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Hiii everyone… Gopika here again…Thank you so much for the support guys…and here we go with the chappy 3 🙂

She looks all around the room sadly…Suddenly she hears the footsteps approaching the room.. she closes her eyes…She suddenly opens her eyes and lays herself on the bed and pretends to sleep…
Shivaay comes inside the room and sees Anika sleeping.He smiles and closes the door.. and goes near Anika.. he smilingly puts the blanket over her and moves his hand towards to touch her face…But stops and smilingly takes his hand and goes from there to change his cloth.
Hearing the bathroom getting closed. Anika opens her eyes and stares at the bathroom door and then at the blanket and says, ‘‘he seems good”
Hearing the door getting opening she again pretends to sleep

Shivaay comes and switches off the light and lays to sleep at the other end of the bed.


Omkara; Bhai don’t go na.. why should you so today itself. It’s just 2 days after your marriage and you are going to London
Rudra; yes Bhai cancel your work there naa
Shakthi; if we could have cancel then we would have done it earlier now naa
Tej; yea..then we wouldn’t have done this marriage this much early, we would have done all pre-marriage rituals naa
Omkara; Then why don’t you take Bhabi with you…
Shakthi; its because her visa was delayed.. she can go after 1 month...
Rudra; 1 month? such a long time.

Shivaay hugs his both brothers and says “ I will be back soon
Rudra and Omkara nods and says ‘‘Have a wonderful time and enjoy your journey”
Shivaay bids bye to everyone and at last looks at Anika
Anika seeing him staring bends her head down
He smiles and leaves in his car. Anika stares at the car moving away from their house gate.
Anika walks backs to her room

Anika POV;
It has been 2 days since my marriage. Still, I am not able to believe I am married. In this house everyone cares and loves me a lot…. but Shivaay I really don’t know what he thinks about me. I didn’t even talk to him yet and I also didn’t give him a chance to talk to me. .Whenever I saw him, I go from there by any excuse or hides from him. I always wake up and left the room getting ready before he wakes, I slept, actually pretends to sleep before he comes in the room. I really don’t know what was my problem, I was playing hide and seek game for 2 days, What was the need of it? I really don’t know….But whenever he sees me he just smiled he didn’t show any kind of dissatisfaction or angriness for my behaviour.. he didn’t put any effort to ask me about my behaviour. He just smiled at me giving me goosebumps. I don’t know why but its true I feel something different whenever he smiled at me.

The one who I talk the most in this house is Omkara and Rudra, they are really sweet…But for everything they end up saying about their bhaii…not only them the whole house members when talking end up saying shivaay’s name.. everyone in this house loves him a lot…But I really not able to understand what type of a person he is… I was really tensed when I want to go to London..but got relived when my visa got delayed. I am happy that I have got time to prepare for this new life… ”
(POV ends)

In her thought, she walks into her room.There she stares at the big wedding photo of her and shivaay on the wall which was fixed by Rudra and Omkara yesterday. Seeing that she remembers about her broken dream..How all her dreams got broken in that moment…Her dream to live independent, her dream to run an orphanage, her dream to see every corner of this world, her dream to explore herself and do things which she thinks she is not capable of.. and help and spread love in others…and have a simple life with her family…

Remembering all these she feels weak.. suddenly some paper flys coming to her foot. She picks it up and sees it… Suddenly a smile curves o her face.. her eyes shine…Suddenly she notices another paper on the table… She picks it up änd starts reading

” Hi ANIKA, I really wanted to talk to you before marriage and should ask what you wanted.. and are you ok with this relationship but the time soo limited that I didn’t get a chance…and when asked your parents.. they told you are hundred percent ok for this.. and I was happy but after marriage in this 2 days I felt like this marriage wasn’t happen on your will. so I had a meeting with your sister and my sali Gauri. She told me everything… Anika, Dreams are to fulfilled…you are married to me that doesn’t mean your dreams are also broken and burned off…you should fly with your dreams… I have promised to keep you always happy to your family…and I have promised myself I will be with you always and support you to make all your dreams come true…I will restrict or block you from achieving your dreams….and the paper with the letter is the agreement that I have bought an orphanage in your name….its a gift to my wife….

And your visa wasn’t delayed…but I made it delayed because you give yourself time…by the way, if we had any hide and seek game during the wedding naa then you would have come 1st..I wanted to say this to you face to face.. but you didn’t even give me a chance.. whenever I see you, you get vanished from there somehow?…I felt I am some ghost as I see you running away from me… anyway its ok, I understand what a girl would go through when getting married without your will and to the person, you don’t know anything….If you have any type of problem or feel uncomfortable you can share it with a husband it’s my duty to keep my wife comfortable and happy.And one more I want to share with you is…I know you from last 1 year….okie..will say that story later. Hope you won’t run away or hide after 1 month we see again.

FROM, your husband Shivaay

Anika was shocked moreover she was happy after reading the letter…She feels all her dreams coming running back to her…

I really don’t know what I feeling now…My dreams are not broken. I can fulfil all of them…A mixture of emotions is running through my mind. actually, my heart has skipped a little for my husband.Seems I haven’t seen such a person. Yes everyone in this home says right ”he is different”.. I don’t know why I feel so lucky today. But he knows me from last 1 year?? but how?? I don’t remember seeing him earlier….how does he know me?? and this orphanage dream. I haven’t ever said this to Gauri. How does he know about it?? Omg! this questions making me mad.

Anika was lost in her thoughts….Suddenly she hears a knock on the door… She turns to see who its…It was her two handsome dewars Om and Rudra…
Anika; Omkara, Rudra
Omkara and Rudra; we have told you bhabhi call us. “Om and Rudy”
Anika smiles and says Okie Okie.
Omkara; Okie bhabhi get ready we have to go naa
Anika confusingly; where?
Rudra; orphanage! Shivaay bhai has told to take you to the orphanage which he named on you…
Anika; ohh…
Omkara; ok get ready and come we will wait..
Anika nods

After some time at the orphanage…
Omkara; soo bhabi.. this is Avani..She will be your helper
Anika smiles at her…
She turns and sees children playing and some fighting too. She smiles seeing them. Suddenly she receives a message from an unknown number.
msg; Happy?
She cluelessly thinks who this is…
suddenly receives next msg
msg; ohh.. my dear wife this your husband.
Anika smiles reading it.
again message
msg; I can see the smile on your face…
Anika smilingly looks at the children
Rudy; Bhabhi I have loved this place I will also accompany you here every day…
Omkara; Me too.
Anika; Okie okie…But om and rudy I like u too call me as Didi instead Bhabhi.
Rudy starts crying
Anika; What happen
Rudy; You made me emotional bhabhi..sorry didi.
Anika and Omkara Smiles
Omkara pulls his ears and says “crybaby

PRECAP; After 1 month…Her journey with him

Thank you so much guys for reading and hope you enjoyed.
Sorry for mistakes if any…



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