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Nimki Mukhiya 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Mai plots against Nimki

Nimki Mukhiya 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Tettar says to Ritu that we can lose elections. Ritu says we have to plan and wont lose it. Mai hides and hears them. Ritu says if we make Kishan Lal on our side then Mehtu cant do it, you can call Kishan Lal to birthday and Kishan’s wife is your wife’s friend, if Mai makes his wife promise then we will be set. Tettar says if Mai makes her promise then we will be set. Ritu turns and sees Mai smirking there.

Nimki calls Ram and tells him how she used remote to make grandma scared, Ram laughs and puts phone on speaker. Mauha comes to Ram too. Mauha asks why you are scaring dadi, make your mother in law irritated not elder. Nimki says why all are behind my mother in law. She sees all in room and ends call. Grandma says to Babbu that channels were changing on Tv, there is

some ghost here. Babbu says TV must have some fault. Nimki sees all this and smirks, she starts screaming ghost leave me, please save me. Babbu goes to her room to check. Nimki locks room and says lets play ghost ghost, she makes him sit on bed, Babbu tries to leave but stops him, she says I am your wife. She falls in his lap. Outside room, Mai asks whats going on? Sweety says inside.. Mai says what happened? Rekha says dont know what is happening inside, there is ghost there. Rekha says she must die in her husband’s arms. Mai says Babbu is inside? She charges in Nimki’s room and sees them sitting on bed. They get up, Mai glares at them. Nimki says there was a ghost there. Mai says stop drama, she drags Babbu from there. Nimki closes door and laughs.

Mai says to Tettar that Nimki is very clever, she can make divorce difficult. Tettar says we have function on Sunday, should I wear blue or white? Mai says you cant see things happening, Nahar called you a dog and you are ignoring everything, I would have killed him. Tettar asks him to calm down. Mai says I will snatch this elections ticket, I want that Tettar who used to scare everyone, Tettar says he is here, will be infront soon. Mai says then I will be yours. Tettar hugs her. Mai says we have to deal with Nimki soon, Tettar says she will remain villager, Mai says you are not a common man, I will talk to Kishan’s wife for ticket.

Scene 2
In morning, Mai is laughing. Rekha says are you planning to kill Grandma? Mai says I am happy, dont disturb me. Nimki smiles from porch. Nimki says servant doesnt work nicely, we should hire someone else. Rekha says I am elder daughter in law but Nimki shows more rights. Mai shouts that she is not a daughter in law. Nimki calls Abhi. Abhi says I am coming soon. Nimki says we have to cancel plan, all family members are going to Patna, my father in law is invited so I have to go with my family, sorry. Mai glares at her. Nimki says I have to get ready, she leaves. Mai fumes in anger.

Abhi comes to Aunt, Aunt says we have to get ready to go to Nimki’s house. Abhi says Tettar is going to Patna with family so plan is canceled. Manager comes there and says we have work. Aunt says why Tettar is going to Patna suddenly? Manager says he wants to impress Kishan Lal, Nahar provoked Tettar so he is worried for election ticket. Abhi says its good that Nimki will see what politics is. Manager says she wont care about it, she would be more excited to see Patna. Abhi says I see some fire in Nimki, one day it will blast.

PRECAP- Mai asks Nimki to go to her room. Nimki says why all are going to Patna, I am not going. All glare at her.
Dublo meets his goons and says all family members are going to Patna so tonight we can break safe to get some money.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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