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Leap of 1 month.


In this month a lot of things had changed. Swara rejoined and her club station was shifted to a building next to Sahils news channels building. They became more close. They were now bff……or something else was cooking between them. sanskar was falling more and more in love with her. he has became a mini superstar.Now swara has become famous RJ and almost all boys had a crush on her and youngsters were crazy for her. Even tea stall people listening to her talks felt really relieved listening to sweet talks. The whole city was now swaraholic. And the second favorite star was our sanskar. He has become center of attraction where ever he goes just like swara and girls were dying for them.(becharies they dont even have a change) due to the fear of someone checking her secret box swara shifted it to sanskars room which was noticed by shomi. And it went unnoticed by swasan( suspense is on the way guys???)

It was a fine morning. Swara was all set to go to her fm station. She was talking to someone when sanskar approached her. He was hearing her convo….

Swara-ha sahil


Swara-y. What’s the matter yaar?






Swara-ok….Shasthri bhag( imaginary place).. But y at nyt yaar?


Swara-ok ill reach there by mmmmmmmmm9:30 done?


Swara-ok bye.

Excitement and happiness was clearly visible on her face. She was smiling wholeheartedly placing the phone close to her heart. A unknown fear was engulfing him. He was sure that something bad was going to happen. He with great difficulty removed such thoughts from his mind and went to swara who was all lost in her dream land. He snaps his hands in front of her eyes dragging her out of her dream land.

Sanskar-where r u lost yaar?


Swara-nothing. Hey tomorrow u have concert at obron mall right(imaginary mall)?

Sanskar-ha u still remember it?

Swara-of course how can I forget it.( he felt really happy that she remembers every single thing about him. But the nxt wrds hit him hard) after all u r my bestest frnd. Ok ill leave yaar. Or else I will be late. Bye…

His face became pale. His love still considers him as a mere frnd. He felt as if someone stabbed him. He wiped his already filled eyes and went for his practice. After all tomorrow will be great turn over in his life. Whether he will become a superstar or else he will remain as a small town boy or to say a street singer. Tomorrow is the biggest opportunity. If it slip out then only god knows whether he will get a chance like that.


Whole day he practiced and practiced trying to occupy his thoughts and mind in that only,trying to avoid bad thoughts. It was just 10 mints to be 9:30 . He was getting restless. He badly wanted to know what was going to happen on 9:30. At last he decided to reach there all ready to bare whatever its consequences is. He rode towards Shasthri bhag. His heart was beating wildly as if it will come out at anytime. He reached there . He saw swahil standing in the center. The whole place was decorated mesmerizingly. He almost got what it was for. Tears were escaping his eyes. He headed towards them. Their convo was becoming more clearly with his each step towards them. But the next scene froze him. His heart sink. He felt as if someone pulled the ground beneath him. He saw his love smiling at a kneeled down sahil.


He had extended a rose in front of her.

Sahil-I can’t live without u. Without u my life will be nothing. Every minute will be nothing less than a century. So I sahil maheswari is asking ur hand to hold for eternity. Will u grant me that right? Will u love me like I do. Yess dear. I love u. I love u doll. Will u be my girl?

Swara was smiling like a bright bulb all the while.. Tears were uncontrollably flowing down kissing his cheeks. He ran from there. He reached his bike sweating badly looking all pale. He was breathing heavily. He just wanted to die.


The pain was killing him thousand times. He turned around to see his love for the last time before he leaves from there. He saw her hugging sahil with the same rose in her hand. He closed his eyes tightly. He drove off. He stormed into his washroom. He turned on the shower crying miserably. He leaned on the wall and slid down. He sat there with a thud hugging his knees burying his face in it. After what felt like an eternity he came out changed his clothes as he don’t want to get cold and spoil his tomorrow’s concert. After all it was his loves oops his best friends wish to see him as a great singer. He gazed at the clock it was already 11:30. He went to to get some fresh cool air. He was pacing in front of the gate when he saw swara returning smiling like an idiot. He was happy to see her happy but at the same time sad as he is not the reason for her this happiness. He marched toward her.

Sanskar-hey swara. What were u doing that u r this much late? And this rose?(he found the same on her coats pocket)


Swara(exitedly)-Wo….(monologue- sahil has told me not to tell anyone. But I can’t it from him. Mmm I will tell him later after asking him) it was just roaming yaar and just pluck it from the way. Leave it. U tell. U r all set for tomorrow right? I know u will rock the stage. All the best sanku(she hugs him. Unknowingly a tear escaped his eyes he quickly wipes it. They broke the hug) oi go and sleep. It’s too misty here u will catch cold. Go and good night.

He nodes at her. He was happy that she still cares for her but deep inside he knows that his this caring frnd will be tomorrow someone else’s. He don’t want to accept it but its the bitter truth of his life. Thinking about her he slowly drifts into sleep.


The whole news was filled with the new rising star sanskar mishra. His concert was a grand succes. Each and every song he sang there expressed his all emotions. His pains,happiness sorrow everything was reflected in his songs like a mirror. People called him as expressive but only he knows that all these songs came from his heart. It was the influence of his love which he now wanted to hate as he cant bear a heart break but is failing in his each attempts. His songs made a deep impression in Mr.Sinhal the famous music director (imaginary) that he on the spot made him sign his new contract. Now from a street singer aanskar was promoted to a playback singer. His happiness had no boundaries but his sorrow was more powerful enough to overcome it to suppress it. Swara was madly dancing in her room. After hearing the greatest biggest happy news. She ran down madly after hearing the halted sound of his bikes.


She ran and jumped into his embrace making him stumble. He hugged her even tighter not wanted to let her go. She gives a tight peck on his cheeks and again hid her face in crook of his neck. After a long session of hugging she left him and twirled him. Happy would be an understatement. She had an emotion beyond happiness. She took him to her room. She stuffed a laddoo into his mouth giggling. She had tears of happiness which worried sanskar. He immediately cupped her face.


Swara-(chuckling) first gulp It duffer.


Sanskar-shona what happened.

Swara-im so happy sanky. At last u have achieved your dreams. And its tears of happiness only.

She again hugged him. He hugged her more tightly as for him it will be their last hug. He have to avoid her,have to push her out of his thoughts. He then broke the hug.

Sanskar-swara im so tired. I’m going to sleep. Bye.

She nodes smiling though she felt bad. Whole day sanskar was avoiding her and swara was hell irritated with. She knows that he knows that she was lying previous day as he understands her more that herself but it was necessary. She had promised sahil not to disclose their chotu Sa secret. And he was doing so keeping heavy rock on his heart. It was really suffocating for him to stay away from her.


Next day swara was searching him everywhere at last she found him in her fav tea stall. She was glaring him with her hands on her hips making the cutest angry face. Sanskar was acting as if he didn’t saw her. But its really difficult to hold himself from chucking at her cute face,to take his eyes from her. But he have to erase away such thoughts,he have to go away from. His mind was occupied by such thoughts when he received a slight smack on his shoulder from his theekhi mirchi. She sits beside him


Swara-abey yaar sanky y r u avoiding me?I know u r upset with me as I lied to u day before yesterday but had promised sahil not to share it anyone.(he was in the verge of crying. He was trying hard to gulp down his tears. He don’t want to hear that dirty truth from his princesses mouth.) ok then listen. I was with sahil.(she was talking excitedly and he was acting as if he is listening it with full concentration. That scenes was playing in front of his eyes. His eyes were becoming glassy) u know what. At last that duffer proposed that too perfectly. U know he practicing it from past 1week. Sss sanskar he proposed……

Vishnu(1 of her frnd) oi shona ragini had reached ur house. She is searching of her. And her husband and bro had also reached.


Swara(excited+happy+brightened like a bulb) sachchi.

Sanskar was just observing her expressions. Just by hearing his name she is happy like hell and it was hurting his heart very badly but he with much difficulty composed himself.

Vishnu- and sanskar is there any renewation work happening in ur house?

Sanskar-no y?

Swasan were looking confused and was asking each other through signs.

Vishnu- nahi I saw laksh jeeju and sahil taking a big green box to shonas house. I just asked like that only.


Swasan were confused like hell both at each other. Then suddenly something stroke their mind. Swara stumbles closing her mouth and sanskar hold her. She looks at him. Her eyes became wet. She was sweating badly and was scared. They were running madly on the streets.

In gm

Shomi- dekh na ragini. U will get best photos of shekhar from shonas box then u select one and frame it. Then u complaint of not having papas photo in mm will end we can see his photos also. And ha dont u dare to say this to swara. Or else that lioness will eat us alive.

Everyone chuckles hearing it. While shomi was searching his photos she found a hospital file in swaras name. She picks it up and starts reading.


Meanwhile swasan through the gates. Barun who was standing got confused to see them running into gm. He follows them. While running inside swaras shoulder hits on the door frame causing her to stumble. But sanskar holds her in the nick of time by her shoulders.(shoraglaksah are unaware of swasans presence) The file slips out of shomis hand. Raglaksah was confused to see her shocked. Ragini takes the file and started reading with laksah standing on her both sides reading with her. Tears were flowing out of shomis eyes uncontrollably. Swara felt a pinch in her heart. Ragini was numb and she leans on laksh. Laksah were shocked to hell knowing her truth. Their conditions were indescribable. Barun enters inside gm and immediately sensed the situation after seeing swaras medical report in raginis hands. He looks at swara who was looking not less than a dead body. Sanskar was not knowing how to react. With great difficulty a word managed to escape her dry throat.

Swara(broken voice) Mmm….maaaa……..

They were brought down to earth hearing her sound.


Shomi-what is this shona. It’s a prank right. Dont play such pranks swara. We can’t handle this.(crying) plss dear tell me that its just a prank. Tell me. I beg u shona plss tell me.

Swara gives a helpless look. It was clearly visible on her eyes that whatever is written in its is all true. Shomi sits on the floor with a thud. Swara runs to help her but shomi shows her hand to stop. Swara was all broken. Shomi slowly gets up and looks towards taglaksah. Ragini was crying miserably hiding her face in lakshs chest. Swara was sobbing like a child.

Shomi(wiping her tears) I have decided swara and no one will say a word against me. U r going to marry sahil and that’s finally.

Swara was shocked. Sanskar who was till now staring at the floor looks at shomi shocked. He was broken once again broken badly. His tears had no end.


Shomi-sahil do u have any problem?

Sahil-Wo aunty…….. I………. I….ca…cant ……..marry swara. I’m sorry

He immediately looks down. Sanlak were hell confused and shocked.(laksh knew that sahil loved swara) he glares at him. Sanskar fists his hands. Even though he is happy that sahil is leaving path by himself but he was hell angry as he had hurt his shona,had played with his angels heart and now he have face the hell for doing so. Swara passes a painful sad smile to him. He mumbles a sorry. Shomi was now in a dilemma she don’t know what to do. Before swara could even open her mouth she heard something which made her rooted to the place.


“I’ll marry shona”

She turns around only to find a determined sanskar. She looks at him in utter disbelief. Shomis happiness had no boundaries. She was smiling through her tears.

Sanskar-Ss aunty I’ll marry MY SHONA


“MY SHONA”Only this word was ringing in swaras ears. Sanskar looks at barun who was giving him a smile of assurance. Barun comes forward and places his hands on her head holding her hand with the other.

Barun-its time to tell the other truth also shoru.

Everyone except sanskar looks at him with questioning eyes. Swara nodes her head in no vigorously. He squeezes her shoulder in assurance. He also had tears in his eyes.

Barun-come on shoru. U have to do this.

Swara nodes at him lifelessly. She takes a deep breath. Now all eyes were plastered on swara.

Swara-ba… babas death… was not due to accident ……it…it was …..(in one breath closing her eyes tightly) it was a murder.


She opens her eyes to find a broken shomi. Swara with great difficulty narrated the whole incident. She was dying inside by telling everyone the worst truth that she had till now suppressed in her heart,by seeing them in such a miserable state.

Shomi-I want to be alone. Please.

Swara ma ….ma ….

Shomi with steady steps marched into her room and locked herself. Swara ran behind her but before she could enter the door gets closed on her face. She was continuously knocking the door begging shomi to open it. She places her forehead the door and slid down still knocking it. She was crying sobbing loudly. Sahil walks out of the hall. Barun also went from there. Sanlakrag were sitting in raginis room crying. Sanskar was confused whether to be happy that finally he will get his love or sad that she is heart broken.


It was evening still swara didn’t even moved a inch from there. Sanlakrag didn’t try to take her from there as they knows that both shomi and swara needs each other.

At last shomi opened the door only to find a tired swara leaning on the door frame. She immediately made her stand and took her into her warm embrace. Fresh tears started making their ways out through her already red swollen eyes. Shomi took her inside and both settled down on the bed. Shomi made her ly on her lap and started caressing her hair. Swara was finding peace in her lap.


Shomi-(chocking with tears) I didn’t even knew that my little shona had grown up this much that she started hiding things only to see her family happy. Y u did this beta. Y u always took all the pains away from us. Y u beard everything alone. U didn’t even complaint to us. How u did this beta. And about ur ailment y u didn’t informed us. U should get good treatment right. U have shown it to doctor na. He have gave u medicines right? And I will not talk to bhaiyya he didn’t even informed me. I’m katti with him.

Swara was chuckling listening to her talks. She was happy to hear her small small complains and caring words. Shomi hits her head slightly hearing her chuckle. Swara gets up and holds shomis both hands.

Swara-(with a faint smile)its ok maa. I’m happy that I have managed to hide these things from u till this time.(crying) But maa im a total failure. I will never able give u all happiness. I just wanted u guys happy but look na today because of me u r crying. I’m sorry I was not able to do my duties. I’m sorry.


Saying this she kissed her hands and cried placing her cheek on her hands. Shomi slide her hands through swaras hairs smilingly and lifted her face making her look into her eyes.

Shomi-no swara. I failed here. I was not able to see the grief my child was having from the past 13 years. I’m a bad mother.

Swara-dare u say like that.(shomi laughs at her daughter. Swara hugs her tightly pecking her cheeks.) u r the best maa in the world.

And she rests her head on her chest shomi smiles at her strong kid and kissed her hair caressing it.


Sanskar had already left the room when sahil entered there. Laksh was all set to kill him.

Laksh(shouting)- what is this sahil. U said u love shona then what happened. Did ur love evaporated hearing her truth. Tell me sahil. Tall me…

A pair of eyes were watching them standing outside the room.

Sahil(scared)- no bhai. The truth is that I never loved swara. It was just an infatuation. Moreover sanskar loves her very much. He is perfect for her.


Ragini-ha laksh. He is saying truth. Sanskar loves swara from childhood onwards. And no one will love her like he do. He is the perfect husband for her. And I knew it from starting itself.

Laksh-but how u know it sahil. Did sanskar told u?


Sahil-no bhai. Actually when shona was admitted in hospital after being shot,I went to meet her at night but sanskar was coming there so I didn’t get inside. There sanskar was talking to himself and I overheard it. He was confessing his feeling to swara who was sleeping there.(remember I said someone was there outside her room in 3rd chapter. It was sahil)

Laksh-urgh its too confusing. Before 1 moth u were saying that u r madly in love with her. Now what happened to it. Care to explain.

Raglak looks at him with a questioning look.

Sahil- wo……………….


So guys… How was this.

So who is the person listening to their talks?

Y is sahil talking like this even after proposing her?

Is there a storm coming in swasans life?

And what is sahil going to tell to laksh?

To know these questions u have to wait for the next chappy………………….

I will not say like this…………………….

Just scroll down yaar. It’s there only.????


Flash back.

After shifting swaras fm station sahil was always with her. Even if he get a leisure time of 1 sec he will flew to her and it was really irritating for her. One day he crossed his all limits. He said his colleagues that swara is his girlfriend and swara lost her all patience. She came to know this from one of his colleagues and she at that instant itself stormed into his office. She was shouting at him being hell angry. Sahil was quite embarrassed.


He tried to hold her hand trying his level best to give an fake explanation to her. But she jerks his hand causing him to stumbles and fell directly fell on a girl who was passing by there. He was on top of her and he was lost in her beauty. She had tightly closed her eyes and feeling a wait on her she opened her eyes only to be captivated by his eyes.Swara felt a spark between them and smirked naughtily. She cleared her throat bringing them back to earth. The girl immediately ran to her cabin leaving behind a idiotically grinning sahil and a gossiping people. Swara taps on his shoulder and raises her one eyebrow asking him”what was that?” Sahil nodes nothing. Swara smiles and held his hand. She lead him out and then held him by his shoulder forcing him to look into her eyes.


Swara-look sahil I just did friendship with u it doesn’t mean that I have some feelings for u. Its just ur imagination. Sahil try to understand. I will never reciprocate ur feeling and by the way its just an infatuation sahil. I know u r not a teenager to hold a crush or something. But there is a lot difference in like and love sahil. U just like me and u urself is assuming that u r in love with me. Sahil please end this. I dont want to be a person who people gossip about.(angry) If u repeat this then u will see the worst of me mind it.


Sahil-(angry)if u r done with ur speech then listen. I really love u swara. It’s u who dont want to accept this truth. And by what means u r saying this. U can’t make a joke of my feelings. (pointing at her)If I love someone its u only u swara. And it will never change.

Swarao come on sahil its u who is joking. And u were asking me right by what means im saying this. Im not blind sahil I can see what’s truth and what is lie. U r lieing to urself that u love me. Dont act as a fool sahil. U never loved me and will never ever do that in future also.

Sahil-oo acha. What if its ur imagination?


Swara-and what if I prove u wrong?

Sahil-is it a challenge?

Swara-yep and if I failed in it ,I will say s to u. What say?

Sahil-challenge accept.


Swara-(smirking) all the best.(monologue) be ready to loose sahil.

Saying this both went to opposite sides. After few hours swara secretly came to sahils office. She went to the receptionist.

Swara – Rajesh who was that girl who collided with sahil when I was talking with him

Rajesh- she?she is kavitha arora. New reporter. Y?

Swara -nothing.(monologue)chal beta swara its time to play ur cards. So plan A befriending kavitha.

Saying this she wears her goggles with a smirk and enters sahils office. He was busy reading news. She searches for kavitha and than found her sitting with a pout. Swara hung her goggles in her shirt and went towards her.

Swara- hey what happened to you?


Kavitha(excited)- oooo swara… Omg I can’t believe this. Mam im ur big fan.ahhhh can I hug u plss.


Kavitha hugs her tightly.

Kavitha-mam plss 1 sefie.

She nodes and they take plenty of selfies.

Swarau didn’t answer my question.

Kavitha-u know what I didn’t got any frnd here. Actually im a chatter box. It’s really suffocating to be silent.(she signs swara to come closer. Swara leans towards her and kavi whispers) actually people here are so boring and phattu.


They chuckles.

Swara -Mmm ok. Will u be my frnd

Swara extends her hand. Kavitha looks at her with wide eyes and immediately shook hands with her.

Swara(monologue) huff plan A is done. Now time for planB.

That day swara said kavhil to reach big bun theory cafe. But both r unaware of each others arrival. Swahil was already sitting around a table. Swara had wore her hoodies as she didn’t wanted unwanted attention. Swara was continually staring at the door. Sahil had noticed it but opted to be silent. After few mints kavitha came and swara became happy. Kavitha sat beside swara(swara is facing sahil)

Swara-sahil meet kavitha my new frnd and of course ur colleague. And kavitha this is sahil my frnd and my jeejus bro.


There was an awkward silence between kavhil. They were talking with swara but didn’t even uttered a single word to each other. This was irking swara very much. But at the same time they were secretly gazing each other which didnt went unnoticed by swara,and again she felt that spark.She was praying to god to give an idea to give them some privacy and luckily swara got call from customer care. She mentally thanked that person and excused herself. She went little far and cut the call. Then she acted as if she is talking with someone. She was laughing smiling and talking and this was enough for kavhil to believe.


And both were chatterboxes they started talking with each other. Swara was looking at them with a naughty smirk. She went from there but as kavhil were so lost in each other they didn’t noticed it. After few mints swara messaged sahil that she went out and will come soon. And asked them to wait her. She roamed around the city for almost an hour giving enough time to them. Then she returned to them. At last with gr8 difficulty swara made sahil drop kavitha. Now kavhil were best frnds and started having feelings but didn’t realized it.

3 weeks had passed and still they r unaware of their newly aroused feelings. Swara was becoming tensed and there is only 1 week left with her.One day swahil was talking with each other.

Swara(monologue)- beta swara its time for ur plan C. Or else u will have to say yes to sahil. No way. Lets do it.(to sahil) arrey sahil I know kavithas mother is looking for a perfect groom for kavi. I heard that she don’t want to marry now but her mother is forcing her. Any ways it’s good only. It’s her age for marrying only.


Sahil frowns hearing it. There was sadness,pain and anger visible on his face. Swara was just enjoying his changing expressions.

Sahil-(angry)how can. She do like this if she don’t like it then y they r forcing her. Huh. U should have told her mother. How can u do like this swara.

Swara-o hello. It’s her mothers decision. And y should I object her. Kavitha is just my frnd I dont have any rights on her. But her mother do have it. And by the way y r u shouting at me. Is she more important than me that u r shouting at me.

Sahil-its not like that swara. U r taking me wrong.


Swara-(angry. This was making sahil more angry)o so im taking u wrong? It’s u who is over reacting. Dont forget that she is a mere frnd. And whatever happens in her life y does it matter to u ha. Y tell ne y sahil. Tell….

Sahil(he interprets and shouts)- it matters me cause I love her.

Swara(sighs and smile)- thank god. At last u realized it. I’m so happy. And by the way kavithas mother is not looking for any groom for her.



Swara -dumbo I was acting to make u realize ur feelings. And I think kavitha also loves u. But she like u is not realising it. But y to worry when swara is here. And ha plss propose her soon.

Sahil hugs her.

Sahil-im sorry swara. I had behaved rudely with u many a times.

Swara(hugging him back) its ok yaar. No sorry and no thank u in frndship ok. Now be ready to propose her ha.

Swara with gr8 difficulty made kavi also realize about her feelings but didn’t told about sahils feelings towards her.


After about a week sahil called swara.

Swara- ha sahil

Sahil-swara u have to come with me.

Swara- y?what’s the matter yaar?

Sahil-swara I have decided to propose kavi in shasthri bhag tonight.

Swara-ok shasthri bhag. But y at nyt yaar

Sahil-swara actually I want to make this a special one. So thought to do at night. U have to come swara

Swara-ok I will be there at mmmmmmmmmm9:30 done?


Swara -ok bye



This was the convo which was heard by sanskar. Then it all happened like mentioned. As sahil wanted help swara reached there at 8:30 itself and helped him in decorations. The whole place was decorated with dim colourful lights and fragrent flowers. The place was beautiful. Swahil was waiting for kavi and sahil was getting nervous.

Sahil-swara 1 more help.

Swara-now what?

Sahil-I will give a demo of how I will propose her u tell me whether it’s ok or not. Hmm?


And then he kneeled down and said his cofnessions dialogues when sanskar came there. He runs from there.


Swara-(hugs him by taking that rose)- it’s superb yaar. I’m cent percent sure that she will be flat hearing this.*that’s when sanskar saw them and left from there* (She got a message from kavitha) ok yaar she is coming all the best.

And she runs from there giving the rose back and hides behind a tree. Then sahil proposed there her and as expected she accepted it and they then officially promoted to the post”couples”. Then sahil called swara out. The trio shares a group hug. They then took selfies and while kavhil we’re taking couple pics kavitha gave the rose to swara which she put in her coats pocket as she was taking their photos. Then kavhil insisted swara to join them in dinner and they had their dinner. Then she returned and there she met sanskar. She had promised sahil that she will not disclose his secret. As she was bound to his promise she liked to sanskar. Later she asked him and he allowed her to tell this to sanskar making sure that he will keep his secret. She was saying this while Vishnu came and informed them about the box thing…… Rest like mentioned only.

Flashback ends.


Sahil-swara I’m sorry I should have told u earlier. But believe me I didn’t knew that Shona have brain tumor. I’m really sry.


He was crying. Raglak hugged him and consoled him.

The man standing at the door turns and it’s our ,………..Hero Sanskar. That cute smile was not ready to leave his lips. He started teaching for swara. Later he found her in the garden. She was standing there crossing her arms against her chest and eyes closed feeling the cold breeze hitting against her body. Her hairs were playing with the breeze. Sanskar smiled seeing her and runs to her. He turns her towards him. She passes him a confused smile. He hugs her tightly. He then breaks the hug and pecks her cheeks and forehead tightly and then ran from there like mad. He was blind with his happiness. Swara was dumbstruck. She was standing there with wide eyes and one of her hands on her cheek where he kissed


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