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Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-2

Mr Sanskar Maheswari Vs Mrs Sanskar Maheswari (RagSan) episode-1

It was Ragini swara rasoi rasam..
All sat at dining..Ragswa came with dishes ,what they have made…
Ap askd them to serve..
Ragini thought to serve to laksh first ,she walks towards laksh but sanskar held her hand nd nodded as no…ragini asks through her eyes leave her hand..sanskar nodded as no nd pulls her near to him..
Sanskar(loudly):areh ragini serve na what are u thinking
Suji:ha ragini..y u r not serving..first serve sanskar..
Ragini glares at him..sanskar left her hand smiling…
She serves kheer to sanskar..sanskar about to eat…
Suji:sanskar wait…ragini u feed him..it is ur first day after ur marriage..some meethi sweety moments banatha hain naa..
Ragsan widened their eyes…
Suji:and swara u too..
swalak smiles where ragsan looks at eo nervously…

Ragini takes the spoon of kheer nd feeds him ,sanskar looks at her…they recalled when sanskar acting as mentally disorder ,ragini used to feed him…they have a small eye lock…disturbed by laksh who split the gajar ka halwa made by swara..
Ap:kya hua laksh
Laksh:yuck..swara what u made..
Sanskar looks at ragini who smirks..
Swara:kya hua laksh..is it bad..
Before laksh could speak..
Sanskar:what is d need to react like that laksh…u knw naa she dont knw cooking..but she made for u..but u..
Laksh looks at swra who makes a sad face..
Laksh:vo..sorry swara..i jst
Swara:no need laksh..its ok leave it..
Laksh:no swara.u made for me na..i will eat..
Swra smiles…
sanskar looks at ragini who was fuming..sanskar winks at her..
Swara:vo..maa chachi sorry but i will learn well…
Ap:thats ok swara..ragini hain naa she will make u learn everything..hain naa ragini..
Ragini was not hearing anything..her eyes stuck on laksh who was eating halwa made by swara..she thought to herself how could he eat,it was very salty,she herself only mixed so much of salt in it but still he is eating for swara..y he loves swara so much..her thoughts broken by sanksar who holds her hand tight nd signs her towars ap..
Ap:kya hua ragini beta..im asking somethin..do u make swara learn cooking..
Ragini nodded faintly..
Ragini sees laksh who sat in hall alone..she thought to give sweet made by her…she serves kheer in one bowl nd moves towards him smiling but before she could reach laksh,sanskar came nd grabs the bowl from her..
Sanskar:wow wify..how do u knw that i want to eat kheer again..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:laksh, swara is calling u..
Laksh smiles nd goes..
Ragini about go behind laksh..sanskar holds her pallu to stop her..
Ragini:what are u doing..leave
Sanskar:where are u going..
Ragini:its not matter to u..leave
Sanskar:its matter to me..u r my wife naa..
Ragini (looks at him annoyed):leave my saree
Sanskar:what if no
Suji(from kitchen):haan ragini coming
Sanskar immediatelynleft her saree pallu..
Ragini smiles…
Suji:kya ragini
Ragini:vo..vo sanskar wnats to tell something to u..
Saying she walks giving teasing smile to sanskr who glaring at her…
suji:kya sanskar
Sanskar:vo..vo..i..kuch nay maa
Sanskar:i will talk to u later..
saying he goes leaving confused suji..

AP arranges some puja for newly wedded couples..all presents in hall expect Ragini and swara who are getting ready..
Laksh:uff..these girls naa..they spent most of the time getting ready only..nd my wify ,she take half of the day to get ready..
Sanskar smiles..
Uttara:but bhai she is doing for u only na..
Laksh:vahi tho sachh hai..
Uttara:bhai..small test for u both
Uttra:u have to gusee what color might be bhabis’ wear today..
Laksh:swara wears yellow
Uttra:if she not,u have to take me nd my friends to shopping..
laksh in mind poor sissy she have already told she would wear yellow..
uttara:ready for my deal..
Uttra(smiles):sanky bhai u tell
Sanskar thinks..
Uttra:bhai bolona
Sanskar: red
Uttra:are u sure..
Sanskar:may be..but she looks so beautiful in red..(he lost)..if she wears red saree with matching jewels with open hair with beautiful smile on her face..she looks like goddess..
Uttara widened her eyes seeing ragini who got ready as sanskar said..
Uttara:bhai..look at that..

Sanskar turns nd his eyes stuck on ragini who is decending stairs with swara..he wears red color saree with matching ornments looking gorgeous..
Ragini passes infront of him nd goes to ap..but sanksr still staring at her without blinking his eyes…
no response
Uttara:what are u seeing
Sanskar:your Bhabi looks gorgeous
Uttara giggles
Sanskar came to sense..
Uttara(teased him):oho..wait i will tell this to bhabi now only
Sanskar:no uttara
Uttara(shouts):ragini bhabi..bhai told u..(before she complete sanskar closed her mouth)
Ragini looked at them puzzled..
Sanskar:keep quite..
Uttara nodded as no..
sanskar:if u keep quite..i will take u nd ur friends to shopping…
Uttara smiles widely…
Sanskar(remove his hand from her mouth):deal
Sanskar takes a realief..
RagSan Swalak sat for puja..ragini looks at laksh who is talking with swara nd smiling..she gets gurt..
Sanskar:very bad
Ragini raised her eybrow at him..
Sanskar:being with ur husband..you are eying on someone..
Ragini:shut up..he was not someone..he is my love..
before could sanskar speak..
uttara:areh bhai bhabi..u can talk in ur bedroom later..first concentrate here..
Ragsan gives a fake smile nd kept quite…they are doing puja as per pandit saying,sharing small small eyelocks…
Pandit gave thread for each one nd askd them to tie on their wrist,promosing eo that they have to be together lifelong happily supporting eo..
Ragsan looks at eo blankly where swalak smiles..
Ap:ragini beta. sanskar kya hua..tie
Ragsan:ji badimaa
Sanskar in mind i married u bcz of laksh..but if u give chance,i promice i will make u happy lifelong..
Ragini in mind how can we together lifelong without love..i love laksh nd sanskr married me for his brother..i promice i will brk this relation nd get my love..
Both tied looking at eo..
After some time puja got over..
Pandit left…
All supposed to go their rooms..
Uttara:stop all..
Suji:kya hua uttara..
Uttara:badimaa ,maa i want to play some game with these two couples…
Sanskar:uttara dont take ur crazy ideas out..
Uttra:plzz bhai..1 game..
Ap:play naa sanskar..
Uttara explains the game..

In 4(Ragsan swalak),each member will be blindfolded nd they have to find their life partners..it will proove how much u have love on ur partner..if anyone loses,they have to do what thier partner say…
Uttara:first sanky bhai..
sanskar nodded..
Uttara blindfolds sanskar..nd asks him to wait…she arranges all ladies positions one bye one,she too herself stood in line..
Uttara:start bhai…
sanskar slowly moves forward..he reaches ragini who stood last..ragini widened her eyes…she shift her position nd stood middle..sanskar too steps backward..Ragini rolled her eyes…and again she shifts her position..
Sanskar:uttara tell to ur bhabi to stay in one position..
All smiles..
Ragini pouts nd stood.sanskar moves towards her and holds her hand..he removes cloth from his eyes..
Ragini looks at him surprised ,sanskar looks at her smiling..he himself dont knw how he found her..he just followed what his heart said..both have eyelock..brk by clapping sound…both composed..
Uttara:wow bhai..u won..
Sanskar smiles..
Now its laksh turn..uttara blindfolded him..laksh neard swara..swara smiles but he holds ragini hand who is beside swara…Ragini was on cloud9..he removed cloth from his eyes nd shocked to see ragini who is looking at him smiling..nd looks at swara who looks at him angrily..
Uttara:bhai u are gone..
Laksh:vo swara..i..
Swara:dont talk to me laksh..
Sanskar (goes nd holds ragini hand):will u leave my wife hand..
Laksh:oops sorry..(she left ragini hand)
Ragini glares at sanskar..
Uttara:swara bhabi give a big punishment to laksh bhai..
Laksh (pouts):sorry
Ragini(whisperes in sanskar’s ear):see..he hold my hand..god is with me..
Sanskar:sometimes god too shows wrong path ragini..
Ragini frowns..
Uttara:ok swara bhabi..later u give punishment to bhai..first come..its ur chance..
Swara glares at laksh nd comes to uttara..uttara blindfold swara..nd swara found laksh…laksh smiles widely but get a glare from swara..
Now its Ragini turn..
Ragini slowly walks after uttara blindfolding her…she thought to found laksh..but she was nowhere where he is..she says in mind common ragini u can find ur love…she slowly walks nd holds someone hand..she removes cloth nd shocked obiviously it is sanskar…
All claps..
Sanskar(mocked):right..God is with u.
Ragini fumes..
Uttara:wow bhabi bhai u both found ur love..
RagSan looks at eo hearing Uttara comment…
Swara loooks at laksh with pout nd walks to her room followed by laksh..
Ragini smirks..

Sanskar came nd sees Ragini lost in thoughts as always..
Sanskar:what are u thinking..give some rest to ur brain
Ragini:thanks for ur concern(she said sarcastically)
Sanskar:what u r thinking exactly..how to spoil this night of swalak naa
Ragini(smiles):i have already done..
Sanskar(he asksd angrily):what u did
Ragini:y should i tell u..
Sanskar gives a angry look nd goes..
Sanskar comes to swalak room ,he hesitately knock the door..swara opens the door..
Sanskar:vo..vo..swara..is laksh there
Swara:he is not in room
Sanskar:where he went this time..
Swara:vo..vo..in study room..
Swara gives a node nervously..
Sanskar gives her a confuse look..nd goes to study where laksh is getting ready for sleep..
Sanskar:what is this laksh..
Sanskar:kya hua..swara is still angry on evening incident..
Laksh:no bhai..vo..
Sanskar:then y r u sleeping here..that too the day second day of ur marriage..
Laksh:vo bhai…mng Ragini swra went to temple naa
Sanskar:haa tho
Laksh:they met one pandit there nd he told to swara..we have to stay away from eo for 1month orelse something happend to me nd some shit…
Sanskar:what rubbish is this..but u nd swra dont believe all this naa..
laksh:i dont believe but swara scared..
Sanskar(in mind i knw it was ragini’s plan..he clenched his fist):laksh stop all this u go to ur room..
Laksh:no bhai..its ok..i dont want hurt swara..
Sanskar:but laksh..
Laksh:leave it bhai..
Sanskar looks at him helples..
Laksh:good night bhai..
Sanskar:gd night..
He Comes to His room and drags ragini who is arranging a bed nd pins her to wall..
Ragini:what are u doing sanskar
Sanskar:how could u do..how could u ruin someone happiness for ur selfishness..
Ragini:i have already told i can do anything for my love..
Sanskar:is this love ragini..if u really love laksh u should make him happy..but u..
Ragini:i want his happiness but not with someone else..with me..once he gt mine..i will never ever hurt him..
Sanskar:but it will never happen..
Ragini:u said so many times sanskar but u couldnt able to stop me..nd will never too..
Sanskar:this time i will show u..
Ragini:do whatever u want ..i knw how i get him..
Sanskar:fine..lets see..
Ragini:lets see..saying she walks but she slips by her saree,Sanskar holds her wrist before she could reach floor..he pulls her ,she landed on his chest..both have a small eyelock..
Sanskar:take care mrs maheswari..u r going in wrong path..
Ragini pushed him angrily..
Sanskar:this will only happen if u go in wrong path..
Ragini fumes ,she goes to bed nd throws pillow on him..
Sanskar(catches): y r u throwing my pillow..
Ragini:i thought u need to sleep on sofa..
Sanskar:sofa kyun??
Ragini:bcz im sleeping on bed..
Sanskar:but its my bed..
Ragini:aftrall im ur wife..so it is my bed too na..(she mocked at him)
Ragini:im getting sleep..good night
Sanskar:btw i forgot to tell..u have surprise
Sanskar:if i tell.how could it be surprise ..
Ragini:what u are planning sanskar..
Sanskar:im getting sleep good night..
Saying he goes to sofa nd lied on..
Ragini gives him annoyed look..sanskar smiles..

Hii guys,sorry for irregular updates..i jst wanna ask something..howmany of u watch ipl here..Im love cricket nd eagarly waiting for ipl..
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which team will u support..plz ans in comment box..

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