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Laado 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anu befriends Shaurya

Laado 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anu coming to Shagun and says why didn’t you tell me that Shaurya is a criminal released from Juvenile home. She asks if Dadi knew this and says if she had known then she wouldn’t have asked me to stay with him. She asks why did you hide his background from me and asks them to say. Amrish says he had burnt entire house. Shagun says it was his helplessness. Amrish says law is not helpless. Anu says if you had told me then I wouldn’t have seen his face. Shagun tells her that Shaurya burnt their house thinking they got his father arrested in fraud case. Anu goes. Shagun asks Amrish what you were trying to do.

Kajal tells Kuldeep that they will give cauliflower to her friends. Kuldeep says we will make food and give them. Anu asks how he handles her well. Kuldeep says I keep her at kajal’s place, she is grown up, but have children’s mind. Anushka thanks him and says now I have understood what to do.

Shagun tells Amrish that if she had not lied then Anushka would have told him that she is not juhi. Amrish says if they fall in love. Anu comes to Dadi and tells her that she wants to know what happened after she left. Dadi tells her about Shaurya staying in juvenile home in his childhood where a boy stabbed on his stomach. Anu says Shaurya has felt much pain. Dadi says he didn’t broke as he has strength of your love. Shaurya is practicing boxing. Anu brings flowers for Shagun to say him sorry. Shaurya asks her to go. he says you have changed a lot and don’t remember that I don’t like roses. He says I will take it. Anu says I am not that juhi whom you know, everything is changed. She says she needs sometime. Shaurya says ok, and asks her to buy colorful clothes for Dadi. Anu says ok and asks if he is coming for kajal’s birthday. Shaurya says how can I refuse a girl who bought bouquet and said sorry. They look at each other. Bunty says did your fight finish. She thinks she can’t love him, but can be his friend just for Juhi.

Anushka and Shaurya play in the party. Shagun tells Anu that Mr. Dharam Kriplani (lawyer) got married in court and asks about his wife. Dharam says she is from Veerpur. Anushka is shocked and is about to drop the birthday cake, but dharma holds it.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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