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Mere Sai 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Warns Sai To Stay Away From Keshav

Mere Sai 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahukar folds his hand and asks Hariya to ask Sai to keep water back in well and agrees to pay rent. Hariya says I don’t want money with wrong means and asks Sai to keep the water back in well. Sai brings water back to well. Sai Om plays…Keshav comes to play with his friends. His friends ask if he will come to play with him again. Keshav says until I am in shirdi, I will come and tells Kulkarni is sending him to London for studies. Tatya says it is very far from where British came. Kashav says they speak English. He tells them about Queen Victoria and says she is very powerful. Champa says we didn’t hear this name before. Sahukar jamnalal apologizes to Sai. Sai says you have troubled hariya since years, but he has no hatred, but sympathy for you. Sahukar jamnalal apologizes to Hariya. Hariya says you

have realized your mistake and it is enough. Sai says powerful man shall not trouble weak man. He comes to Dwarka Maai. Jhipri asks him if Queen Victoria is powerful amongst all. Sai says no and says truth is powerful amongst all which can’t be defeated. He says our soul needs peace and truth, if we are wrong then our soul don’t get peace. Keshav nods.

Servant comes to Rukmini. Rukmini says if you couldn’t come then you would have informed us and says other servant is doing all the work. Servant says my daughter is unwell. Rukmini gives her Sai’s vibhuti and says I made Sarkaar have it, and he got fine. She asks her not to tell anyone and says your daughter will also be fine. Kulkarni comes there and says hari om. Rukmini is shocked and her hands start shaking. Kulkarni sees Vibhuti and is about to take it in his hand, but Rukmini drops it. Kulkarni asks her to pick it and asks her to come out. He goes out after taking Vibhuti and shouts for Rukmini. Chivu asks what happened, if she did a mistake. Rukmini comes there. Keshav comes there. Kulkarni asks Rukmini how did ashes come in my house. Keshav comes home and hides. Kulkarni says I need an answer and asks if she went to Sai’s place. Rukmini is silent. Keshav thinks Sai telling that truth is biggest thing in the world. Kulkarni asks who brought it here. Keshav comes there and says I had brought it. Rukmini gets shocked and thinks now don’t know what Kulkarni will do with Keshav. She says ram shri hari. Sai says I have trust on Keshav as he is walking on truth path. Kulkarni asks when did you go there and why did you bring it. Rukmini is scared. Kulkarni says what forced you to go there. Keshav cries.

Rukmini says he got Vibhuti home as he was enthusiastic about it. Kulkarni says it is too late now. He says everyone must know by now that my son brought ashes from Sai. He accuses them for supporting his enemy and shouts that he will go in his palki. A couple comes to Sai and tells that their small son sneezes a lot. Sai asks them to make him do pranayam. Man asks when he will be fine. Sai picks Vibhuti and asks boy to close his eyes. He blows ashes towards boy’s face. Boy stops sneezes and says he got fine.

Kulkarni comes there and asks the couple to feel ashamed to get trapped by Sai and asks them to leave his Shirdi. Woman asks how can you say this. Kulkarni says no woman can question me and asks them to leave. They leave from Dwarka Maai. Sai asks Kulkarni how is he? Kulkarni says you can’t believe that I got fine. He says you might have thought that I will come in critical condition, but I got fine without your help. He accuses Sai for trapping his son and calls him imposter. He says you enter families using kids and asks him to stay away from keshav. Bayaza hears him and asks him to stop it.

Rukmini thinks where did he go, if he went to Dwarka Maai and prays to God asking him to forgive Kulkarni, says ram Krishna hari. She sees Servant having marks on her hand and asks who has beaten you. Servant says no. Rukmini asks her to tell. Servant tells that she lied to her that her daughter is unwell and tells that she herself was unwell after getting badly beaten by her brother and sister in law. Rukmini asks why? Servant says I am a burdened on them, they take money and beat me. Rukmini feels bad. Servant says I think about my daughter when I come here. Rukmini says my husband can solve your problem, but he will not solve it and will say that your brother did right. She says I can’t help you, but someone can help you. Bayaza asks what is his mistake, he takes care of people and don’t answer you. Kulkarni threatens her and tells Sai that you are taking woman’s help. Bayaza says I am his mother. Kulkarni asks her not to become his mother and leave in his palki. Sai looks on.

A man comes to village and gives coin to villagers. He asks Sai if he didn’t come to take coin. Sai smiles.

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