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SwaSan : Who Am I ( Chapter 6 )

Sorry for late guys.. but now onwards I’ll be regular. Let’s peep inside story.. ********************************************** Ramu kaka cm slowly towards them and stand infront of both.. he had 1 bag on his shoulder and in other hand a small little kitten.

Sanky : Ramu kaka! Where were you? And how could you go like that suddenly? Atleast u could hv informed us..

Ramu kaka : wait.. wait.. Lemme first cm inside.. I’ll tell u.. ( said while entering inside )

Sanky : what wait Ramu kaka?  Do u even hv any idea from wat situation we r gng through?

Ramu kaka : what happened?

Sanky then explained him all incidents in short.

Ramu kaka : ( sighs ) I told you before.. bt u  only dint believe me..

Sanky then remembered hw he spoke with Ramu kaka n he felt guilty.

Sanky : Sorry Kaka!

Ramu kaka : Its ok beta.. leave it.. Now tell me where is Swara ?

When Ramu kaka was speaking, swara cm outside holding shawl.. now her face was looking good than before. She had weakness bt fever started to decrease.

Swara : Ramu kaka?  Where were you in these days?

Ramu kaka : I’ll tell u. .. cm.. 1st sit here.. I wanna talk to you..

Meanwhile Ragini too cm outside.. Ansh were seeing TV.. All settled down.. Ramu kaka took out 1 red book from his bag, joined hands infront of it.. prayed.. and started speaking..

Ramu kaka : From the moment we came here, I was feeling someone weird.. Why only me, why not you all? That I don’t know.. But I was feeling that someone.. someone staring me constantly.. Some one else is also here to whom we can’t see bt that someone can see us.. He/She is observing us.. I told you before also but you guys dint believe on me.. Ramu kaka sighed and continued.. Ramu kaka : That night I was sleeping in one room which is next to kitchen or u can say I was trying to sleep.. but I didn’t.. I was lying silently in my room but suddenly.. the chillness in air increased.. I felt my teeth are making voice because of banging on each other.. I was shivering.. My mind was occupied by some different sense.. I don’t know what… but I was feeling that someone is present in my room. One figure was being made in that darkness… like whom? Of whom? For what? That I dint know.. that figure had eyes which we can’t see.. which we can’t recognise.. and they were gazing me all time..

Swara was hearing all this with dry throat.. She held Sanky’s hand tightly… she was shivering… Sanky rubbed her back to calm her.. but he was worried for her.. for her reaction.. He was worried for her health.. Ramu kaka continued..

Ramu Kaka : I was sweating profusely in that dangerous chilled weather.. My hands and legs were trembling.. I thought.. this is the last moment of my life.. my death is near to me.. I wanted to run away from there.. but my body wasn’t supporting me. I was all numb.. That weird figure was standing only few steps away.. slowly those eyes which were filled with fury, anger.. went on my neck.. it was continuously gazing there.. I felt terrible.. He was looking at my face where I kept tilak on my forehead.. He back of seeing it.. I closed my eyes tightly. And opened it slowly after 2 mins.. No one was there.. Next day I dint wait for anyone.. I just ran away from here.. without seeing anything anywhere.. I was just running till I dont feel secure.. I was scared.. I couldn’t cm back neither let u stay alone in this danger.. So I decided to search on this matter.. I went in village nearby.. talked with different people.. about this place.. its history.. And there I got to know the truth… Which is beyond our imagination.. All were looking at Ramu kaka for further continuation..

Sanky : ( worried ) Ok.. bt kaka.. any solution to get rid of this?

Ramu Kaka : Before that, what happened here in past, and whatever now happening is for what purpose? This we have to find out first.. then we can surely get solution…

Swara : ( worried ) But Ramu Kaka, Sanky… What is happening here actually??? And why I don’t know anything? What you are talking about?

Sanky : Shona.. you don’t worry.. Its nothing ok.. I’ll tell you later.. Ramu kaka.. You continue.. ( said sanky trying to avoid her question )

Ramu Kaka : No Sanskar.. Swara should know this.. She has full right.. when last two times that incident happened.. Her soul, her mind was not conscious about it.. If next time this happen it will help her to be more strong and to be brave..

Sanky : What are you speaking Kaka? 2 times?? It happened only once..

Ramu Kaka : You heard right Sanskar.. That day.. she wasn’t Swara , Sanskar.. She was Shanaya.. Shanaya Swami..

Sanskar frozed to his spot.. He looked at Laksh while he blinked his eyes.. Sanky closed his eyes tightly. Swara was looking at everyone with questioning eyes..

Ragini : Tell her everything, Sanskar.. Only you can do this.

Sanskar took deep breath.. He moved towards Swara and took her both hands in his.. And told her everything which happened till date.. While hearing.. Swara’s expressions were changing by seconds.. After Sanky finished… She was all numb.. horrified.. Didn’t react anything.. Sanky got worried..

Sanky : ( slightly shaking her ) Shonaa..

That’s when she jerked and looked at him blankly.. His heart pained seeing her emotionless face.. She stood up from her place and silently went to her room..

Sanky : Shonaaa.. Shonaa wait..

Laksh : Sanky.. you go to her.. she needs you right now.. Sanky left behind her.. Here Swara come in room and get inside washroom.. She looked at her face in mirror.. She opened shower and stand there… cold water was running from all over her body.. she was shivering.. only Sanky’s words were roaming in her mind… Sanky come inside room only to see its empty.. He was about to call her when he heard shower sound.. He went near washroom..

Sanky : Shonaa.. are you there..? No response. Sanky : ( knocked ) Shonaa.. jaan.. speak something.. shonaa.. No response..

He got worried.. He tried to push the door but it was opened only.. He come inside and was shocked to see scenario… Swara was rubbing her whole body vigorously… She was fully drenched.. not in her sense..

Sanskar : ( shouted ) Swaraa..!!!

He ran to her off that shower and hugged her tight.. she wriggled in his grip.. but he was holding her tightly…

Sanky : Shhh.. shonaa.. calm down.. plz jaan.. see.. I’m with you.. nothing will happen.. ok.. shh.. ( tears were flowing from his eyes ) Feeling his touch and his soothing words.. Swara broke down in his arms..

Swara : ( crying vigorously ) Why??? Why Sanskar??? Why me??? Why?? Sanskar… I.. I don’t want to leave you Sanskar… plz… do something.. I’ll die.. plz.. I can’t.. u.. u won’t leave me na.. plz.. don’t leave me.. plzz.. I.. love..( saying this she fainted in his arms )

Sanky : ( shocked ) Shonaaa.. hey ( patts her cheeks ) shonaa.. open ur eyes.. plz.. look I’m here only.. I won’t leave you ever neither let u go… shonaa.. plz open your eyes..

Swara was fully unconscious. Sanky picked her up and come out.. He called Ragini and asked her to change her dress as she was all drenched.. After changing.. Sanky sat beside Swara caressing her hairs with teary eyes.. while all others were standing there helplessly..

Ramu Kaka : ( breaking Silence ) When Swara will get up.. we will continue ahead.. The dark past of this house , Shanaya’s and past of SAKET… All looked at each other and nods. Screen freezes..

Precap : Past..

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