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Mahek 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaurya and Mahek leave the house

Mahek 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahek says ma I know you are angry because Anjali is not well but you know how much i love her. Karuna says you can’t accept her and that is why you are doing all this. You planned her wedding so she goes out of this house. You use shaurya to complete your plan. You knew she wasn’t in your control so you asked Shaurya to use against Anjali. Why do you have her. Mahek says why would I bring her here? Karuna says you wanted appreciated that you are hungry of. You wanted her to get married and go away from this house. Mahek says ma please dont’ say that. Shaurya says she asked me to listen to Anjali but I was forcing it. karuna shoves Mahek. Shaurya says enough ma. Say whatever you want to say to me but I wont accept all this against my wife.
She is the girl who treated you

with more respect than a mother. You can’t see the truth. I wont tolerate a word against Mahek even if its coming from you. Nurse says Anjali is conscious. Karuna says you both wont come in. She goes in.

Shaurya sits with mahek and caresses her face. Sooraj is sitting with Anjali. He says your family wont accept me. Anjali says if they can’t value my love then I dont’ want that family. I don’t wanna live here. Mahek says anjali you don’t need to go anywhere you will live with us. Karuna says get out of here don’t pretend to be nice. Shaurya holds mahek’s hand and leaves.
Karuna says don’t worry your mom is with you. I will always do what you want She goes out.
Sooraj says it still didn’t work out like we thought. She didn’t kick Mahek out. Sooraj says don’t worry she will.

Scene 2
Shaurya says you can’t do all this shaurya. He says didn’t you hear what she said? She says go in and help her with formalities. SHe is our mother. Karuna and Sooraj come out with Anjali. They go home.

Karuna does pooja and says thank God for saving her. Shaurya and Mahek come home. Karuna says get my suitcase ready. I and Anajli will leave this house. Everyone is dazed. Anjali says in heart whats happening. Karuna says we will leave this house. Anjali says this is your house you will live here. I and Sooraj will go. Karuna says you are my daughter. I will go where you go. KAruna says if this house doesn’t accept my daughter i dont’ want it. You and your wife can live in this house. I and Anjali are leaving this house. Be happy mahek stay happy here alone. we are leaving. Shaurya says no. This is your house. We will leave this house if you dont’ want us near you and Anjali.
Precap-Shaurya and Mahek leave the house. Anjali says to Karuna we have to do something to secure our property.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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