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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari gets in trouble

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti thanking God and says morning is good like before. She asks Panjiri what is she saying? Panjiri says halwa of everyone’s choice. Kanhaiya wears shirt. Prema comes and stitches the button. Kunti sees them and feels good. She asks Kusum to wake up and thinks everything is good. Pratap comes indisguise of a hyderabadi man and asks where are you going. Kunti thinks it is like before. She sees Prarthana praying to God and hopes everything will be same. She comes out and sees Pari jumping. She asks Pari. Pari says she heard on TV that if one’s dances then gets charged. She says she is charging her phone. Kunti asks her to water the plants. Pari brings water and pours on Kusum. Pratap says you did good.

Pari pours water on Pratap, Panjiri and Pratibha’s heads.

Kunti comes and asks Pari what she did. Pari says she has thrown water on everyone, just Kanhaiya and Prema is left. Kunti prays to God to make her intelligent. Sarla comes and tells that ghaade wali maata is coming. Kunti says maata died last year. Sarla says pot is there and asks her to touch pot and ask anything. Kunti says when she went last, nothing happened, and Kanhaiya remained unmarried for 9 years. Sarla asks her to have faith on Maata and asks Panjiri to help her clean the road. Kanhaiya comes to the shop and thinks why did Khatru haven’t open the shop. Khatru tells about Mata’s savaari. Kanhaiya asks him to open the shop. Khatru refuses.

Ghaade Wale Maata’s sawaari comes near Kanhaiya’s house. Pari asks who is getting married and asks if pot is marrying. She says she will dance. Prarthana asks her to fold hand and asks her not to dance. Pari dances folding hand. Sarla makes Pari touches the cart with her head. Ghaada falls on Pari and she faints. Panjiri and others get shocked. Pratap asks kunti to sprinkle water on her face. Kunti says Pratap to call doctor. Pratap says doctor is dancing in Maata’s sawaari. Pari gets consciousness and faints again. She then asks who am I? She then says I am fine. Sarla calls Kunti and asks about Pari. Kunti says she is fine now. Sarla says she will get some sense now. Panjiri says we shall go to market. Pari says we shall not go. They say ok. Later they hear the news that Sadafa bazaar caught fire and get shocked.

Precap: Sarla tells Kunti that Pari is blessed by Maata now and that’s why stopped other bahus from going to Sadafa bazaar. She says your bahu has started seeing future. She then tells kunti that her bahu has become divine.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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