raja opened a door which was locked for years with a creaky sound… Raja pulled Shivaay into the room where darkness had spread widely… suddenly the turned on, but the scenario he saw made his thought strong.. The room was filled with photos and the walls with few documents and again photos… there was a woman with a girl of 5 in her lap cuddling into her… They were soo happy with each other… the little girl’s face seemed familiar to Shivaay… the room were dusty and old but they only brought interest to Shivaay..

“ what’s all these?? “ Shivaay asked lowering his voice.. Raja moved forth and touched the pictures gently.. his fingers involuntarily caressed the woman’s face.. suddenly they heard a voice of door being opened.. it was Raghav with a scared face…

“ what you all are doing here and… “ he noticed Shivaay there.. “ Sh..Shivaay.. thum yaha?? “ he entered the room with a confused face.. Gayathri closed the door pulling Raghav in.. now there were 4 in the room…

Shivaay rounded to have look at the pictures and dustages… he turned to Raja who was still lost in memories…

“uncle.. I want to know everything about Anika… whether it be good or bad, I’ll be always there for her.. “

“ Shivaay… “ finally Raja spoke still with the face fixed on the photo.. “ Shivaay, Anika ke bare mei thum kya janthi ho, I don’t know.. jithna janthi ho, I don’t know… but before all that, you should know about someone else… “ he took a pause and sighed..  “ Radhikaaaa….. “ he stressed…

“ I know…she..she’s Anika’s mom, right?.. “ Shivaay solved..

“ just not mom… she was her life…her dreams…her shelter… her pillar, where she could cry out loud…where she could share everything… where she felt the utmost pure love… “ Gayathri sniffed finishing the line…

Raja “ she was my first love…the person who entered my life without any expectations… hummm… our native was TN…  Radhu & Gayathri were my best friends…we were only 15…your elder mom, Jhanvi was our childhood friend.. she had come to our village to visit her long related aunt.. we became friends… and her visit to our home became a wont… Me, Radhu, Gayathri, Jhanvi… we became best friend… she left soon and used to return after every 6 month…”

“ badi maa… “ Shivaay whispered..

“haa.. “ Raja continued.. “ it was in my 23rd Radhu opened her mind to me… when her marriage talks were going, I and Gayathri were happy beyond limits but on the day of engagement she held my hand and dragged to the temple declaring me as her love in front of everyone… I never expected this to happen but she had buried her feeling for years… the villagers were happy so am I… No obstructions came neither from my family nor from her…” he stopped for a while dripping the 1st drop of tear..

“ Soon the marriage arrived… from that day onwards, new rays of hope rose into my life… she balanced my life.. it had become a stage where without her, the world was just a ball… hmm…. She was soo beautiful “ he said passionately.. “ and so our Anu… Anika’s birth was the most memorable day in my life… was equal to that of a festival.. we named her ‘Anika’ being inspired from ‘Radhika’…Everything was smooth going.. Everywhere peace, harmony, love and what not… I always had a thought that was it Radhu who brought brightness in my life? But I never got an answer until on the day in which I lost her forever… “

There went the next drop of dolour…

“wh..when Anu was 6, Jhanvi & Radhu’s few friends came to village for visit… such happy she was.. for the first time she had insisted to go to city for visiting her old friends… I couldn’t deny her any words.. she took Anu along with her and bid bye leaving to city… and that very day, I lost all my pleasure..

(((((( FLASHBCK ))))))

“ don’t worry Raja, I’ll be there today itself just want to buy few more things for eve, I’ll reach.. “ Radhika informed pushing the luggages and stuffs into the car..

“just come fast ok?? And where’s my princess? “ Raja was impatient to hear Anu’s voice..

“she’s here.. have to say, your daughter is so happy with my friends..and..” she was stopped as Jhanvi took the phone from her.

“uffffho Raja, it has just been 2 days since we left, ithna kyu drama kar raha hai huh? Aur waise bhi, Radhu aur Anu  bhohuth khush hai yaha.. we are not gonna leave them.. “ Jhanvi was naughty as well sane..

“ what to do yaar? Can’t wait to meet my champ.. if u want to keep Radhu, then no prob.. but do send my Anu.. if Radhu isn’t here, then everyone can enjoy their hearts out..”

Jhanvi “ hohooho.. Radhu, did u hear what he said? He doesn’t want you to come back..what he needs is just Anu..”

Radhu “ hmmm… Raja loves her more than me.. I don’t know whether he loves me or not.. “

Jhanvi “kyyyaaaa?? Raja, haven’t you ever confessed anything to her?? Too much Raja..she had confessed it in front of everyone even in front of her fiancée and who wasn’t there? But u? u both have kid still hasn’t confessed…” Radhika was listening hiding a smile under her nose folding the new shirt she bought for Raja.. “ and you know what here……. “    before she could complete, a car with it’s swift rage passed by Jhanvi hitting her hand and the phone got disconnected.. by this the shirt flied up on the sky and landed on mud

“AAAAHHAAAhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa……!!!! “ Jhanvi winced in pain with blood oozing from her hand….

“Jhaaaaaaaanviiiiiiii!!!!!!! “ her friends and Radhika screamed and ran to her…. One of her friend threw a heavy brick aiming the car which broke the window-frame… the next moment the car stopped with air smoke rising from it’s wheel… Radhika helped Jhanvi to get up and thankfully the wound wasn’t dangerous..

“Oyyeee.. can’t you see?? Aasmaan dekhkar gaadi chalatha hai kya?? “ Radhika screamed on the top of her voice but no response came..

“Radhu no… don’t create any scene.. “ Jhanvi requested holding her..

“ scene tho mai create karoonga hi..” she stood and walked towards the car with full on tadi.. she neared the vehicle and banged on its door making people to gather around…  There descented a man with well-built body in three piece suit covering his eyes with black circles..

“ hey you? Are you blind or what?? Huh? “ Radhika’s anger was boundless.. another man came out sliding the door and stood next to the first..

“OOho… look who is raising the voice against SANJAY MALHOTHRA… thoda thameez se..” said the man

Radhika “ hothra ya khotha..I don’t care… first, apologize..!! “ Jhanvi and others accompanied her..

“hey, who are you to talk…. “ the man was stopped by Sanjay… he took out his glasses and checked her with lusty eyes..

“ithna khussa? Just an accident…

“well, as u know it’s an accident so apologizing is required… it would be great if you say sorry and leave…” Radhika’s voice grew stronger

“arrey, what did I do? your friend was talking in middle of the it’s obvious that mine or any other one’s care would hit her..aur waise bhi accident is not such a big sin to ask forgiveness… but yeah,  if you really want me to say sorry then I’m ready to do another sin.. “ he looked into her privacy…

“you rascal!!!!!…. “ and the next moment, Sanjay’s cheek had a decoration of Radhika’s hand sticked on to it…  “Women are not for a stead to men but a stand..but it only get understood when you owe a stand..” she sharpened her voice pointing her forefinger…

“how dare you!!! How dare you slap me? “ Sanjay roared and clinched her hair lock pulling which made her painful to handle…

“leave me…. Just leave I said.. “ her voice still had that stubbornness… the others too helped her to get freed but his capture was firm enough..

“Ammaaaaa….. “ it was then Gayathri came with Anu on her hip..she got down and ran to Radhika… Anika started to beat him, bite him, pulled him and what not…but he kicked her back with his leg landing on a sharp stoned tar..

“Annuuuuu!!!!!!!!……. “ Radhu screamed while Gayathri went near an unconscious Anika…other girls were shocked along with a thought that what to do now? “ Radhu pushed him back and ran to Anika…

“Anu…you ok?? “ she picked her up and started moving to him with an arrogant face… but she was stopped by Gayathri’s hand..

“Radhu, stop it… he’s a big guy.. I know you’re so much hurt but try to understand.. Anu’s with you, you should be more careful about her..

“ Go and get her….!!! “ ordered Sanjay to his men… the people around were shocked hearing this..

“Radhuu..gooo….. “ Gayathri pulled her along with her back while his men followed her… but they no longer could run as the people around stopped them from doing..

“ Arrey beta…run for your lives…we’ll handle them..” one of the men screamed signaling her to leave..

“Radhuu.. soch kya raha hai?? Go… “ Gayathri pulled her back and ran from there with unconscious daughter of hers… Sanjay looked her with lusty as well with anger eyes..he gazed Jhanvi still there trying to go with Anjana (friend )… Sanjay gave a smile and looked the path through which Radhika went…


Radhika reached back village along with Gayathri..she saw everyone gathered near the house..

“there she comes… “ announced Rejini from the crowd and the new made smile on everyone’s face… Raja’s face straightened from a frizzed one, but he couldn’t reach her as the crowd in front of him made obstruction…Rejini noticed Gayathri with Anu but wounded..

“Anu ko kya ho gaya?? “ Rejini’s voice echoed around and made everyone nervous..Raja was impatient to get her sight..Rejini held Radhu’s shoulder with a tensed face..while many had lot of questions to ask regarding Anu’s state and situations Rejini had just a ques to crack..

“Radhu..  sab teek hai na? “ her voice lowered seeing tear formation in Radhu’s eyes…Her lips were cracking with trembling eyes..Radhika couldn’t control anymore.. she ran making the people aside with tearful eyes.. her breaths were falling weak.. she hugged Raja tightly which made Raja to take a step back out of the sudden tightening around his chest.. he was shocked as well worried as it’s the atmost  rarest thing happening now… She was crying..

“R..Radhu!!.. yennachu? ( what happened? ).. Sollu Radhu… ( say Radhu ) wh..what happened to Anu? C’mon Radhu, say something… “ Raja was getting afraid..

“What happened to Radhika? “

“Is she alright? “

The villagers were equally surprised..

“umm.. you all please go.. we’ll talk to her.. “ Raghav tried to make the people understand.

“Arrey aise kaise? She’s our girl… even we have few responsibilities regarding her.. “ the finest saint of the village rose his voice.. Radhika’s sob was crossing its ambit..

“you all can leave… “ Raja said quietly caressing Radhu’s hair assuring them that everything will be alright through his eyes.. that was far enough for them to digest the situation and future.. they all left but Ramu & Rejini stood there coz they knew Raja needed their help… He took Radhu in consoling her and conduced to speak the reason out..but she didn’t say anything instead kept sobbing..Anika was treated by Rejini and soon she gained her consciousness… Raja shifted to room along with Radhika thinking that she might need privacy..


“Radhu… I know something have went wrong otherwise you don’t cry.. Radhu, I’m there with you.. say it.. did anyone tried to harm you? Radhu kuch tho bol.. “ After a lot of asking and requesting, she raised her face to speak up..

“R…Raja, today when we were talking… she explained all the incident, how Sanjay treated her and his behavior to Anika, and how she escaped.. but btw all these,  her eyes showed a lot scariness…passing each confession, Raja’s eyes grew big in red… he held her hand and kissed it gently..

“ I’m so sorry Radhu… I couldn’t help you at that time.. but don’t worry, I’ll make sure that he would get the hardest and uncontrollable punishment over the world… he’ll get to know soon the wrath of harming my wife and daughter… just relax huh? Now don’t cry more… you know na, I can’t see u crying.. now stop it.. your kajal will get spoiled.. “ he tried to cheer her up wearing a smile over his anger but Radhika wasn’t satisfied with her confession.. she held his hand tightly on hers..

“R.Raja, this isn’t it…when…when we were returning, a..a call had come.. “ she was loosing her breaths..

“R..Radhu..relax…. calm down and say..

“Raja.. I..I got his call.. he.. he has captured Jhanvi!!!!!… he kidnapped her… now…now, he’s threatening me.. Raja.. I..I don’t know what to do.. he..he wants to take revenge from me… Raja, what’ll I do? Rajaa, I can’t bear if something happens to her.. she also has a family..Tej is calling me continuously… I don’t know what to answer..”  she cried her heart out hugging him tighter THAN tight.. his eyes were searching for an idea to rise…he caressed her hair in a reliable way…

“Radhu, did you get any type of hint of the location where he has taken her?? Think Radhu.. “ Raja tried his maximum to make her get anything..

“haa…ha Raja, I heard voice of some machines and all while the call.. I..I think, I think it’s some type of an industry… “ she said still in a confused tone..

“Industry…yess….R..Radhu, just Relax..nothing will happen Jhanvi..ok? nothing will.. you be here with Anu… “

“ NO Rajaa.. I’ll never let you go alone… I’m coming with you..” Radhika was quite stubborn..

“Radhu.. I know ki thum bhohuth zhidi ho.. butnot now Radhu… Anu needs you.. it’s more important u to be here more than being with me… “ he tucked her hair strands back.. just then they heard a crying sound which made their face to arc towards the door… there little Anika was standing behind the door crying…

“Anu.. didn’t you sleep yet? “ Raja wiped of his tears and became a responsible father..

“why.. why you both are fighting? “ she said tightening her grip on teddy..

“Arrey when did we fight? We were just acting… “ Radhika cleared her throat saying so..Anika’s face lightened up..

“really?? “

“ haaa Anu.. you know Rajini Kaanth’s new film has been released… we were just assuming how it will be… do you wanna see? “ Raja encouraged her smile…

“yaaaay even I wanna see… “ Anika ran to Raja and he picked her up twirling…

“Whoa ho my princess… but Appa is too tired now.. we’ll do it tomorrow…ok? “ Raja made an excuse..

“but..just now you told you’ll how me… ‘ Anika made puppy faces..

“haaa Anu.. but today Appa is too tired, tomorrow we’ll show it ok?? Now be a good girl and come to Amma… “ Radhika opened her arms into which Anika sided from Raja and entered into her warm hug… They somehow managed Anika to get slept but Radhika was still bewildered..

Radhu.. you stay here with Anu.. I’ll find Jhanvi and bring her back.. but till promise me that you won’t go anywhere… I meant it Radhu.. “ Raja made her understand and left with Raghav who got to know the situation…

@unknown place…

Jhanvi was tied up with a heavy rope against the chair.. her hands were still bleeding.. she opened her eyes all tiredly but the opening couldn’t change the place.. it was dark just like in closed eyes…Suddenly she felt a pair of hands massaging over her shoulders from back… she jerked off with scariness..

“Whooah ho..ho HO…. Chill Jhanvi… don’t worry.. I won’t do anything to you.. but you have to do me a favor.. . “ Came the voice from Sanjay…

* ♥ *-*********-* ♥ *

Precap : Shivaay Shattered hearing Anika’s past…

“ Don’t you worry Uncle… Shivaay ka hothe hue Anika ko kuch nehi hoga.. She’s only mine.. JUST MINE!!!!… I’ve the only right on her!… may be you’re forgetting that your SIL is Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!!! Time has arrived to shift on SSO mode…!!  “


I’m sooooooo sooo soo so  sorry for the delay guys…. I was totally struck with many functions.. first it was my exams and next my cousin’s engagement… you know when I type the stories all the cousin’s will fall over me and disturb me or I should say kill me..huffff…tough days those were… but it was fun..they scold me for not doing any job and sitting like a statute in front of lap… you know how parents behave after the exams!!..

I know guys this part may have bored you all even I was completely tired texting these.. but I have to reveal these, only after these I can move with the next ones.. please do adjust with this.. just a little more to go.. and then the true twist in on.. do read the next part even if you’re fed up…. Please….

What I texted is all about Radhika and Raja… but wait my buddies.. picture abhi bhi bhaaki hai… Hope I won in making you all excited through the precap..

Next one will be posted soon dears..

Till then this is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell…

Good day to all.. stay safe and be cool.. YEAH! Don’t forget to drop your thoughts and suggestions specially corrections… bang on the like box and please let me know whether you loved it or not….


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