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Siddhi Vinayak 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi marries Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Siddhi trying to reach Vin. She gets stuck in traffic. She asks driver to take car to temple, she will run to the temple. An auto driver helps her. She says I have to go temple, but there is much traffic here. He says Bappa has sent me, we will reach soon, welcome to Siddhi Vinayak’s express. She prays to Bappa and cries. Shankar and Manjiri cry and pray for Vin. Shankar hits himself and asks Bappa to kill him too. Siddhi reaches the temple. The auto driver asks her to pay fare later and do her work first. She runs to the temple. The auto driver eats Modak and smiles.

Mannu stops Shankar. Shankar says do something. Siddhi comes and says I will marry Vin. They get shocked. She tells what Guru ji said. Manjiri says you know what Guru ji said, what will be the result.

Siddhi says I don’t care for my life, I can die to save his life. She cries. Manjiri says I will never forget your favor. She nods. Siddhi asks ward boy to make Vin sit on wheelchair fast. Shankar asks why. Manjiri says just do as she says, pandit get the marriage puja items. Siddhi wears a ghunghat. She takes wedding rounds with Vin, pushing the wheelchair fast to get married within the time. Manjiri asks her to take last round fast. Siddhi completes the rounds in time. They all see Vin. Siddhi shouts Vinayak, get up, you can’t leave us. They all cry. Siddhi takes aarti plate. She makes Vin hold sindoor and fill her maang.

Rajbeer calls Mannu and asks is Vin fine. Mannu cries. Gauri asks how is Vin. Prachi asks again. Mannu says Vin has left us. They all silently laugh. Rajbeer acts to cry and says Vin can’t leave us. He ends call and laughs. Gauri says Mata rani did good to make Vin out of our way. Rajbeer says we shall celebrate with champagne. They drink and dance on Ladki beautiful…. Siddhi thinks I have given you my life, get up please, come back. Manjiri prays to Bappa. Siddhi’s tears falls in Vin’s hand. Vin moves his hand and takes a breath.

Mannu says Vin is alive. They get surprised. Manjiri asks Shankar to see, Vin came back. Siddhi thanks Lord. Shankar says you always protected Vin, but you risked your life. Guru ji comes and says no Shankar, no one’s life will be in danger now. Shankar asks what are you saying, Vin got saved, but this girl’s life is in danger. Guru ji says we were finding Akhand saubhagyawati yogya girl for Vin, but we always had her in front of us, I have seen her hand prints, this girl is Akhand Saubhagyawati, she can become Vin’s shield. He recalls checking her hand prints. They smile. Shankar says so she has always saved Vin, we didn’t know. He blesses Siddhi. Manjiri says you saved Vin as our bahu this time. Guru ji asks Siddhi to give her hand. He gives her hand in Vin’s hand. Guru ji says this is fate, this girl entered his life to end the danger, now no one can separate them. Shankar thanks Bappa.

Mannu calls doctor. They shift Vin to ambulance. Doctor calls it a miracle. Shankar says we call our devotion as Lord’s miracle, Riddhi saved Vin, its like Satyavaan and Savitri. He blesses Siddhi. Doctor checks Vin’s mri scan. He says Vin’s state is critical, he survived but you all have to be careful, he should get any emotional shock, he is out of danger. Vin gets conscious. They get glad. Manjiri says this happened because of Riddhi. He gets angry and shouts on them for this joke, how could he get him married when he was unconscious. Manjiri says we felt we lost you. Shankar says we had no other way. Vin shouts enough now, you made this a joke, you should be ashamed, you got me married to Riddhi. He shouts and holds his head. He falls back and sleeps. They call doctor. Doctor checks him and says we told you patient shouldn’t get emotional trauma. Siddhi dreams of this and says no, we won’t tell him. Manjiri wakes her up and asks what are you murmuring, you are our bahu and Vin’s wife now, call me Maa. Siddhi says I need to talk something imp. Manjiri says I called Guru ji for an imp ritual. Guru ji comes and asks how is Vin. Manjiri says he is fine. Guru ji gives mangalsutra. Manjiri says wear this and become Vin’s life. Siddhi smiles.

Siddhi says I was thinking not to tell Vin about marriage, he shouldn’t get any emotional trauma. Manjiri asks her to wipe her sindoor. Vin gets conscious.

Update Credit to: Amena

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