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Rangreza Swasan FF (Part 2) by despacito

Hey guys im back. Thanks for comments and likes on previous part.

Lets start…
Precap- Swasan meet. Swara & sweety plans for going shoping.
In swara house
Swara- Alka alka
Alka- Haan didi
Swara- Give me a glass of water.
Alka- Ok didi. Sweety di you need water?
Sweety- No no im not tired like her. Shoping karke kya koyi tired ho sakte hai.
Alka- Ok didi.
Swara glares at sweety. Sweety gulps.

In a mansion
Sanskar is sitting on a bed in a big room. A lady enter rhe room.
Lady- E choda ke kar raha hai? ( e boy what are you doing?)
Sanskar- Nothing ma just watching emails.
Sujata- Haan choda tu itna kam karta hai k teri khayal khud vi na rakh sake he. (Yes boy you do lots of work so you cant take care of your self)
Sanskar- Mom you are here na & im fine.
Sujata- Kahan ka fine kitna dubla hogaya tu. Main bhi thare dad ka khayal rakhte rakhte thare upar nazar hi nehi pati. Beta mara bhi tu umar ho gaya hai. (What fine. See how much thin you become. I also cant check you being taking care of your dad. & i became aged also)
Sanskar- What do you want clearly say ma.
Sujata- Wo choda akshay ki masi ki ek beti hai kabita ek bar agar mil leta(wo boy akshays aunty has a daughter kabita you should meet her)
Sanskar- Mom im not interested in it. And i have age mom.
A lady enter between their conversation and said
– Sanky when will you marrige when you will become 60s.
Sanskar- Di please you atleast leave me.
Sanjana- Atleast make a gf. Flirt karne se ladkiya nayi patti samjha.
Sanskar- Oh both you stop it im leaving.

At swara office
Swara is busy in work suddenly her phone started ringing. She picks up
Swara- Hmm say swwetu.
Sweety- Come home now.
Swara(worriedly)- What happend is anything wrong?
Sweety- We have to go for vani’s wedding.
Swara- Oh yeah im coming.

At vani wedding
Swara & sweety enter in wedding venue of vani. Swara is looking plesant in sea green saree & sleeveless silver blouse with minimel make up & jwellary. Both go near vani.
Sweety- Congratulaaation.
Swara- Im really happy about you.
Vani- Thanx guys. Meet my husband akshay.
Akshay- Hi.
Swara- Hi im swara.
Sweety- im sweety.
Akshay- Nice to meet you ladies.
Suddenly sanskar(remember sanskars talk about akshay) come on stage.
Sanskar- Hey bro congrats. Ghadikhamma bhabiji.
Vani- Are you sanskar bhai?
Sanskar- Yes bhabi itna handsome to is duniya sirf ek hi admi hai.
Vani- Yeah you are right.
Akshay- What??!!!!
Vani- Sooorry.
Sanskar notices swara & said
– Arre miss malik you here.
Swara- Yeah vani is my friend.
Sanskar- But you are looking hot lady.
Swara- No need to give compliment. Come sweety. Vani we are leaving.
Vani- Butt..
Sanskar- If you take my compliment wrong then im sorry.
Swara- No no my brother is alone in house so i have to leave bye guys.
Saying it she draggs sweety from there mammering
– Such a flirt. Every time flirt. No work he have to do. Big jerk.
Sweety- Swara what happend why you dragg me like this.
Swara- Just shut up & come with me.
Both left the wedding hall cursing sanskar. Swara for his flirt & sweety for his complinent on swara which result she has to go home.

With love

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