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lets go to the story………….


Swara was in her room crying vigorously hugging tightly a photo frame to her chest. Its ………………………… of course shekhars photo😜(what u thought ha?). She looks at the photo a tear drop falls on the photo. She wipes it.

Swara: [broken voice]baba……look na ….ur daughter is good for nothing…I bro….broke ur promise…. I was not able to keep them happy….dekhona they r crying becoz of me ……. Im so bad….and now im going to destroy his life…im going to destroy my best frnds life……I cant love him. I cant be with him forever…..our promise in saathpheras will also become a lie… much I will break my promises…………I cant do this….icant do this……….kaashhamarazindagimeineisakuchnahihothitoh……….


Fb(1&1/2 year ago)

Swasan were pacing like mad people in front of ot. They were worried like hell a girl was crying looking into the ot through the glass part of the door. Suddenly the doctor[barun] came out the trio assembles around him.

Swara: handsome [swara calls him handsome] how is he?

Barun: shoru he had lost a lot of blood. U have to arrange for blood. His condition is critical and its getting worser. Be fast ok.

Hearing this the girl started crying more loudly. Swara side hugs and started rubbing her shoulder trying to pacify her.

Swara: isn’t it there in blood bank

Barun:it will not be enough

Sanskar: Babawhats his blood grup

Barun: its b+ve

Swara: mine is b+ve.

Sanskar: mine also. We will donate.

Swara: ha

Barun: ok come to the lab we have to test ur blood to check whether its ok.or else he may get infected .


They rushes to the lab. Their test was done and were called to baruns cabin. Baruns eyes were red. Anyone can easily say that he was crying. Swasan gets more worried seeing him.

Burun[gulping down his tears]:shoru……be strong ok. What im going to say listen patiently mmm. Ur my strong girl hainnashoru.

Sanskar was becoming impatient.he feels that something wrong was going to happen. Heclutchesswaras hand tightly. Swara looks at him and then at barun. She nods in ss.

Barun:sho……shoru….u…u have.. u have brai…..[taking deep breath] shoru u have brain tumor

he said it in one breath closing his eyes tightly some tear drops escapes his eyes. Sanskars hand slips from her hand and tears started rolling down his cheeks uncontrollably. He felt like his world stopped. Swara was neither crying nor responding. She was numb and broken. Slowly her mind was occupied by the laughing and smiling faces of ragini,shomi,barun and her most important person Sanskar. A tear drop gently brushed her soft cheeks and she burst out. She was crying vigorously sanskar immediately hugged her planting soothing kisses on her hair. She was some what guilty that she is leaving her family behind to suffer alone. She had always protected them if something happens to her then what about them. Its not that sanskar and barun cannot look after them. Its that then who will protect barsan. Her enemies are waiting for a chance to hurt her family. She knows she can’t protect them completely even if she is alive but she would be in peace that to reach up to them they have to first walk on her dead body.

Barun was more broken seeing his children in such a miserable state. He wanted to rewrite her destiny but alas destiny had already played its card.

Barun-(broken voice)shoru….. dont cry beta…..its….its ur initial stage. if u get proper treatment ….we can save u……. Plss listen to me my

It was like ice cubes on burnt area for sanskar. He was somewhat convinced that his shona will never leave him.

Sanskar-baba then do it na. Plzzzzz.

Swara-(blanky,in a bare whisper) sanskar……plss donate ur blood immediately

Sanskar (little shocked) shona…..

Swara(cutting him) plss his condition is critical. Plss do it fast or else…….we can’t loose him sanskar…

Sanskar-(crying)Baba samjhavona isse…

Barun looks at her she pleads through her eyes he nods at her and took Sanskar for taking blood. After few minutes…… Swara was sitting emotionlessly when sanskar came near her. He don’t know what to do,how to console her and most importantly how to control his inner turmoil. He silently sat beside her and pulls her into a hug. Swara was sitting emotionlessly. Sanskar started stroking her hairs and its was hard for her to control in his arms. Slowly tears started forming in her eyes. They stayed like that for sometime.

Swara-sanskar kya hum such mein mar jaayenge.

Sanskar-shhhh(cupping her face) nothing will happen like that. I’m there na. Pls dont say like this again swara. I can’t bear it.plss

And he started sobbing.

Sanskar-swara plss agree for the treatment.(joining his hands) I beg u plss.

Swara-(swara holds his hands nodding no) plss don’t beg in front of me. I’ll do whatever u want. (crying) pls dont cry I can’t see u like this plss.

He again took her in his embrace.

And they started her treatment. It was so difficult for her to cope with it. She was becoming weak. As barswasan didn’t want ragsho to know this  swara shifted to sanskars home making some excuses. Sanskar was always there for her,by her side. One day she vomited blood at night and sanskar panicked as barun was not in house. Swara became so weak coz of vomit. Sanskar lifted her in his hands and slept embracing her. She started having vomiting and dizziness frequently due to the side effects of tablets and she was so adamant not to do operation as the chances were very low.

As swara wanted her revenge she stopped her treatment. Barsan tried their level best to make her change her decision. But they had to surrender in front of her coz she threatened that she will run away from there and will never return and they knew that swara never backs off from her words.

Flashback ends

Thinking about her past swara fell asleep there itself holding shekhars photo close to her heart.


(swara didn’t want many people to attend her marriage so only close relatives and swasans friends were invited for all rituals)

It ws swasans engagement day. Sanskar was smiling as bright as sun. Happy would be too small to describe his feelings. Swara was descending the stairs in a dark green lehenga looking breathtaking and it did took her man’s breath. Sanskar was gazing swara with all his love and affection that he buried deep inside his heart from the day he loved her. He knew she can read his eyes and so he couldn’t even look at her with that unconditional love he had for her. He can’t take the risk of breaking their friendship which is the only source of his living. His eyes never left her from the moment he spot her beautifully decked up in the lehenga taking first step to officially become his. His heart was pounding wildly with each step she took towards him.

Laksh- sanskar dont look at her like that she will melt under ur gaze.

Sanskar(with an innocent look)ha toh jeeju u also don’t look at Ragini like that what if she also melts and she had ready become red like a tomato.

Laksh passes an embarrassed smile to him and heard a chuckle only to find his cute wife trying to suppress her laughter to which he passes and angry pout.

Swara was made to stand beside sanskar. She was smiling at everyone but it didn’t even took a second for sanskar to realize that its just one of her fake smile she always puts on to hide her true emotions. Sanskar sighs sadly. She may not voice out her thoughts but her eyes speaks a lot which only his heart can understand, only his heart keenly listen. He knows that its wrong to force her but he is 200% sure that he can save his swara from that deadly disease. He is even ready to leave her after saving her if that’s what she want. He can’t be selfish especially in case of swaras happiness.

It was the time to exchange the rings. Sanskar softly held her hands as if she is the most fragile thing in this world indeed she is but only Sanskar was the person who managed to find the soft , delicate girl hidding inside her fake strong avatar. He gently made her wear the ring. Now it was swaras turn. She was hesitant,she still strongly believes that she may become the destruction of his life,she may put him through so much pain. Little did she knew that she is the only solace and biggest happiness of his life. But that one assuring look in his eyes killed all the doubts in her mind. She gently pushed in the ring in his finger and that very moment Sanskar felt he is on top of the world.

As its an engagement a couple dance is a must thing. And raglak didn’t wait for even 5 minutes to announce a couple dance by the officially engaged couple after their ring exchange. Swasan made their way to the center of the hall.

Gerua plays

Dhoop se nikhalke

Chaaon se phisalke

Hum mile jahan par

Lamhatham gaya


Sheeshe mein dhalke

Jam gaya to tera chehra ban gaya


Sanskar drew swara closer by her wait forcing her to look into his eyes. Today all swara can see is the pure love that sanskar till now masked from her. And swara became lost in that deep ocean like brown eyes which held love only for her.


Duniyabhulaketumse mila hun

Nikli hai dilse ye duaa

Rang de tu mohegerua

Ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua

Haannikli hai dil se ye dua

Ho rang de to mohe gerua

Ho tumse se shuru tum pe fanaa

Hai sufiyaanayehdastan

Main karwaanmanzil ho tum

Jaatajaha ko harraasta

Tumsejuda jo dil zara sambhalke

Dard ka wo sara kohrachhan gaya

Duniyabhulake tumse mila hoon

Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua

Ho ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua


The feel of the song along with her hazel doe eyes took him to another world where only they were there and no one else. Oh how he wish to stay in this beautiful world with the most beautiful and lovable lady of his life.


Ho veeran tha dil ka jahaan

Jis dinse tu daakil hua

Ek jism se ik jaan ka

Tarja mujhe haasil hua

Haan phikke hai saare

Naate jahan ke

Tere sath rishta gehra ban gaya

Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon

Nikli hai dil se yeh duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua

Ho ranjhe ki dil se hai duaa

Rang de tu mohe gerua

Haan nikli hai dil se yeh duaa

Ho rang de tu mohe gerua


He was dragged out of his beautiful world by the loud applause of the guests. And soon the engagement ended happily.

At night

Swara was leaning on the headboard of her bed lost in her thoughts when Sanskar entered her room through window.He slowly made his way towards her and leaned towards her ears whispering

Sanskar -swara

With this sudden sound swara was jerked out of her thoughts and was all set to scream but sanskar closed her moth with his hand . Due to misbalance both fell on the bed with Sanskar on top of swara.

Sanskar -(whispers) its me swara

With that he removed his hand.

Swara( shouts) -what

Sanskar again closed her mouth and said- dheerebol or else everyone will get disturbed

With that he removed his hands and both sat on the bed properly.

(Now both will be talking in low sound)

Swara-what happened?

Sanskar -this is the question that I should ask you. What happened swara?

Swara(avoiding eye contact)- nothing

Sanskar-(cups her face making her look at him) swara dont lie. Tell me what’s bothering u.

Swara-sanskar am I doing wrong

Sanskar (confused) what are u talking about.

She removed his hand and strode off to the window and sanskar stood up.

Swara-(looking out of window) sanskar im a tumor patient. I dont have much time. I’ll die soon

Sanskar-(shouts in low heavy voice) swara

Swara-(turns towards him)let me complete sanskar. U deserve better no no best person and im just nothing. I will never be able to a good wife and I can’t put u through so much pain. If I leave u after getting more close to u ,u will be shattered Sanskar and I don’t want u to destroy ur life for me. (again looking out)I’ll talk to mom lets not get married.

He comes to towards her. He turned her towards him and cupped her face. He gently wiped her tears. Swara was shocked as she didn’t knew when she started crying.

Sanskar(lovingly)-shona mera bacha dont think like this. U r not destroying my life in fact u r making it more colorful and beautiful with ur presence. May be I deserve the best and u r the bestest person I could ever get as my better half. And ha don’t u dare to bad mouth about my shona(swara chuckles with tears)  she can never give me pain and I just dont want a good wife who will do whatever I say. I want person who will understand,cares and loves me like a mother,scold and correct me when I make mistake like a guide and most importantly who will stand by me always like my bestest friend.( she was looking at him with so much respect and a small smile on her lips) And who said u r nothing U R MY EVERYTHING SHONA EVERYTHING. Hmm now wipe this tears and sleep.

Saying this he kissed her forehead with lots of love and and swara closed her eyes feeling his love. He was going to go through window when she held his hands. He raised his eyebrows signing *what* .

Swara(nodding no)-u can’t go by there.

Sanskar -y?

Swara-u will get hurt Sanskar . Come we will go through back door.

Sanskar – swara

Swara-chup. And come.

Swara slowly opens the door and peeps out of it followed by sanskar. He rests his chin on her head for which he get a smack on his stomach.swara glares at him and he makes faces. She held his hand and they made their way to the back door. Swara opened the door.

Swara- now go.

Sanskar nodes and started going and swara sighs but sanskar stopped in mid way. He turned and quickly kisses her cheeks. Swara widens her eyes and looks at sanskar. He winks at her and went from there. Swara smiles shaking her head and went from there. Swara was somewhat relieved that she will never be a burden on him and at least he will never say that she destroyed his life like the people out there if they gets to know about her illness.

Both were lost in their thoughts. One about his colorful life ahead and other about her illness and soon both drifts into sleep.


Marriage the most pious thing that joins to heart for a lifetime. The most wonderful phase of two persons life and sometimes the most dreadful one also.

And so swara and sanskar will be tied in this pious thread. The last step for making swara officially his. The haldi, mehendi and sangeeth went joyfully for both the families. And mehendi was indeed special for our swasan. The deepest red color of swaras mehendi was the hottest news of their marriage. No one left swasan without teasing. Swara was somewhat embarrassed as no one left the chance of teasing her but deep down,unknown to her she was happy very happy to be teased by his name. And sanskar he was out of this world. Each time he hears his name joined with swara he was dancing madly inside and slightly blushing.  By the way Sanskar found it too hard to find his name in her hand but Sanskar is Sanskar he will definitely do it. And he did it.

Gadodia mansion was decorated as a beautiful bride. Swara was getting ready in her dark red lehenga looking just like a goddess. And our hero was looking like a Greek god in his golden sherwani. He was smiling ear to ear. But he was feeling unwell. He knew that something bad was going to happen and he silently prayed that it should not affect his shona. Sanskar didn’t want to take risk so he somehow made shomi and barun agree that he will come with swara only to mandap. Shomi was more than happy to get such a son in law for her golden daughter.

Swara was feeling unwell she felt somewhat dizzy but ignored it. Soon both were called to mandap. Swasan was going to descend the stairs when swara again started getting dizzy. She felt darkness entering into her eyes and everything went black for her. She fainted. If sanskar would not have held her wrist in the correct time she would have till now rolled through the stairs. Sanskar pulled her into his embrace crushing her more to him. An unknown fear gripped his head. Watching swara fainting he felt his heart sinking deep into his stomach. Everyone was shocked to see an unconscious swara. Sanskar immediately picked swara in his arms and ran to the room. He gently laid her down on the bed. Dr. Anurag(the one who treated swara for tumor) and Barun started checking her. The whole family was made stand outside the room.  After sometime everyone(only family members) was called inside. Swara was still unconscious. Sanskar was just staring at her emotionally.

Shomi-(cryingly) what happen to shona bhai plss tell me.

Looking at his face everyone understood that something was wrong.

Dr. Anurag- sorry Mrs. Gadodia swaras health is deteriorating. She is very weak and ……she is approaching her last stage. And may be within 3 months she will enter the last stage( I dont know much about tumor and all but story hain jhel lo) then everything will be out of control. Curing her in her last stage is  next to impossible. ( sanskar loos at him shocked. He was numb)The chances are almost 0% so….

And then their attention caught a sobbing sound. They turns their head to find swara crying silently. Sanskar rushed to her and pulled her into his warm embrace patting her back.

Swara(breaking the hug and wiping the tears) -mein yeh shaadi nahi karungi.

Everyone gasped in shock.

Sanskar (shocked)-swara

Swara-yes sanskar I have decided ill not marry you.

Sanskar(taking a deep breath) -plss can anyone go out I want to talk to swara…alone….

Everyone nodes and goes . Sanskar locks the door.

Sanskar -swa

Swara(shows her hand ✋) no sanskar ill not listen to u its my final decision.

Sanskar(chocking voice)- u can’t do this swara.

Swara(standing up)- y sanskar don’t u hear I have hardly 3 months and then I will just become a memory. It will be better if we dont get married.

Sanskar -(sobbing)- swara please dont say like that. U can’t back off now. I have dreamt about about us our life. U can’t shatter it swara. U can’t decide for my life swara. Who r u to say what’s right and what’s wrong in my life.(swara gets taken aback) Who r u to decide about my future. U r the only one for me swara. U can’t do this. I can’t live without u. I need u shona. I……. I…. I love u shona I love u.(deep inside swara was happy to hear his confession) plss don’t leave me. Sanskar apne shona ke binaadhura hain. Only u can fill the void in me shona. Only u can.  Even if it for 3 months no no 3 seconds also that I get to live with u ill be the happiest one swara. Sanskar sirf swara ke hain. Tum mere liye sab kuch ho. U r the only thing I need swara. I want nothing but u. Mein… mein tumhe force nahi karunga. U have the right to decide for urself. Par itnazarurbataunga ki….. AGAR SANSKAR KI ZINDAGI MEIN SWARA NAHI HAIN TOH KOILADKI BHI NAHI HOGA….. Forgive me swara….because of this I can’t live with u(swara looks at him shocked tears started flowing down.) dont get shocked I need time to adjust with the fact that u will never be mine.(smiling sadly) yeh(pointing to heart) yeh jo dil hain na bohothbudhu hain samajhne mein time lagtha hain. Aur shhhhh(wiping her tears and hugging her) dont cry and don’t u dare blame my shona as the reason for my leaving. Plss don’t be guilty. And (breaking the hug,avoiding  looking at her) and goodbye…..

he turns around and whispers  *forever* to himself. He wiped his uncontrollable tears and started walking towards the door with heavy heart.😢 . Swara felt her heart sinking down watching sanskar walking away. She wiped her tears and immediately grabbed his wrists stopping him dead in his tracks.

Swara-(calmly) im ready to marry you.

Sanskar turned towards her perplexed by her sudden change in decision.

Sanskar-no swara u r doing this because of pressure na,because im leaving na. Dont….i dont want u to forcefully be in my life. I want u with ur consent and if u r worrying about aunty ill talk to her ill make her understand but dont do this if u don’t want,dont de

Swara-uff Sanskar bas. How much u talk. And I told u na….. im ready means ready. Hmmm

Sanskar -(with hope in his eyes innocently) sachi

Swara-muchi. Now shonas sanskar wipe ur tears and give me ur big smile.

Sanskar wiped his tears with a small chucked and joined his forehead with hers. He had closed his eyes and had his cute and contented smile. Swara looks at him with a soft smile.

Swara-im ready to do anything for this smile sanskar. If ur happiness lies in me then im ready to be urs….. To be SANSKAR’S SHONA.

They were distributed by a knock on the door.

Sanskar -ill tell this to everyone.

He told everything to them and soon both were seated in the mandap. Sanskar was smiling widely and swara was more than happy to see him smiling. Ragini did their ghatbandan

Pandtji-now both the groom and bride stand up for the 7 pheras.

They stood up. Swara gasps in surprise feeling her self in his arms. Everyone smiled seeing Sanskar taking swara in bridal style. Sanskar started taking pheras.

Swara-what’s this Sanskar. put me down. Everyone r looking. What will they think.

Sanskar-let them think what they want. They have brain for that purpose only. When did u start worrying others thoughts. And madam for ur kind information u r still weak and I can’t take risk in your case. Now plss don’t run ur little brain and enjoy. Mein har bar todi na tumheutaungi.

Swara smiles hearing it looking at him with love…. best friend wala and may be…. little more than that.

Sanskar(monologue )- iss bar toh kya swara zindahi bar tumgeapnebaahon mein utana hain tab bhi mein utaungi shona.

After 7 pheras both sat down. Sanskar put vermillion on her maang and made her wear mangalsutra.

Panditji-vivahsampann huva.

Both took blessings from elders. Barun did swaras grahpravesh.

Swara was made sit in his hmm I mean their room. Soon her mind drifts back into today’s events. Unknowingly tears made their way through her eyes.

Sanskar was badly hurt even the thought of her……was killing him from inside. Tears were uncontrollably flowing down his cheeks. He can’t even see a scratch on his shona and hearing about a drastic disease eating her from inside was something that he could never digest. He painfully looks at the god idol. He went towards him.

Its been an hour and sanskar was still didn’t come to the room. So she decided to search him. She found him standing in front of inhouse temple and was going to wards him when he started talking to god idol. Swara stood there itself.

(Sanskars bgm plays)

Sanskar-(teary eyes) you must be happy right? Again u r going to snatch her from me. What’s her fault? She never did any harm to anyone. Then y r u punishing her? First u snatched her father,then this disease,that gunshot……. What’s her fault? Once I thought I will never get her(remembering swa–hil). It took me time to make this fool(pointing to his heart)understand that. I was maintaining distance from her but when I got to know the truth that someday she will also love me. Now again u r trying to snatch her…….forever(wiping tears) take my life instead of hers plss. At least do this much mercy on her. Please…….

Swara stumbles hearing him. She closed her mouth with her hands and ran to their room. She locked the door and slid down leaning on the door. She hugged her knees tightly and buried her face there. She had never seen her Sanskar so vulnerable,so broken. And it did hurt her, hurt her badly. Both cried for long. Swara then went to washroom as she didn’t want her Sanskar to see her broken. She washed her face and unbolted the door. She lied down on the bed and closed her eyes when sanskar entered the room. He looks at swara lovingly and kissed her forehead.

Sanskar(whispers)- I love you shona.

He then lied down next to her and pulled her into his warm embrace. Swara immediately wiped her one tear before it fell on him without his notice.


So guys im stopping it here. Hope u enjoyed it and their love story is starting.

So tell me should I post regularly I mean almost regularly(within 3-4 days) with short updates or long updates after a long break.

And even after this I may disappear as vacation has started and my elder sister will also be here. If she got to know that im writing story in TU then she will surely kill. She already dont want me to read ff and also don’t know about my account in Tu hope u guys understand. And I will try my level best to post regularly.

Even silent readers comment so that I can get to know about ur decision and ur take on my story. Till then bye bye. Luv u……..






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