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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira defends Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Akhilesh sending Pushpa to satsang. He thinks I had to send you as I couldn’t lie on front of you. Devina says I will call Pushpa back on right time, both Pushpa and Akhilesh will get insulted today. Akhilesh recalls Ira and cries. Chadariya….plays… Bhavik asks Ira why isn’t she happy, what happened. She says something is wrong, bad omens happened. He asks since when did you start thinking this, did you change.

Akhilesh cries and tells Lord that he needs money, he has to lie, he hates himself now. Sakshi comes home. He asks about money. She says I got 25 lakhs for you, its in this bag. Devina calls her and asks did you reach there Sakshi says yes, the news will go live. Devina says Ira isn’t at home, you can question Akhilesh, news should be breaking

one, game will start. Sakshi asks Akhilesh to give a good interview and get money. He agrees and thinks its easy to earn money here, if one sells his heart, sorry I have to do this for Ira’s dreams and my surgery. He asks her to start. She says we are going live. She tells about Akhilesh, who has cheated his wife, he married her by lying about vasectomy. He says its true, my marriage broke once, so I had lied to my wife. Devina sees his interview and gets glad. Aditya mocks Akhilesh.

Bhoomi says some women have come at the gate. Devina says its NGO women, its time to call Pushpa now. She calls Pushpa and talks as watchman’s wife. She asks her to come home, some women came to protest. Pushpa says I will just come. Devina and her children laugh. Pushpa asks Lakhan to take her home. Akhilesh gives the interview. The NGO women come there. The ladies scold Akhilesh for being such a creep to ruin a lady’s life. They protest against Akhilesh. Sakshi covers the news. Pushpa comes there and gets shocked seeing Akhilesh’s insult. She stops them and asks what’s happening here. Sakshi asks Pushpa did she know about his operation. Pushpa says yes. Sakshi says it means Pushpa is also involved in this crime. The women humiliate Pushpa as well. Pushpa says we didn’t cheat Ira, we will call her here. Devina and her children see Pushpa’s insult happening and smile.

Akhilesh struggles to save Pushpa. The women catch him. A lady goes to apply black color to Pushpa’s face. Ira comes there and stops them. She asks them not to touch Pushpa. She says I m Akhilesh’s wife Irawati. She hugs Pushpa. NGO woman ask why are you saving them, we know how much they torture you, don’t be scared. Ira asks what are you saying, who told this, they love and respect me, what are you saying about vasectomy, Akhilesh told me everything about him, you got cheated, I m very happy in this house, you all should be ashamed. Lady says but Akhilesh said this in interview that he cheated her. Sakshi says I gave him 25lakhs for this interview. Ira says so this is how you trapped him, he is innocent, you buy people for interview like this. Sakshi says yes I agree, but Akhilesh was ready to get sold. Ira says we are very rich, who will believe you, that my husband did this for 25 lakhs. Sakshi threatens her. Ira takes her class. NGO women apologize to Ira. They blacken Sakshi’s face.

Sakshi says forgive me. Ira says you will go live on channel and apologize to Akhilesh and Pushpa. Sakshi accepts her mistake and apologizes to Akhilesh. Ira asks her to leave now. They all leave. Pushpa thanks Ira for coming on time. Ira asks her not to cry, she will never leave her. Akhilesh goes. Ira comes to him and says I knew something is wrong, thank God I realized you took swear by left hand and I came running, what happened to you, did you go mad. She praises him. He says I saw your dreams getting ruined, I can’t become the reason for this, I wanted to help you achieve your dreams, why did you ruin dreams for me. They both ask each other what’s their relation. She says we have a relation now, its friendship, we get sad for each other’s sorrow, I have got a new perception to live life, you are my best friend.

Singhania asks Akhilesh to join his gym. Akhilesh trains Ira first.

Update Credit to: Amena

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