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Rj’s love story (Character Sketch) Shivika ff


Rj Anika Sen

A sweet,bubbly and of course a very bold girl… She is now 21 years old….Lived her life in an orphanage but once she had a beautiful family with her parents and she was their little princess but on her 10th birthday she lost them because of an accident but never lost hopes…After that her neighbors left her in an orphanage and she is living a peaceful life there with the children and Mother of the orphanage…She still live in the orphanage and take care of the children…From childhood she wanted to work in media and wanted to be a Rj and at last she is called for interview of a Radio Jockey and she also in last year of a fashion university….Her dream is also to be a fashion designer  but becoming a Rj is also a biggest dream of her life….

Rj Shivaay

Totally a mysterious person…Nothing  is known about  him…But,he is also called for an interview but about his dreams,family,past life everything is unknown but one thing is known that he is now 24 and graduated…

Here are our hero and heroin but in a Radio office we will found other Rjs na and someone have to play as a cupid and of course friends as you all know without friends my story is nothing😏😏😏So friends are must here…So see them and love them…

Rj Advaay Singh..

Rj Advaay Singh Raizada actually but never put the Raizada name beside him because of his dad…His dream was to entertain people with his silly jokes and funny talks so always dreamt to be a Radio Jockey but his dad who is known for one of the best businessman but now he is second best businessman and also a Rj but when he come to radio office became Rj Advaay Singh handsome hunk of 24 years old…Will become a good friend of Shivaay(You will know later why I gave a big intro of him)

Rj Mallika Choudhury

A beautiful girl of 22 years old…Recently graduated…Now works in Advaay’s company but also a popular Rj like Advaay…Has a secret crush on Advaay but never dare to tell him as he is her boss and also best friend..She will be a bestie of Anika but not more than Avni

Rj Neil Khanna

23 years old this handsome Rj will fell in love with Anika at first sight…But also likes Avni Mehta but he don’t know that is he love with Anika or Avni but everything will sorted out not so soon but with whom is suspense…Graduated and a popular male model…Will hate Shivaay for some reasons but later everything will be sorted out

Rj Avni Mehta

A sweet girl of 21 years old…In last year at college…An  actor and model but first priority is always Rj…Will fell in love but with whom is great suspense…Will become a bestie of Anika as in their life both of them orphan but Avni live with her uncle and aunty who love her a lot

So here is the intro of our characters who will lead a main role…You can find other persons in shivika’s life actually I don’t know who will then but my brain know it I think so😂😂😂…So,read it and love it

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