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RAB SE SONA ISHQ Twinj episode 2

Episode 2❤️

Started from India…
Taneja [email protected]
All family sitting for breakfast. Servant serving them. Leela looks at mahi who busy in her thoughts..
leela: mahi puttar What happens?
Mahi: nothing MAA. Kabir and twinkle giggles.
Twinkle: MAA Like always she gets nervous before her papers 😝😝.
Rt: mahi you are a brilliant student still.
Mahi: no Papa. Di and Bhai making of me.
Twinkle:okay I’ll go and get ready for college.After dinner twinkle went upstairs in her room.Twinkle check her phone and find Asha and Chinki messages.
Twinkle:this two na always messaging they know I’ll come late college.She went towards wardrobe searching what to wear. She has huge collection of western as well Indians clothes.Whole wardrobe filled like anything.Twinkle select nice crop top with full waist pant.Soon she changed. Make high ponytail looking extremely hot.
Twinkle applied red lipgloss. Take her bag went downstairs. Kabir and rt to sitting they about to going for office.Leela see twinkle and smiled. Mahi come there.
Twinkle: mahi let’s go.
Leela: see twinkle how nicely you get ready and go college always teach Mahi too she is your little sister na.
Twinkle: MAA I always tell her go college full dress up, but she denies you know her.
Rt: so what my daughter looking so pretty in her simplicity 😍. Kabir laughs at twinkle.
Kabir: true Papa makeup vanity nahi hai Mahi 😂😂😂..
twinkle: whatever you people must be jealous with me because I’m the twinkle Taneja beauty with brain whole Amritsar boys behind me but I don’t give them shit 😎.Hansh and Bebe laugh.
Mahi: di lets go.
Twinkle: yes.They hugged everyone and left for college. Other-side Luther’s Mansion. Yuvi come out of the washroom in towel looking hell hot. He whistles 😗.
He wears his clothes and look at himself in mirror.
Yuvi:what Yuvi see the time beauty queen will be scolded you definitely. Soon he got ready and took his car keys and bag and ran fast downstairs. At hall maya and Anita aur Surjit sitting on dinning table for breakfast.
Anita: Yuvi come have your breakfast.
Yuvi: mom I already late I’ll have something in college okay..
maya: then why you take so much time like girls 😝😝😝..
Yuvi: huhu aloo. 😛😛..
Maya: see mom he again calls me aloo.
Anita: Yuvi she is your elder sister na..
Yuvi: okay bye.. love you aloo♥️.He went outside. He sits in his car and left for college.
Soon twinkle and Mahi reached the college they both come out of the car and went towards their friends.Asha and Chinki standing waiting for twinkle. Chinki see twinkle and wavy her hand twinkle see this.They both went towards them. Chinki hug twinkle tightly.
Asha: so finally humare late latif aagai..
twinkle: Arey you know na due to pooja I always get late you know my dada ji.
Chinki: yes your dadi morning started with your bajan😂..
Asha: look at madam. First she become Indian nari than totally different 😂😝.
Twinkle: I can do anything got it.. girls.
Mahi: okay I’m going my friends must be waiting for me.
Chinki: hi mahi.
Twinkle: you go mahi. She went while Yuvi coming from same direction he saw mahi coming.Yuvi stop there and look at mahi. Yuvi come in Mahi way.Mahi look at Yuvi. Who giving her naughty smile.Mahi look at down.
Yuvi:uff Mahi why you always look down when I see you. Do I look this much bad that you can’t look at me once.Mahi smile slightly she nodded her head in no. Yuvi roaming around Mahi in circle way. Whistling too. Mahi ran from there in shyness. Yuvi laugh Murmur.
Yuvi: cute girl.. 😜😝. And he went towards his gang.Yuvi went stand behind twinkle back and pulling her hairs.Asha and Chinki see this and giggling.. while twinkle knew who he is. She smirked and used her leg and give punch on Yuvi knee. While Yuvi was shocked winching in pain.
Twinkle turned and look at Yuvi who holding his knee part.Twinkle smirked.
Twinkle:Yuvi you what you doing behind me😝😝.
Yuvi: nothIng baby.i was just checking out you. Asha and Chinki smirked.
Twinkle: chup donkey. Let’s go we’ll late for classes.
Asha: yeah. Come Yuvi. They all went in their class room. Twinkle went and sit on her seat.While chiraag come and sit beside twinkle.While Yuvi and with his some boys friend Rishi.Asha with chinki. Soon lecturer come and everyone stands up. Lecture wished them good morning. While everyone replied so loudly. 😂. Lecturer closed his ears all students laugh.
Lecturer: this is the way haa. You all not improved worse class of this whole college I never seen you type of students in my life( my teachers too told same 😂)
. Yuvi murmured.
Yuvi: ab dekho lo 😝😝. Others laugh.
Lecturer: why you all showing your teeth’s haa I’ll see you all in exams that time toh everyone sitting in exam so nicely like saanp sung gaya ho sab ko..good for nothing.Still everyone laughing like shameless..😝😝😂😂. Chiraag just admiring twinkle.Twinkle hand resting on the table he slightly moved his hand near her hand and touch. Twinkle immediately
Shifted her hand. He gives her smile.
Twinkle: be in your limits chiraag Samje.
Chiraag: why?? Twinkle baby.lecturer see them and throw chalk on them. To grain their attention.
Lecturer: it’s class room not any cafe go and talk there not here. Now lets started our next chapter where we are haa?
Yuvi: in Amritsar 😝😝😝.
Rishi: shut up Yuvi he will throw us out of the class room.
Yuvi: that’s I only want bro. Lecturer explaining while rest of the class busy in talks and other things. Nobody interested.
Yuvi pulling twinkle hairs from back. Chiraag see this and make angry face.
Yuvi: bro calm down. Just than bell ring. All started hooting lecturer see this.
Lecturer: donkeys.. he took his things and went out of the class all laugh out..
twinkle get up and went out of the class even chiraag to behind her. Yuvi and Chinki or Asha went and see them.
Chiraag: Twinkle Wait na yaar. Twinkle stop and look at him.
Twinkle: speak up fast I don’t much time to wasted. They three of them see this all.
Yuvi: Arey What happens between you.
Chiraag: see na Yuvi yaar. I proposed her, but she didn’t accept it.yuvi and Chinki and Asha looking at each other’s faces.
Twinkle: I told you so many times chiraag that I didn’t wanna become your girlfriend.
Chiraag: why?? Twinkle. (In anger tone)
Twinkle: my wish I didn’t want to marry I’m happy with myself this relationship and all I not interested at all get it so please spare me. Find other girl for you.
Chinki: see chiraag twinkle don’t want to become your Gf now you to understand her.
Yuvi: yes.
Chiraag: than its means twinkle you’ll single in your whole life haa??
Twinkle: yes 😎. And who the hell are you questioning me this haa it’s my wish I’ll date anyone when I wanted get it so. Bye.
Yuvi: let’s have something. Girls walkout from here while Yuvi look at chiraag expression.
Yuvi: bro take a chill pill twinkle nahi koi aur hi sahi. Come let’s go in canteen. They both went in canteen. Twinkle see chiraag and about to get up, but he stops her and tell her he’ll not do again this.
Twinkle: thanks. Their Oder something to have. Soon their Oder comes and they all started eating. Yuvi teasing twinkle lot touching her here and there but in a friendly way. She laugh while chiraag see this all and Burning just looking at twinkle.

Next scene in Germany 🇩🇪.
The helicopter lands media and press standing there just waiting for a man come out of the chopper. Guard come out first and open the door for man. Camera show his hairs first so soft hairs he has. Slightly shows his eyes. He wears black sunglasses. Little bit stubble and lips so pink all girls dreams to feel them once.
Perfect nose and chin small dimple he has on his chin downside. Now full face comes his in screen. Perfect man. Fair complexion. And dashing personality. He got up from his seat and come out stand. Wind going on so fast. His hairs flying. He stand. Wearing white shirt with black jacket and back shoes. Rolex watch as well. He removed his glasses in a perfect action. His eyes see. After seeing his eyes anyone wants to drown in his eyes. Very much sharp eyes find any wrong things within a second. Very much tall 6fit height. Everything is perfect in him. Hot and handsome innocent face and smartness thinking. What he is you can read and see through his personality. So he is none other than KUNJ SARNA. Grand son of Sarna family.The first lead of this story. You can soul of this tail. Kunj looking everywhere peoples just standing waiting for him. Kunj Sarna great business man is very small age he learns everything perfect now on one can’t hold his hand in business world. According to him emotion not work out in business. Great business tycoon. Half of Sarna empire Kunj handling very well. Now his names comes in top business man’s in world. But he didn’t pound and attitude towards what he had and attitude is inside him but in limits and arrogant too. Didn’t show his money power.He very down to earth person kunj. He can compromise in everything but in work never ever. His first priority his family and employee giving him respect. But when they didn’t do their work than Kunj to come in his role.
Loved his brothers and sisters lot can’t describe in words what they are for him.
His one and aim that always his family stays together and happily. Independent man loved cooking for his brothers. Die heart fan of his dadu and dadi. Loved them like god.They both only god for him.
His reputation is important for him. Hates lairs but he to never leave them. Aache ke saath jitna acha hai burkhe saath usse kahi jada. Everyone thinks first before mess with him. Marriage and love very much far from him. He never thinks about this all kind of things. First busy in his studies like anything. Wanted to always comes first did his best. Now In business too. What he decided to get he got it only till than he can’t stay in peacefully. No bad habits he had. Drinking and smoking never ever. Always in his zone.Not talk too much. Didn’t give trouble to others. Guards comes and stand beside kunj they have guns in their hands protecting him. Kunj moved all people running towards him. While guard pushing them.They click Kunj pictures. Black Bugatti car standing in side. Kunj went towards car and guard open the door for him. Kunj sits in car. Guard close the door and driver started the car. While people making puppy faces they did get chance to take kunj interview. People dying to take kunj interviews asked him one question only but no one is lucky. Everywhere this question bouncing up that when will kunj get marry.Who is the luckiest girl who will be become his better half. Many articles published on kunj that he had affair with anyone girl but this all fake to give trp their things.But all come false. He hardly talks to any girls. He just ignored this all silly question while his family enjoying lot. In whole car journey kunj standing quite seeing outside view. After soon he reached his office. Car stops in front lavish building. Guard come out and open door for him. Kunj come out and his PA standing in side waiting for him just.
Girl went towards him.
Sara: sir meeting will be started in some minutes. Kunj look at her
Kunj :good where is reports haa?
Sara: here.They both went inside. They went towards conference room. Sara open door Kunj entered in room. Other who sitting they all get up.Kunj sit on his head seat.Soon meeting started.kunj stop whom who explaining presentation.
Kunj: can you explain again what you speak just now.. he started sweating.
Man: sir what ??. Kunj get up and took the file.
Kunj:Kunj Sarna didn’t do this type of work. Second when you fully get ready to give presentations than comes. Kunj
Look at his business client who standing.
And you mr shroff.You hide this how dare you haa what did you think that I’ll not caught you.Don’t dare to forget I’m not idiot.You make fool in meeting haa I’ll not listen and catch your lie haa. You wanted to me sign this deal but I’ll never. Loss word didn’t exist in my dictionary get it and one more I love risk but not like this. Both side should be equal than its would have fun.Shroff get up and looking at Kunj.
Kunj:from your thinking is end and my starting.Kunj throw the file and tell his pa that fire them. Next time they didn’t see him. Kunj walk out from there.He went in his cabin.Went towards window see the life of city.
Kunj: this world fill with lairs only buster. He don’t know what I’m.. servant come and give him his coffee. Just than Kunj had call from his dadi and Kunj see this a beautiful smiled comes on his face. Kunj pick up the car.
Kunj: Hi my dadi.
Lata: hi mera bacha hows you.
Kunj: I’m fine. Om and rudra is there and listening.
Om: so bro when you’ll come.
Kunj: hello my Om how’s you haa.
Rudra: we all are fine bhaiya. You answered me when you’ll come haa. Kunj smiling.
Kunj: why you were so desperate?? Haa. My Iil bro and what you doing at this time you didn’t went college haa. Om and dadi look at rudra and laughing. While rudra gritting his teeth’s. Where he stuck.
Om: now rudra can’t speak haina..
Lata: you leave this all when you’ll come you know we all miss you so much. 1 month has been passed you went for your business trip haa. Kunj knows there condition.
Kunj:even I miss you all. I’ll come soon.
Om: from passed one week we Listen this only.
Lata: from next time I’ll not let you go anywhere. You always make me fool and went.You just going for some days but you were not come till now.This business I’ll burn. Kunj laughing as well enjoying this
Kunj: break my dear dadi. Okay I’ll come you all have dinner together at night. They all loudly said Really.
Om: okay till than I’ll do my work.
Kunj: and your rudra just now go college.
Rudra: yeah I’ll.
Lata: now come fast my eyes dying to see you kunj.
Kunj: my too dadi. Love you all. They ended the call. Kunj smiling just.
Kunj:world best family I have.How nicely my dadu connected us.I really miss them like anything.
[email protected]
Twinkle sitting in garden with his gang.
Chinki: Twinkle I didn’t understand what type of man you really wanted..
twinkle: don’t know.
Asha: what you actually thinking. About love and emotions.
Kunj and twinkle thinking about life.Both side part show together.
(Twinkle) thinking.
According to me love is everything. And without emotions everything is incomplete. Business me bhi Hume emotionally sochna chahiye. Emotions make things easy. You always listen to your heart and mind. Chinki and Asha smiling. And love and emotions make one family strong. And everything you got but with love.and har cheez ko pyaar se manachaiye.My family is my everything

(kunj) thinking

Love sound very lame. Emotions this word good but. You can’t think always with emotionally specially in business. You put emotions in aside. They just making things difficult. Don’t listen to heart. Something’s heart can’t solved. Emotions and love just make for family they both needed in one family make the family strong. If you can’t get anything just earn it. My family my life.

Two different type of people and their thinking too different but one things same.

Twinkle ki naazar me pyaar sab kuch hai.
But Kunj ki naazar me pyaar nahi. Jab yeh do lag inshaan milege toh kya ho. Let’s when this two opposite people meet with each other’s what will happen.

Kunj tell his pa that booked his tickets for London.He check his work. And left for his hotel.

Twinkle and her all friends went out for lunch. While Mahi busy in her classes.

Later they went twinkle and Mahi along with Yuvi they back home at Taneja Mansion.

They three of them come out of the car and ran inside. Leela and Bebe were sitting with Anita.They too sit beside them.

Leela: so how’s your day?
Yuvi: superb aunty.
Anita: Twinkle you looking more beautiful day by day what’s the reason behind this?

Twinkle: nothing aunty 😂god gifted.
Anita: so Leela did you finding any boy for twinkle. After hearing this twinkle choked. Yuvi and Mahi giggles.
Leela: till now toh nahi. Guru ji finding nice boy for my twinkle.
Twinkle: no MAA stop na.
Bebe: why?. We too wanted damad of this house.
Twinkle: acha Bebe and find for mahi.
Leela: see Anita this girl always doing this when we thought for her alliances.
Mahi: MAA find soon for di I want to see my jiju. 😝
Twinkle: acha wait I’ll show you. Gesturing her hand.
Anita: see maya she too say this but now she happy with his husband.
Yuvi: yeah my jiju is best who handling aloo.
Leela:right Yash is so good boy.Hope my both daughter get best husbands.
Twinkle: MAA now closed this chapter. You should think about Bhai.
Leela: acha ji.he find his girl.
Yuvi: so Kabir bro wedding 😍. While malika is great girl..
twinkle: yes she loves Bhai so much. Na.
Yuvi: don’t worry tera Wala too love you😂. Twinkle giving angry look at Yuvi.

[email protected] at night.
All family members was sitting in hall chit chatting with each other’s while tej and Manohar talking with their angles on face time.

Rudra: Papa just love his girls not us.
Lata: don’t worry teri dadi hai na.
Prithviraj: when will kunj come. His all meeting over na.
Usha: haa I miss my son.
Avantika: pata nahi What will happen with this boy always work and work.
Lata: mera pota laakho me ek hai.
Anjali: see om And rudra.
Om: Anjali Di this will not work out on us.
Rudra: applied on aur jija😂😂.. all laugh out. Lata and om just checking the time. Outside of Sarna Mansion Car stop. Kunj come out of the car. Look at his home after so many days. Feel so good.Kunj moved towards mansion.He went inside his eyes went on his dadi who standing at door while opening her arms for him. Kunj smiled at her. Kunj ran towards her and immediately hugged her tightly even she too.
Lata: mera kunj.. (you can feel love for him in her voice)
Kunj: dadi who you get to know that I come haa.
Lata: I’m your dadi I can feel you. They break the hug Kunj cupped her face and kissed on her forehead. After seeing each other both get so happy. Lata caressing his face.
Kunj: I missed you dadi..
Lata: me too now come. Went both went towards all in hall. Lata give voice to all. While kunj standing behind Lata back. Still his seeing so tall😝.
Lata: everyone I have surprise for you all.
Om understand. Dadi shifted slightly. Everyone sees kunj and surprised happy as well too.Rudra get hell happy he just ran and landed in kunj Arms.
Rudra:bhaiya mere.All laugh at his antics.
Kunj hugged him tightly while Rudra still in kunj Arms. All went near them.
Usha:rudra Leave him. Kunj drop him down.
Kunj: grow up my lill bro. 😝. Prithviraj give kunj smile kunj went near him took his blessing and hugged him too.
Prithviraj: finally you come back.
Kunj: keshe ho aap.?
Prithviraj: I’m fine congratulations kunj all deals you do wonderfully I’m proud of you,
Kunj:thanks dadu.. Kunj went near tej. Tej immediately hug him.
Tej: without you I feel so lonely. Rudra make faces😂. Kunj meet with Manohar. Avantika and Usha standing together kunj hugged them together same time.
Kunj:Meri dono maa.😍😍.
Usha: Good avantika he remembers us.
Avantika: right usha. I thought my son forgot me. Kunj just smiling.
Kunj: how can I forgot you both. Kunj kissed on their foreheads. While Avantika become emotional.
Kunj: offo mummy why you cry. See I’m fine.
Avantika: you’ll not understand my emotions.
Rudra: tell me mummy 😝😝. Om come and stand beside Kunj Anjali too. They three of them share group hugged. Now it’s enough for Rudra. He gets up and hugged om tightly.😂😂😂.
Om:rudra Leave me..
Kunj: still same. After they all sit.,
Anjali: aur my bro how’s your trip.
Kunj: great di.
Rudra: she wants to ask about her pati dev 😝😝😝.actually di asked directly na.
Kunj: hoo he too good di.
Usha: when he come I thought with you.
Kunj: no choti MAA he had some work so.
Kunj: they didn’t come back still.
Rudra: Good na bhai😍.
Tej: why ?? Without her I’m so alone😭.
Rudra: see Bhai Papa just love his girls not us.
Lata:now I’m happy fully to see my three son together. Just than prithviraj get call. He received and talk in yes and no.
Rudra: see dadi dadu talking to his gf😛. All just keep quiet.
Lata: acha.
Prithviraj:aap bhi na.
Avantika: mummy ji know daddy ji love her so much.
Om: yes our dadu is not like you😂😂.
Kunj: dambal Sarna. 😝.
Lata: kess ka phone ta..
Prithviraj:Arey India se guru ji ka.
Lata: what he said.
Prithviraj: he sees girls for kunj. Kunj eyes become big after heard this.
Usha: that’s good.
Lata: Meri bahu milgai.
Rudra: bhabhi😂😂. Kunj give rudra danger look.
Tej: Papa when we will go India.
Prithviraj: before our maha pooja this time we all did maha pooja In my country.
Om: awesome we too went India first time.
Rudra: bhabhi we are coming to take you.
Kunj throw cushions on rudra face.
Lata: kunj bas.
Kunj: why saadi ??😒😒
Lata: what you mean why?? We too wanted our great grand kids😂.
Om: yes.
Anjali: even I to want to become bua.
Kunj: you all get mad..
prithviraj:Don’t worry kunj we’ll find best girl for you.
Lata: yes Ishq equally hona chahiye.
Rudra: Ishq and tashan.
Kunj: kam bol go and study.
Avantika: okay now kunj you go and get freshen up than we all have dinner together.
Kunj: okay. Kunj get up went upstairs in his room while Rudra and om too went behind him.
Kunj entered in his room. Om and rudra come and set on the bed.
Kunj: what?? Kunj take his clothes.
Rudra: Bhai don’t worry when bhabhi will come me and O will come in your room. Om and rudra hifi😂😂😂..
Kunj: even you too om.
Om: what I’ll do he is right. Our big brother wedding is our dream.
Kunj: impossible both. He went in washroom after he come get freshen find Avantika arranging his things.
Kunj: aap. She turned and look at Kunj. She went near him took towel from kunj hands wiped his face itself. Kunj admires his mother love.
Avantika: you didn’t miss me at all.
Kunj: every second I miss you MAA. Avantika wiped his eyes with her hands.
Kunj: now why this saadi. Make puppy face.
Avantika: why me and your pa did na now it’s your turn kunj.
Kunj: you know na mummy..
Avantika:okay we talk about this later. Now let’s go down everyone is just waiting for you. They both went downstairs. Goes towards dinning table. Kunj sit beside om and rudra their place. Avantika and Usha serving Kunj food they make all kunj favorite food today.
Kunj: bas MAA it’s too much for me.?
Usha: eat nicely look at yourself.
Avantika: yes. Rudra gesturing to om and Anjali.
Rudra: humara koi nahi hai😭😭.
Anjali: hum hai na. Rudra rest his head on her shoulder.
Kunj: jealous man.. they have their dinner so nicely with love and laughs.

Other side in India. Tm..
They all to sitting for dinner. Hansh and rt talking about some boys while twinkle listen their talks and her mind just stuck o on them. This all Bebe and Kabir or Mahi seeing and giggling to see twinkle expressions.
Kabir: Papa what guru ji say??
Rt: nothing much.
Kabir: Twinkle have your food😝.
Twinkle see Kabir face and give angry look.
Bebe: I saw that boy photo he is good for our twinkle.
Hansh: let’s see first what guru ji say without no information I can’t give my twinkle hand in anyone hands I’ll
Find perfect boy for her.
Twinkle: okay dadu..
Bebe: Twinkle Puttar one day everyone girls have to marry..
twinkle: but I’ll not leave my Papa. And not go anywhere. All laugh.
Kabir: you have too😝😝..
Twinkle: see Papa. Wait I’ll tell this to her.
Kabir: go ahead..😎
Rt: What malika parents say Kabir when they come.
Kabir: with blushed. Soon Papa. After dinner Twinkle went in her room and standing in balcony. And same with kunj too he to standing his balcony.
Kunj: everyone behind my marriage.
Twinkle: they all just wanted my marriage huhu. I don’t want to marry.
Kunj: even me too. They both look at moon. Scene freezes on their smiling faces.
How was the episode. ??
Hope you all like and thanks for previous episodes it’s fine.. and dislikers too..❤..
I did my best.. I leave everything on you all. Bye ignore any grammatical errors no proofs readings..
let’s see what happens next in India.
Bye love you all..

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