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Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Saisha and KK elope

Naamkaran 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Avni scolding the reporter. He says I m doing my work to find truth, Saisha is an illegitimate, society doesn’t accept such girls. Avni says I don’t like such society who raises finger on innocent. She scolds the reporters and gets angry. Neil smiles. Avni holds Saisha’s hand and goes. Avni comes home. Samrat hugs her. He says when did you become so tough and brave, we love you. Bebe thanks Lord. Sunehri says Avni, actually…. Saisha is very upset, we should keep her away from this mess. Avni says Lord Krishna left the battle field and then fought too, I have left battle once, this time I will fight, I will retaliate, we will go back to Kashid today. Saisha says KK didn’t call today. Avni says that story is over now, I know its difficult for you to move on, but you have

to. Saisha cries and goes. Neil thanks the lawyer. Avni asks Neil what will he do. He says you don’t need to worry for me, I prefer to live with truth, our paths are different now, maybe it can’t be same now.

Prakash comes to Neil. He says you are a sensible guy, I have seen more of life, I want to say something, I want to share my experience, whatever happened between you and Avni, it was bad, if you really want peace, just forgive Avni wholeheartedly. Neil asks are you serious. Prakash says people do a lot to save love, I understand, you had to go through a lot of pain. Neil says I don’t love Avni. He goes. Samrat asks Saisha to come, Avni has booked cab, everything will go fine. Saisha calls KK and says Avni wants to take me to Kashid, if you really love me, we will elope and marry. He says okay, meet me at Shiv temple. She agrees.

Shweta and Bebe cry. Avni hugs them and cries. Saisha hides and leaves from there. Bebe gets some shagun plate and asks Avni to have it, she has a right on it, don’t refuse. Avni accepts. She asks where is Saisha. Kamini asks Rahil what are you saying. He says our son has eloped. She asks what. Avni looks for Saisha. She calls Saisha. She gets Saisha’s letter. Saisha writes, sorry Jaan didi I love you but I love KK too, I know you will forgive me.

Saisha reaches temple and thinks of Avni. She says so sorry, I have no choice, I can’t lose you and KK. Pandit asks what are you doing here. She says I came for marriage. He asks where is the groom. She says he will come. Neil gets on call and says I will send Saisha’s pic, circulate it and find her. Avni says Saisha didn’t understand. Neil says KK’s phone is not reachable. Avni calls on KK’s landline. Servant says Kamini and KK went out. Pandit asks how much time more will he take, call him. Saisha says he will come. Neil takes DD and Mitali’s help to find Saisha. Mitali says Saisha has thrown her phone in garden, she knew we will try to trace her, Avni don’t worry, we will find Saisha. KK comes to temple. Kamini comes there.

He gets shocked. He asks are you serious to marry that illegitimate girl. KK says yes, I love Saisha, I want to marry her, mom please don’t stop me. She says you haven’t done any work by yourself, you are marrying without my consent. He says I never questioned you, I have grown up now, I can take this decision myself. She says I think my son has grown up in right sense. She cries and says I never let our family face any problem, I worked harder than you to make you a star, I wished you get stardom and I get contentment, what’s the use, every effort got waste, now Saisha is most imp to you, if you think you are doing right, who am I to stop, go and marry, you will fall in my eyes forever if you go ahead, you will die for me, you will get married there and I will do your Shraddh at home, think again, will you choose your love or your mom who gave you birth. Mitali says KK’s cook made the last call to Saisha. Avni says we have one way, we need to meet Kamini, only she can help us now, she doesn’t want Saisha and KK to unite.

Avni asks where is Saisha. Kamini says she would be trapping someone, find her soon. Rahil calls Avni and says Kk told me that he is going to meet Saisha in some temple.

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