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Savitri Devi 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer sacrifices his dream for Sanchi

Savitri Devi 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dr. Kabir coming to SDCH. Staff members greet him. Sanchi says now he will work here. Dr. Kabir says until my condition is met. Sanchi says Veer agreed, you will not have any problem. Ria comes and hugs him. He smiles. Sanchi asks Jaya if she is happy now. Jaya comes to Dr. Kabir and apologizes for that day. Dr. Kabir ignores her talk and asks would you like to drink tea. Jaya says I can trust only you, Sanchi has broken my dreams. She asks him to work hard like before. Dr. Kabir tells Jaya that until he is here, nothing can happen to the hospital, says it is his own hospital.

Veer asks Sanchi to close her eyes and shows MS form. She gets happy and says you have decided to do MS finally and hugs him. Veer asks her to read complete form and says surprise is remaining. Sanchi

says ok and reads the form. She is shocked to read that he wants to do specialist in the cardiology dept. She thinks why did he agree then. Veer tells that he will be best surgeon in the city and more better than Dr. kabir’s surgeon. He tells that he will assist Dr. Kabir in a big heart surgery. Before Sanchi could say anything, Veer goes.

Dr. Kabir asks other doctors if they are ready. They say yes. He sees Veer there. Sanchi comes there. Dr. Kabir asks what your husband is doing here and says you lied to me to bring me here. Veer is surprised and asks what is happening, what Dr. Kabir is saying. Sanchi says I told you about Dr. Kabir’s condition. Veer says I couldn’t hear as your voice was not clear. He asks what was Dr. Kabir’s condition. Sanchi says Dr. Kabir kept the condition that he will come only if your entry is ban in cardiology dept. Veer is shocked. Dr. Kabir says I have rejected my abroad offer because of you and asks Sanchi to take a decision between Veer and him. He says just 20 mins left for surgery to start, you have less time, I am waiting. Veer removes his apron and leaves. Ria smirks and calls Gayatri. She informs her about the happenings. Gayatri smiles and says it will be fun now. She acts to cry and says Didi. She tells Savitri about Dr. kabir’s condition and tells that Sanchi agreed for his condition.

Savitri calls Veer and asks him about Sanchi’s decision. She tries to instigate him against Sanchi. Veer says he don’t want to talk at this moment. Jaya asks Sanchi to ask Veer to change his dept and asks him to prove that she values the hospital. Sanchi assures her that Dr. kabir will not leave the hospital and says hospital matters to her a lot than anybody else. She tells that Veer will fulfill his dream in some other hospital and tells that wherever he will go, I will go with him. She says she is resigning from her job. Veer hears her and thinks to stop Sanchi. She comes to board members and Dr. Kabir and tells that she will not let him leave from the hospital and tells that she is resigning from the hospital.

Veer comes there and tells that hospital is incomplete without Dr. Kabir and Sanchi and tells that still he has time to think about the specialization. Sanchi says but your dream. Veer says my dream is you which is fulfilled. He holds her hand. Sanchi is touched with his words. Jaya looks on. Dr. Kabir gets jealous and upset.

Sanchi tells Savitri that she will become adarsh bahu and asks for a chance. Savitri asks her to leave her hospital job and do house work. Sanchi is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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