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Kasam 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: AK realizes his mistake and apologizes to Rishi and Tanuja

Kasam 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi waking up in the morning and sees Natasha sleeping beside him, he turns to his right and sees Tanuja sleeping. He says Tanuja you are here? Tanuja asks are you fine? Rishi says you said that we want to bear me for life. Tanuja says God shall give my age to you and says I can bear you in all births. They argue. Natasha wakes up and asks them not to fight. Tanuja says if you have Natasha then I have Tania with him. Tanuja and Tania tickle his stomach. He laughs. Ahana comes and says everyone is waiting for them. Manpreet comes and hugs Rishi, asks if he is fine. Rishi says yes. Rano tells Rishi, you don’t love your mom and asks if he thought about her. Rishi says he is fine and nothing can happen to him until Tanuja is with him. Rano goes to Tanuja and says Rishi said that you

are his life, he is alive because of you and asks her not to get caught in fire again and says if anything happens to you, then Rishi gets mad, you are not only Rishi’s happiness, but happiness of all of us. Raj gets happy. Tanuja gets emotional and touched. Rano hugs her. Netra hears everything and is shocked.

Natasha comes to AK and hugs him. Tanuja comes there and says I am very upset with you. Natasha says Papa told Mamma that you had jumped in fire to save her. Tanuja says why did you jump. Ak says even Rishi jumped in fire to save you. Tanuja says he is my husband and had jumped to save me. AK feels bad and thinks Tanuja is talking to be nicely as Rishi haven’t told anything to her about me. Rishi comes there. Tanuja gives juice to AK and goes. AK asks Rishi why didn’t you tell Tanuja about me. Rishi says he don’t want to break Tanuja’s heart and don’t want him to hurt him. AK says you knew that I had locked the door to let you die, but you saved me, you would have let me burn. He says he is restless since night and feeling guilty. He says he has realized his goodness. He apologizes and says I want to tell everything to Tanuja.

Rishi asks him to apologize to Tanuja and not him, and says you have broken her trust and not mine. AK comes to Tanuja and says I want to talk to you Tanuja is busy with the work. AK says he wants to tell her something. Tanuja asks if any girl came in his life. AK asks her to leave work and says matter is serious. Tanuja says you were serious about girls many times. AK asks her to come to terrace and says you will slap me. Tanuja says I have slapped you before also. Netra comes to Rano and asks if she wants to keep Tanuja and wants to get rid of her. Rano says I have supported you for 8 years and have done so much for me, and have done wrong with my son. Netra says you haven’t given me your son. Rano says I let you become Tania’s mom and warns her to respect her else see what she can do with her.

Tanuja comes to terrace and asks AK why did he call her. AK bends his head down and says I was wrong and thought you knows me fully. He says I want to tell you something after marriage. Tanuja syas what is it? AK says I am in love with you. Tanuja says what did you say. AK says whatever you have listened. Tanuja gets upset. AK tries to talk to her, but Tanuja slaps him hard and asks him to go away from her sight. Rishi comes there. Tanuja says your thought was right about him. She says you don’t know anything and tells that he said that he loves me. Rishi says I know everything and says AK is not like she is thinking. AK says I did a mistake. Tanuja calls him shameless person and asks how can he think to love her. she asks who gave you right to cross the limits. AK says when I started having feelings for you, I didn’t know that you loves Rishi a lot, it was too late then. He says he tried to hide his love. He says when court gave the verdict and Rishi took her home. He says he developed hatred for Rishi. He says she said that I shall get my love if I love you truly. Rishi asks you are talking about whom?

Netra tells AK that Rishi might get upset with Tanuja after he saw you and Tanuja hugging each other, and must have asked her to go with you. She hugs him. AK tells her that he told truth to Tanuja and Rishi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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