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Mehrya My version Part 66

Archie was fuming in anger after hearing what Shaurya said. She started to throw and break every things at her office. She was pulling her hair in anger her staff hearing the noise from her cabin went in to see but she throw a file on her and ask her to get lost. Then she took her mobile and called someone asking the other person to do something and it must be done by today and not to worry about the payment it will be in his bank acct now. She relay her task to the person and smiling evilly, Shaurya Khanna you smiled in happiness because you want to celebrate Valentine’s day with your wife right , today you will cry your heart out for the rest of your life.

At White chilies, Mehak enjoying seeing all the couples. She was busy checking the buffet stations and monitor together with the chefs. Later she sat down checking her mobile. There are some miscalls. She quickly dials that number wondering why many miscalls from the same number. The caller was a guy who answered madam are you Shaurya Khanna’s wife, he is injured here and Mehak’s heart trembled hearing the news. She quickly gets up from her place and look for Vicky but he was far and busy with other guest. She left from there without telling anyone. Her driver was outside she gets into the car and directs him to the spot. Million questions and emotions run inside her wondering what could happen to him, she was sending silent prayers so nothing should happen to him. She was also blaming herself saying she should have just gone to see him or else this will not happen. She ask the driver to drive even faster. Just then the driver pull over on a roadside and told her madam we have reached our place, Mehak quickly gets down from the car and started to look around , she started to scream Shaurya , Shaurya everywhere crying she turned to look her driver left from there.

She then realized it’s a highway to Haryana, suddenly a car’s front light turned ON and came slowly towards her and stops at her. The driver opens the door and gets down from the car. It was none other than Shaurya. Mehak rush to him and check on him and asked him if he okay , Shaurya see his innocence wife , he quickly cups her face and gently wipe away her tears with his thumb and call her name Mehak, I am alright, nothing happens to me. Mehak see his eyes and saw him smiling at her and realize he played a trick on her so she will come to him on her own. She pushes his hands away from her, he tries to go closer to comfort her but she became very furious and started to hit him on his chest, he let her to vent her anger on him. She pushed him away and started to scream at him, is this how you trick me? Have you thought about me? How I would have felt? Do you know by the time I reach here what kind of torture I went through? You never think about others, you never think about me Shaurya? Shaurya take a step forward to her, I am sorry jaan, and I just do that because I want to tell you something but you are not letting me to talk or you want to listen to me. She asked him did you ever listened to me Shaurya. When you show me that photo with KD I wanted to tell you about it but without hearing me you chase me out of room and accuse me. Do you know how much I was broke? When I want to talk you didn’t let me to say anything but now when you need to say something I have to be patience and listen to you because you are a man and I am a woman right? I am tired of you Shaurya you will not see all aspect and judge me prematurely, when you find out truth you will come to say sorry and I need to accept it, this is not first time you do like this, you are always angry, arrogant and unapologetic and your ego is so big that you don’t see my love for you because you are THE SHAURYA KHANNA. Once for once think about me, think about others around you how you hurt them directly and indirectly.

Mistakes done once and forgiveness is only once, but you took me for granted. Do you want me to remind you how many times you have done similar mistakes? If my mommy papa is here they won’t let me to suffer so much like this, just because I am an orphan all are taking chances and hurting me, she choked while saying this and wiped her cheek and scrunches her nose.  Shaurya walked to her , he gripped her forearms and shakes her and said till I am alive till my last breath you are not orphan, remember you told me I am your momma , papa , friend , lover and husband and everything . I promise you that I will remain that till my last breathe. Let me tell you I did not misjudge your character after seeing the photo with KD. I know my Mehak will never do such thing, anybody anyone in the world can say but I will never belief such accusation and I will not let go the person who accuse you such way. He let go of his grip. But why Shaurya why you did not talk to me all these days what did I do?  I can’t tell you as I had something to sort urgently. Mehak pushed him and he jerked few steps back. She started to walk away from him. Shaurya stands there and smiles calling her laddoo, baby Happy Valentine’s day s*xy come to me, it’s not too late lets go and celebrate this night. Mehak ignored and walks away. As she was walking slowly, a truck comes in opposite direction and coming fast on her way. Shaurya seeing that rushes and manages to pull Mehak in nick of time both fell and roll on the road side. He quickly checked on her and asked if she is alright, she was still felt some tremor due to incident. The truck went away. He lifted her and makes her to stand on the ground. He tried to convince her to get into the car but she refuse to listen to him and start to beat him, she screamed at him saying she is not coming with him and ask him to go away. He let her to calm down, she stands at the highway and he stands near his car for her. He purposely wants to taunt her and asked when Mohit say something which hurts you so much , you still went to pawn your jewelry and helped him and you said we are family must let go ill feelings and must help each other but why in my case there is no forgiveness. Mehak went near him and said Mohit is my brother and he is very young, he was instigated my Sheetal aunty but he quickly came to apologies to me, yes because of me he didn’t much in his life I wanted to help so I just did what I can do for him. Then she realize how he knows about the jewelry matter, she stopped and asked how did you know about the jewelry matter no one knows about this, are you sending spies after me to see where am I going whom I am meeting and all? Shame on you Shaurya, saying that she just quickly walk away from him , he just cursed himself as he made her more upset , he should just tell her later when she is much calm. Just then a car without the headlight ON was coming in high speed before Mehak move it crashed on Mehak and she flung and somersaulted over the bonnet and landed on the road. The car didn’t stop but it went straight and crashed on the truck from the opposite road and caught fire. Shaurya witness these and frozen, he slowly gathered some guts and runs towards Mehak who is lying unconsciously, he gently took her on his lap and kept calling her name and tapping her cheek. He carried her rush to his car place her the back passenger seat and started his car and driving to the hospital.

During the journey to the hospital he kept talking to her Mehak wake up, please don’t leave me. You can’t leave me like this. We will reach hospital and doctor will check on you. Then you will be okay. Shaurya’s tears didn’t stop seeing her like this. He reached the hospital and stopped in front of the hospital entrance, he screamed for doctors and few of the hospital staff rush with stretcher. They slowly take out Mehak from the car and place her on the stretcher. He runs with them to the emergency ward. He repetitively called her name, upon reaching emergency entrance the staff held him out and ask him to wait. Doctors rush inside the ward. One of them instructed to conduct MRI scan and asked to get Authorized signatory from patient’s family member. Admin staff came to Shaurya who was shaken and trembling in fear to sign the form so they can proceed with the treatment, Shaurya quickly signed the form and gave it to the staff. He can’t stand his both legs and he fell and sat on the ground, his entire shirt soaked with Mehak’s blood. His hand trembled when his fingers run over the blood stain. His mind flooded with his recent encounter with Mehak. How she was angry and beat him up, all her anger bottled up burst out today. He cried out. One of the doctor came out from the emergency ward. He holds the doctor and asked how she is? Doctor explained MRI report summary, patient having head injury , broken neck and arm fracture , leg broken and multiple minor injuries and loss of blood. We have informed blood bank and we should be getting the supply soon. We need to perform multiples surgeries on her and we do not know how she can cope but survival is very minimal. Hearing this Shaurya fell back and hit on the wall fall down. Some of the staff manage to hold him and make him to sit on the nearest seat. Doctor came to him and explain we wouldn’t know till the end of the surgery and how fast patient recover. Possibilities are there and let’s wait till the surgery over. He pat on his shoulder and left Shaurya alone.

Sooner both side of family gathers at the hospital, the entire floor was filled with grievance of both side families. Karuna maa and Harish papa sat next to Shaurya and try to calm him. Kanta chachi and Mansi chachi hugging each other and crying. Dolly maasi calms them ask them to be strong as bahu will be fine, she is strong girl. God will test all his people but he will not abandoned us, lets pray to HIM so our child gets better soon. They left PD and Sonal at home. Jeevan chachu walks to Shaurya and consoled him, beta don’t worry Mehak will be fine don’t worry let’s keep praying and ask HIM to bestow HIS blessing upon us. Police officers came to hospital and ask Shaurya for his statement, Vicky went to them and said we will give the statement later officer as bhaiya is still in trauma due to the incident. Police officer explains the car which knocks on Mrs Khanna was drove by another lady , she hits on another truck and her car catches fire and fully burn and she was not able to rescued from the accident. We only manage to get the car no plate and our forensic team working on it. We will update you on the outcome. Vicky thanked him and waited with the rest. After few uncertain hours passed doctors and surgeons came out from Operation Theater. Shaurya with the rest of the family members rushes to them. Surgeon explain that surgery is successful but now all depends on the response and recovery of the patient. Shaurya asked can he see her, they asked to wait till they move her out of operation theater to Critical Care unit. A nurse will be always on standby next to her as she require full assistance. After conveying their messages they left from there. All the family members thanked Matarani for saving their child and Shaurya send a silent prayer to Matarani and Waheguru for saving his life. If anything happened to her he will not be able to breathe the next second.

he staff came to inform them that they have shifted the patient to CCU and only 1 person can go at a time as it will cause nuisance to other patient. First Kanta chachi went in, all were required to wear hospital smock gown and cover their head and feet as well. After Kanta chachi, Mansi chachi went inside. Shaurya wiped his tears and Vicky helped him to wear his smock and wears the head cover. He gently opens the glass door and walked inside the ward. Many patients lying there, his eyes searched for Mehak. The nurse directed him to another glass door and his heart shattered seeing her with multiple tubing’s, beep sounds, life support machines attached on her. Cervical neck braces was fit on her neck. Her left arm and right leg was sealed in a cast. He sat next to her and unable to form any word tears stream from his eyes. He utter her name slowly, his hands vibrates when he wants to touch her, he gently touch her fingers afraid he will cause any pain to her, as it is she is suffering so much because of him, if he would have told her everything on the first place, all these would have never happened and his Mehak will be in his arm not on this painful situation. He caress her fingers gently and tried to control his tears and running nose. I know you are angry with me, please wake up and come fight with me beat me scold me anything but don’t lie down like this. Your silence killing me. I want to hear your blabbers. Usually I will ask you to be quite but today I am begging you please get up. There is no me without you, my life will be empty without you, my soul is yearning to hear your voice. I want you to touch me play on my beard, you like to play with my hair right and I will always don’t let you now I want your fingers to run through my hair. Please Mehak, don’t punish me like this. You come back I promise you I will be good husband, please Mehak I have many dreams and wishes to fulfill together with you. You come back and I promise I will be the Shaurya that you want and just that I want you, If God wants he can take anything and everything from me but I can’t let go off you. After a while a nurse came to him and ask him to leave as patient need to rest. They can wait at the waiting area. He gets up reluctantly and try to bargain with the nurse saying he will be quite and wont disturb others , he just want to be with his wife, but the nurse ask him to cooperate as she can’t allow any visitor to remain in CCU or else management will take action against her. Shaurya gets up and turns to leave, but he walk back to her and gently place his lip between her brows and inhaling her scent. He walk slowly out of CCU turning and seeing his life lying on the bed unconsciously.

Once he was out from CCU he took out the head cover off and banging his palm on the wall in frustration, all the family rush to him, Karuna maa tries to console him, Dolly maasi made him to sit down. She said lalla this is not the time to show your frustration it’s time to pray and ask blessing from Matarani so bahu will recover soon. He sat on the seat cover his face with his palm cried. Karuna maa asked him to come go home we will be here you go and change clothes and get some rest, he look at them and said till Mehak opens her eyes and talks to me I will not move from here. Please don’t ask me to go because I will not move from here. Kanta chachi and Shaurya stay back at hospital.  Vicky went home to get change clothes for Shaurya and a shawl for chachi. Times passes, Shaurya was tired his mind was fully occupied by thoughts of Mehak. Their daily encounters how he like to hide her things and make her go and look for it and he will act as if don’t know, later he will put them back on the dressing table and tell her she is mental and can’t see when it was there on the table and like to accuse him for nothing. She will be wondering how come earlier she didn’t see them. He will be laughing quietly seeing her cuteness. Suddenly his thoughts drifted to what happen few hours back, how both fought at the highway and how she was knocked off by the car and she flung and fell on the road.

Kanta chachi went near him and ask him to stay strong as Mehak is a strong girl. You and she got long way to go and she will not leave so fast. Believe in God.


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