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Swaragini : my side story (episode 19)

Hello everyone….Seriously I am surprised that I am posting so soon..Ok let me love you my sweet heart ..This ff I will keep on hold for sometime….So here goes..


Next morning ragsan were still in ecahother’s embrace..Sanskar’s face was buried in crook of ragini’s neck…Her lips were touching his cheek..His hands were wrapped around her waist…..

Here swara goes to kitchen..Sumi was busy cooking for maheshwari’s..

Swara: maa coffee..

Sumi: shona you r married now …please prepare your coffee na..I am busy.

Swara: what r u doing..

Sumi : maheshwaris are coming to see ragu na so I am making all dishes so that nothing will be left out..Rasgulla,laddoo..what else..

She thinks ..

Swara rolls her eyes..

Swara: stop it maa… You are doing as if ragini is getting married for first time..

Sumi looks at her..

Sumi: Shona!I know this is not the first time she is getting married but this is the first time she is happy…I want to make her more happy

Swara: My head is paining..I need coffee..


Sumi : okay go and wake ragu I will make coffee for both..


Swara goes unwillingly..

..She opens the door and is shocked to see ragsan snuggling against each other ….

She gets angry..She clenches her fist and goes and shakes them badly..

Both get up ..and gets embarrassed …

Sanskar: kanna(It’s a nickname ) I will come later…

He goes from there and turns back without swara noticing and winks and gives some flying kisses to ragu…

Ragini blushes and swara notices sanskar..he leaves without anyone noticing..

.Swara gives a sharp look to ragini..

Swara: Desperate..

Ragini: love..

Swara looks confused..

Swara: what?

Ragini: I know swara you are not happy with me and sanskar ..Thats why you think we r desperate but you cannot see our love..

Swara: did you see mine..Whatever maa said get ready..

Ragini gets disappointed..She comes out after taking bath and wearing saree…She was dressed in red colored saree..

She comes out and looks into mirror..Sanskar comes out and gestures with his fingers that she is looking good.

Ragini: you came again..Dont you have any other work..

Sanskar: No ..My mom said look after my bahu….So I am looking at you..

Ragini glares him..

He kisses her cheek..

Ragini: sanskar..

Sanskar: bolo kanna.

Ragini : subah se I am seeing what is this kanna kanna…

Sanskar: I have decided from today I will call my kanna as kanna ..

He cups her face..

Sanskar: okay you get ready ..Now I will go and come back as your prospective guy..


Ragini blushes..


She looks in the mirror and remembers when laksh came to see her ..When no one was there to get he ready and she remembered her mom making her ready…She sighs sadly and takes the bangles to get ready but sumi takes them first..

Ragini: maa..

Sumi: I will make u ready..see my daughter will look like princess..

She makes ragini ready ..

Swara was watching all this..

Swara: my own mother is supporting ragini what can I expect..


After sometime maheshwaris arrive..Ragini is brought infront of them…..They also fix date for engagement….both ragsan were happy…


On the day of engagement..Swara was thinking of ways to stop engagement..

..Ragini comes down in dressed in peach colored lehenga….Sanskar was waiting for her in the matching sherwani…

.As ragini was descending down the stairs..Sanskar’s heart was taking leap with every step..She was looking heavenly ….

He placed his hand on his heart as she came closer..

She was seated next to him..

Sanskar (whispers): I had to hold my heart ..I thought My heart will come out any second…Looking gorgeous..

Ragini smiles back…

Laksh hosts the engagement party and there were several performances by parish,Laksh and then Arya…

Finally they decided to have a dandiya dance before engagement..

Everyone was dancing …Swara saw this as a chance and after sometime ragini was paired with her..Ragini was looking at sanskar and sanskar was looking back at her … swara saw this and she hit ragini on her right hand near her fingers…

Ragini fell down screaming in pain …Swara smirks..

Ragini: aarhh..Maa…

She started crying…

Sanskar ran to her and pushed everyone who were surrounding her …

Sanskar: kanna you okay na..Is it hurting..

Ragini: its hurting a lot sanskar…

Sanskar starts rubbing her fingers slowly..

Laksh who was standing next to swara grabs her by shoulder…

Laksh: Are you mad ..Why did you hit ragini..

Everyone look at swara angrily..

Swara : stop it laksh..Dont rub everything on me..

Sanskar: we all saw what you did..You r my brother’s wife that’s why I didn’t say anything..

Swara: stop it okay..It is all because of ragini..If she was concentrating on me rather than on sanskar ..she would have been fine..

Laksh didn’t ignore the note of sarcasm in her voice..He could clearly say that she was Meaning something different..

Laksh: what do you mean?

He asks sharply..

Swara: instead of dancing here she was looking at sanskar..She didn’t see my strike ..I mean dandiya coming..Not my fault..

Laksh grits his teeth..

Sujatha: Leaving it Laksh..Ragu beta is it paining too much..

Ragini nods in yes..

Swara: areh ragini ..I think we will have to cancel this engagement..warna your pain will increase..(She stressed last sentence..)

Ragsan look at her sadly..

A voice: why to stop enagement..

Another voice: haa they say na…When two people fall in love and if they face any problem..The whole world will come together to give them support…

Everyone look at them..They were revealed to be Ishra…

Smiling they come forward….Everyone look at them surprised..

Sanskar supports ragini to get up…

Raman hits sanskar on the back of his head..

Raman: Abhey sanky..Pagal hai kya..Itne mein you got disappointed..Itna hi hai tera pyaar..Look at me and and this madrasan.

Ishita: Aap bhi na kahi bhi shuru ho jate..Sanskarji..?He is right ..You both became so sad Just because of one problem..

Swara glares them.

Swara: True love blah blah..Look my sister’s hand is swollen..how can ragsan get engaged..

Raman: you r ragini’s sister..I thought only my sister is dangerous..but even your sister is dangerous ragini..May be all sisters are like that..

Swara gets angry .Ishita punches him..While ragsan smile at them…

Laksh: all sisters are not like that..Ragini is different na..By the way how can bhai get engaged if ragini’s hand is like that..They cannot exchange rings na..

Ishita: so what ..Engagement is engagement..It can happen in any tradition..Why don’t you do it in our tradition ..

Ragini looks confused..

Sanskar explains that Ishita is south Indian..

Ishita : you don’t have to exchange rings in this case..

Raman: you exchange clothes..

Everyone look shocked..

Raman: even I was shocked..when I married this madrasan….

Ishita nudges him

Sanskar: what do you mean bhabhi..

Ishita: nothing sanskar ..In our tradition in engagement groom’s family and bride’s family gives echother wedding clothes ,fruits,flowers and haldi kumkum..as a sign to mark that this grrom belongs to this bride and this bride belongs to this groom..

Raman: The parents exchange these things..As a sign that they are giving their respective chidren to each other..

Dadi: sounds very good..Lets do engagement in this manner…

Swara gets disappointed as her plan failed..

All the arrangements were done..Both the families were sitting opposite to each other..Shekhar and sumi were sitting with ragini in between while ramta were sitting opposite to them with sanskar in middle…

They exchanged shagun material….Everything was done.. and everyone was happy except swara..

Sanskar looks at ragini.

Sanskar:Kanna ur not happy..

Ragini: wo sanskar I specially made a ring designed for you..I wanted to make you wear it..

Sanskar: so what you can do that now…

He forwards his hand..

She removes a ring .RS was inscribed on it…

Ragini makes him wear it..

..Sanskar: I promise ragini ..As long as I am alive I will not remove this ring..

He hugs her..


Epi ends..

Precap: Mehenedi another guest appearance  ..whom do you want abhigya or  arshi



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