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Swasan ff- No feelings (A lie)

Shot 4

Kalki is sitting at stairs she is sad since morning. Today is Sunday and funday for her but don’t know why she is sad? When Sanskaar gets ready for his work he comes down from stairs finds his partner sad😞.


She looks towards him. “Hi handsome. Going for work.” She tries to plaster a smile on her face.

He sits beside her. “How can I go when my partner is unhappy? Tell me what’s the matter?

Di😞, she hasn’t eaten the breakfast.

Aww this is small problem. I’ll bring cupcakes for her.

No, actually she kept fast for that Lucky Bucky. So that monkey will recover fast.” This is not the first time Swara did this stupidity. “And my Dadi gave this stupid idea to Do when once monkey became sick.

Why Dadi did this? Can’t she see that Bucky is using Swara?

That’s the problem, my family like that Bucky too much. Dadi and Papa want Di to marry him. So they always pushes Di towards him.” Kalki explains everything to Sanskaar. How it started when Maheshwari’s first shifted in their neighbour and then their friendship.

What’s Laksh family wants?

They are like Laksh. They want Laksh to marry Kavita and for that purpose they use my Di.” While explaining all this her eyes are filled with tears. “Because of Laksh di lost her job. Whenever that Lucky Bucky wants to meet Kavita she called Di and she suspended her work for him and at last company suspended her.

He side hugs her. “Don’t cry, now Sanskaar came and I’ll not eat anything till Swara break her fast. You go focus on study now your partner came.”

I love my Di so much. I wish she would throw that Lucky Bucky out of her life.” She weeps and Sanskaar finds his shirt became wet.

I love my partner and I can’t see her crying.” He wipes her tears. “Be brave don’t like your stupid sister; always crying.” She smiles. Sanskaar pulls her cheeks. “That’s perfect.

Sanskaar leaves.

Sorry handsome I lied😞.

Kavita’s home

Mr Roy: “Princess you still here! Don’t you want to go for dance class.”

She lazily sits beside him and keeps her head on his shoulder. “Dad your driver is absent today.”

Mr Roy: “Hmm… It’s Amber’s choice. I have change my assistant.”

“What?” She looks towards him. “You didn’t appointment him.”

Mr Roy: “Oh come on Princess, I just gave him order. I don’t even saw him and so I work to appoint drivers😑. But I’ll throw him out.”

“Please no Dad…” She says instantly.

Mr Roy: “Interesting 😕.”

“Nothing like that Dad but he needs job. His mother is sick and many family issues.” She is somewhere attracted towards Sanskaar.

Mr Roy: “Okay take my car.”

She kisses on his cheeks. “By Dad love you😘.”

She runs to towards the door and gets a message form him.

Mam I can’t come today. I took the car, you may cut rent of it from my wages and sorry for inconvenience.

A smile appears on her face. She was just thinking about him and he texted her.

Some where people are living in false hope while other aren’t able to see that a person has created a space for her in his heart. She is distraction and Sahil is continuously warning him but he became deaf. He is saying her to stay away from her live and himself falling for her. He doesn’t have control over his heart but wants to control her feelings.

A car suddenly stops before Swara, she is taken a back, before she could shout he comes out. He sees her holding a plate with pooja’s stuff.


Where are you going?

Temple.” She looks inside the car. “Where is Kavita?

I didn’t go for work.

Why? You should be there. Work is worship😇. Go don’t take unnecessary leave.” She smiles. She sees a auto. “Auto…

Sanskaar holds her hand. “You will come with me😑.”

But Sanskaar I’m going to temple for praying.” She requests him but he doesn’t melt.

For that Lucky Bucky😑.

She bows her head down. “Yes but he is not well… So let me go now.”

I’ll also come with you.


Am I not allowed to go to Temple?

No no… You can come.” He opens the door for her. She sits silently and then they leaves. Swara finds Sanskaar is little disturb and angry too but she is not understanding the reason.

When will you understand Swara that lucky Bucky is using you.‘ He muses.

Sanskaar can I ask you something?” She says to light up his mood. He doesn’t reply. She becomes sad. “It’s okay my friend likes to stay in angry man mode😢.

He controls his anger. “Say...”

Are you angry on me?

No why would I?” He replies blankly.

Sorry… I promise. I’ll try to stay away from Laksh but you don’t….

He stops the car with a jerk. “Then why are you going temple… I don’t like you to become crazy for him. He don’t deserve you. He is bad very bad…” He punches on steering…

Swara holds his hand. “Relax… As friend I’m praying for him. I thought and I realized that if Laksh don’t love me then I should not…” She is trying and that’s bring a smile on his face. “My heart… Sometimes I can’t control over my emotions like yesterday I slapped you. But I’ll try…” Few tears drops from her eyes.

He holds her hand between his palms. “I’m with you. And I’ll also pray for you.

Why? I’m perfectly alright.

He wipes her tears. “No you are not. When you will free from Bucky’s disease then you will become fine.

You haven’t loved anyone☺ but once you will fall then I’ll tease you.

Good joke.

You don’t like girls or you like boys….” He gives her unbelievable look. “Okay fine. I’ll find a good girl for you.”

We should leave for temple.” She drives the car.

At Temple🏰

Swara is giving instructions to Sanskaar what to do and what not to do.

Sanskaar keep you shoes here you can’t go inside with them.

He nodes his head then they move inside. Swara lights diya and then gives plate to priest.

Sanskaar joins you both hand like this🙏. Then close your eyes🙈 and they pray to God.

He smiles, she is teaching him as if he is a kid. “Sanskaar this is Ghanta (Bell) and we rings it it like this.” She jumps to ring it but fails she tries many times but her shot height doesn’t allow her. Sanskaar lifts her by waist.

Sanskaar… Get me down all are looking her.

Ring it… You know I’m very stubborn.”

She knows he will not listen her so she simply rings the bell and he puts her down. “Why you did this?

When I was little mom use to lift me.” He points towards a man who us lifting his son. “Like that…”

Okay, now let’s go.

I’m feeling hungry Swara.” Sanskaar says as he knows Swara kept fast for Lucky Bucky.

Me too😋.

Cupcakes.” She nodes her head.

When they come out, Sanskaar wears his shoes but Swara’s slippers are missing.

You wear my shoes, we will buy new one.” He removes his shoes and gives it to her.

A lady passes a comment. “Look he loves her wife too much inside he lifted her and here giving her his shoes… And you.” She taunts her husband.

His wife is so beautiful and look at you.” And that lady becomes sad.

Swara goes towards them. “We love each other soul not their body. Because beauty resides inside. Uncle you shouldn’t insult her complexion.

Yeh sab kehne k bat hoti hai… Your husband only loves your beautiful face. What if something happens to you might be you lost your beautiful face then…

Sanskaar slaps him. “Mind your words… No matter what would be the condition. Her place will never change.” He holds her hand. “Come Swara no need to waste your time.

They leaves. Swara looks outside and thinks about his words. ‘Her place will never change.

Why he said like this? Sanskaar even slapped him.” She thinks and then washes away her thoughts.

At shop

Mam try this.” Worker of shop is showing her different brands and in oder to make her wear slipper he is intentionally touching her legs.

No no I can check myself.” She tries to protest and looks towards Sanskaar who is busy in call.

Mam you are our customer and we need to take care of your needs.” He cares her legs. Before Swara could react, she finds him at the corner of shop. Sanskaar kicks him. He becomes the center of concentration. He gains pulls him by collar and slaps him.

Sorry sir…” He begs… I didn’t knew you are with her.”

That’s mean if she was alone you would…” He is about to punch him but Swara stops him.

Sanskaar…” He jerks him.

You keep quite, can’t you slap him.

I was about to but…

But 😠 you need him to insult you more… Kill these bastard’s.” He again tries to beat him but Swara holds his hand.

Sanskaar…” She shakes him and he comes out of his dream. “Look are they fine?”


Worker takes another pair and about make her wear but he stops him. “You leave, I’ll do it.” He sits on floor and holds her leg and make her wear slippers. “Small size.

Worker gives him another pair👡👡. “Hmm that’s fine. You like it Swara?

It’s good😊.”

Sanskaar pays the bill and wears his shoes.

Mam your boyfriend is so possessive, but you look great together.” A girl says to Swara.

Swara come…

Smiles at girl and leaves.

Dominos 🍕

Ummm yummy😋😋😋🍕. Sanskaar take a bite you will like it.” She is enjoying it.

No thanks, I’ll eat cupcakes only.

Eat both na, both are good😋. You know Kalki loves pizza.” She keeps blabbering. Sanskaar is just looking at her. And when cheez spreads at corner of her lips. He takes napkins and wipes it. “Wait I’ll take more…

You stay here and eat.” Sanskaar leaves to take napkins and gives order to one more pizza for Kalki.

She remembers whenever she comes with Laksh and Kavita. Lucky never gave her preference. Instead his only says her to order pizza for them, take extra napkins for her and even once he said her to sit on different table as he wants privacy for them. In company of her two friends she always felt her self alone.

Chale.” She comes out of her thoughts.

Hmm…” She gets up.

Look at your hands…” He cleans her fingers carefully. “Now fine.” She smiles.

Gadodia house🏠

I’m happy you broke your fast.” Sanskaar finally says to her. Since morning he only wants her to stay away from Lucky and his thoughts and somewhere he is successful too.

What? Who said I kept fast.” Then he realises that Kalki lied to him. But why she did this?

Nothing, you enjoyed.

Yes😊, I’m happy for this cupcakes box. But don’t bunk from your job daily okay.

You too😒. Focus on work instead of roaming around false people.” Sanskaar remembers what Kalki told him how because of Laksh Swara lost her job.

Why me? I focus on my work.

That’s why company throw you out.” He taunts.

Oh Mr Ali ji, what boss you are talking about? I am a lawyer and these day enjoying holidays.

Now he got to know Kalki fooled him. He changes the topic and drops her.

Kalki’s Room

Aww these books😒😒😒😒. God please save me.” She beats her head on books.

Is someone hungry?” Kalki finds Sanskaar at door with pizza.🍕

Yum yum😋😋😋🍕🍕.” She snatch pizza and takes a bite😚. “Got heaven😌.

Why you lied to me?” He asks directly.

Sorry handsome but what I did this for di!!!


I know if di will stay alone she would go to meet that Lucky Bucky 100 times but di don’t even called him.

How do you know?

Mr Bucky was roaming at terrace and asked me about di but I said she is with you.” She hugs him.

Thanks handsome for all this…

Swara promised me that she will try to stay away from Laksh and I know soon she will throw him out if her heart.” He assures her.

But she is thinking something else. “Di will surely throw that Bucky because now you will stay in her heart. I know you like my Di. Then anger in your eyes whenever Lucky tries to come near her…” Her mind is cooking a story that no one knows would be true or not.

At Night

Kalki and Swara is talking. “Di how’s your day?

Best😊, I enjoyed.” She laughs. “You know at Temple a couple thought Sanskaar and I married and same in shop that girl thought he is my boyfriend.

Swara narrates her whole story.

Di he loves you…

What rubbish?😑.

No Di, he truly loves you.

He never said to me… Kalki don’t cook any random thoughts.” Swara thinks might be she misunderstood their relation.

Di he told me, he saw you in court when you were fighting for Riddhi’s case. From there he loves you and then he came here to win your heart. Di for you he is living here else he is very rich.

Are you serious? I’ll ask him and say no to him.

Di you are stupid. He told me not to tell this to anyone but I can’t hide anything form you. He loves you and you will simply break his heart like Lucky Bucky did.

But I don’t love him…

Di, let him here. When he will realise, he might leave by himself? If we will throw him then it will not sound good.

Swara thinks… “You sleep.” Swara turns and thinks about Sanskaar… How he lifted her and then his fight with that man.

Is Kalki right? Sanskaar came here for me😰. May be yes because that night he called me Jaan before Laksh and he always tries to keep me away from Laksh. But is his love true?” She remembers when he told his name. “Yes, he said Sanskaar Ali, he didn’t did frod with his name. To get me he might lied his name. Even dadi insulted him but he still here for me. he also skipped his work for me.

Kalki smiles in her mind. “Now Di will think about handsome and then love😍😍😍😍. Lucky Bucky you will get out soon😁😁😁.

Laksh Room

Eeeh😤, only a single message. Swara didn’t come to see me. I’m sick here earlier she comes 10 times but today because of that Sanskaar… No no I can’t loose my slave. Swara is my property and tomorrow I’ll show this to Sanskaar…

What will Lucky do now?

What would be the result if Kalki’s lie?

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