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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 10)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and Preeti.

Episode 10:

episode starts from the house of Shergill. He solves rube cube. He thinks about Atif the terrorist and Mr. Husain.

Ajay: what r you thinking about?

Shergil: Atif and Mr. husain khan.

Ajay: Atif..but he is dead right?

Shergill: hmmmm….but my sixth sense aware me some thing more.

scene ends.

At nanital:

Rohit: Hey…Ritik where is my guitar?

Ritik: here bro. take it….what…i think your mood is change now.

Rohit: (smiles so cutely) hmmm!… i want to sing.

Everyone chears.

He starts singing.

“Ek dil hai
Ek jaan hai
Dono tujh pe
ha tujh pe
Qurbaan hai
ik mein ho
ik emaan hai
dono tujh pe
ha tujh pe
qurbaan hai”

He sings and looks to preeti continously. Herry and Ayesha looks towards each other romantically.

song ends and everyone claps.

Trio couple go for evening walk. Ayesha with Herry and Rohit with preeti. Both couple left Kavya and Ritik alone. so they both go for walk unwilingly.

Herry: Ammm…Ayesha!

Ayesha: Yes…

Herry pluckes the flower and give it to her. He proposes her by saying I love you. 💝

Ayesha: look Herry… you are good man. handsome , well educated and hardworking. but my life is not only mine. it is my dad and my grandpa also. this decision is very imp for my life. first I should tell my father then i answer you. i hope you don ‘t mind.

Herry: no…no…i think you are right. but i always wait for you.

Ayesha: i hope i will never let you to more wait for me…my handsome.

She shyingly runs away from there. Dilwale background romantic tune plays.

Rohit and preeti reach on lake.

Preeti: you sing very well.

Rohit: thank you. Its my passion.

Preeti: singing?

Rohit: yes. but nana ji offers me to join their business.

Preeti: so what you decide?

Rohit: I should. bcz i m eldest son of Hoodas. its my responsbility.

Preeti: yeah…nice.

She is hited by rock.

Preeti: Allah…this rock.

Rohit shocked to hear this “Allah”.

Rohit: Allah….???

Preeti: why are you so much in shocked. my name is preeti but khan is my sir name. I m muslim.

Rohit: (confused) yeah…yeah i forgot it.

Preeti: actually my father was Muslim and my mother was hindu. so i m combo.

Rohit: ohhh… nice.

Preeti: Rohit let me offer you. can you join me in this deal?

Rohit: no…no…it is much imp and i have no experience.

Preeti: come on…when you work then get experience. ok its my order you join this deal.done.

Rohit: but…

She walks from there.

here kavya and Ritik are talking with each other. then Ayesha comes. she is very happy. Kavya sees her and asks about it. but she does not say any thing. Every body comes and go to their villa. kavya plans to go Dehli.

At night..

Preeti: tell me what are you thinking?

Ayesha: Herry proposed me.

Preeti is shocked. what happens next? will she support her?

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