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Next day Ragini was cutting vegetables in the kitchen. Sanskar with baby steps comes inside and screams freaking the hell out of ragini. Sanskar laughs and stops after getting a mock on his head from ragini. He rubs there and sits on the slab with a pout. He was lost in thoughts with that idiotic grin plastered to his face. Ragini observes him for smtim.

Ragini(smirks) wow yaar today monkey…i mean sanky is looking so happy.

Sanskar-(with a teasing smile)its non of ur business miss soon going to be nagini….. I mean ragini lakshya maheshwari. She gives a “whatever” look to him. Suddenly remembers smtng and with a pleasant smile started talking to ragini.

Sanskar(excited)- ragini I think swara is in love with me.

Ragini(shouts)- what?

Sanskar-scream little more louder na. Ragini swara is in home only . Dheere bol.

Ragini(slowly) what? But I don’t think so.

Sanskar-ha how will think about it when u r lost in the thoughts of ur prince charming.

Ragini-(pointing knife towards him)shut up or else I will kill u.

Sanskar-(sheepish smile lowers the knife) I was just joking yarr. Take chill pill.

Ragini-hmmm. And what made u think so?





Sanskar- actually we had our first kiss.

Ragini(eyes widened) kiss?when?where?how?tell smtng yarr. Tell na pls pls pls plz.

Sanskar- first shut ur mouth then only I can tell na. Ystrdy sahil and swara had a small fight and her bracelet fell into the pond I jumped into it to take it and swara also jumped as I don’t know swimming. I was unconscious and to wake me up she gave me (blushingly)mouth to mouth oxygen.

Ragini- exactly u don’t know swimming that’s y she jumped to rescue u. By the way great yarr u risked ur life for shona. Great job. And that cannot be called as a kiss ok?

Sanskar-y?oooo. U have already taken phd in it right(whispers) with laksh.

Ragini blushes hard saying this he runs from there. Swara enters the kitchen looking at the running sanskar yawning and rubbing her eyes. Ragini stomps her foot on the floor.

Swara- what happened ladoo.






Laksh(comes from back) ha ha what happened jaan.(lovingly)

Ragini blushes more.Swara looks at them with a naughty smirk.

Swara-acha ragini i want to talk to sanskar im going ha.

Laksh smiles at ragini and hugs her. Ragini hides her face in his chest. Sanskar was sitting on the grass all lost in his thoughts. Swara sits beside him with tired eyes.

Sanskar- what happened shona. R u ok?


Swara- Wo love birds mera jeena haram karkar rakha hai yaar.

Sanskar- aisa Kya kiya Wo log.


Swara is seen lying on the bed and is some what disturbed. She is continuously turning to this and that side. Finally she got up. Her eyes are red. She removes the cotton balls from her both ears then only she hears a laughing sound. She looks at the window with death glare. There she finds her sister talking in the phone or to say laughing in the phone. Swara hits her forehead and looks at her mobile. It displayed 2:56 am. She gets down from her bed and walks towards her. She snatches the phone from her.


Swara-yaar laksh jeeju stop it. U 2 don’t want to sleep then ok do so. But y don’t u let this nanhi si jaan to sleep. If u want to talk to her come talk to her tomorrow not at this late night. I’m cutting the call. Don’t u dare call back.


She cuts the call and gives it to ragini. She gives a sheepish smile. Swara goes and peacefully lies on bed. Ragini comes and lies just beside her. Slowly slowly swara was dragged into the most beautiful world of sleep. HA HA HA …… Swara jerks up from her sleep. She glares at ragini who was laughing like hell. Swara snatches the phone and found a funny video sent by her neendh ki dhushman laksh bhai. She puts the phone in the drawer and locks it all the while ragini was lying there with a pout. Swaras turns towards her pulls her into a tight hug resting her head on her arms. Ragini smiles at her shona and gently places a kiss on her head caressing her hair. Soon both drifts into sleep……


Fb ends.

Sanskar was laughing rolling on the ground. And nothing was different in swaras condition.

Sanskar-(in between laughing)that means they are really mad in their love that they don’t even want to sleep.

Swara-aur nahi toh kya. Sanky can I ask u smtng



Swara-y ragini always blush seeing laksh bhai?

Sanskar- because ragini loves him. Swara when we think about or see our love na our heart beat will increase,we will feel butterflies in our stomach. We will get strange strange feelings and will feel heat rose up to our cheeks which causes blush. And swara u will understand this only when u will fall in love with sm1.


Swara-that will never happen. Acha leave this actually i wanted to say that we have to make ragos wedding a colorful and memorable day. I want smtng spl that will surely make ragini mad in happiness. Whose each and every part have swaragini in it(cracking voice and teary eyes). By thinking about it only a cute smile will appear on her face. By seeing which she feels that im with her…………. even after my death.(sanskar closes her mouth with his hands. She removes it). By closing my mouth the truth will never change sanskar. (she holds his hand). Sanky im feeling so sad. After sm days she will be in laksh bhais house. She will be away from. It’s not like that im not happy with her marriage its that….. I will feel so lonely. There will be no one who will take care of me ha maa takes care of me but not like her. She always make me feel spl,there will be no one with whom I can fight for silly things, no one for me to tease,(crying) there will be no one when I need someone the most.


Sanskar-main hoo na

Swara looks at him teary eyed. They shares a cute eyelock which was broken by swara. She wipes her tears.

Swara-leave it. What will we gift her yaar?

Sanskar says smtng which is muted.

Swara-wow yaar its superb.

Sanskar gives a *im intelligent wala expression *. Swara gives him *u r impossible look* to which he chuckles.


4days before marriage

There was hustle bustle in the whole gadodia house. It should be like this only. After all the great reporter Mr Sahil Maheswari is coming to stay at their house. He is here to check the arrangements as only 4 days is left for marriage. Shomi was sitting on a chair like kid. Swara was scolding her.

Swara- don’t even dare to stand from here. I know how to do things . There is no need of u to ran like horse. I can manage everything. Khudi kehathi hai ki mera kamar toot raha hai. Aur khudi dodthi hai. U r impossible mom.

To which shomi gives a sheepish smile. Swara smiles at here and kisses her cheeks.

The wait was over the great Sahil maheshwari is now sitting in the gadodia house. He was treated by everyone as if he is a prince. And this was unliked by swasan as he was getting unnecessary attention.

At night.

Sahil was given a room next to swara and shekhars favorite or to say secret room. No one was allowed to enter there and if by mistake some one step inside it the father and daughter will eat them alive. After shekhars death she always spend sm time there reliving their old days. She never locks it and that doesn’t mean anyone can enter there. If so they have to face the worst. And that was soon going to happen in Sahils life. Poor sahil was unaware of the fact that today his luck will betray him.

Sahil due to curiosity mistakenly entered the room.He pushes open the window . The moonlight was enhancing its beauty. He switches on the lights.The room was so beautiful that he was awestruck by it.There was a shelf beautifully decorated with colorful paper swans, hanging chains and photos of swashe. This room was exclusively for swashe. Sahil was admiring their photos. Then he saw a big box on the top. He with much difficulty took it. He opened it. The first thing he saw was shekhars photo. He then saw a blue file with swaras name. He takes the file and was going to read the first page. But ……….


Swara(shouts with blood shot eyes)- SAHIL……….

The whole gadodia house get shakes by that shout.He gets startled by that roar and the file fell from his hand. Swara approaches him as a storms holds his collar and makes him stand. Chatak…. Her hand print was there on his cheeks as if someone has painted her hands with red paint. Sahil felt so hurt because it was the first time someone had slapped him. Swaras eyes were red due to anger. She drags him to the hall were ragsho was present. They were shocked to see swara in such an angry mode.


Shomi- what happened swara.

Swara-(with anger filled voice) ask from him only.

Shomi-what happened beta. (she see the mark) whts this beta.(angry) Swara did u slap him?

Swara(her anger was increasing hearing her mother calling him Beta) Ss I had slapped him cause he entered mine and papas room without my permission.

Shomi-so what swara he doesn’t know anything and he may go to that room mistakenly. U should have told him. Y u slapped him. And dont forget that he is our guest. U should treat him perfectly.


Swara exactly maa. Mehban hai toh mehaman bankar hi rahana chahiye.

Shomi.- SWARA…….

Saying this she slaps swara. Swara was shocked to the core. Her eyes are filled with tears.

Shomi-(shouts) behave ur self swara. He is soon going to be our relatives. U should respect these relations. I also na. To whom im talking. This girl don’t have time for family na. 24*7 she is outside only na helping them risking her own life. Do u know swara what people think about u?. Bali pe chada balri ho tum. And now I also think so.


Swara(cracking sound)- seriously mom? U also think so? Fine. U r right. Ur right.

She wipes her tears and walks from there lifelessly. Then only realization hit shomi. She was crying vigorously. Ragini runs behind her and holds her hands. Swara removes it walks away as fast as she can. Ragini falls on her knees crying. Sahil was feeling guilty. Knowingly or unknowingly he was the reason for her condition. Swara goes towards her sm friends. They were drinking alcohol. Some of them offered her some. Although she hate even its smell. But now she really don’t want to be in senses. Ragini had already informed sanskar. He began searching for her. Swara was walking on the road with bottle in one hand stumbling. And fortunately sanskar was there only afterall he know where his shona will go. He was struggling to take her. She again took a sip but alas its empty. She shook it and then threw it down breaking it into pieces. Swaras face were all wet and her eyes were red and swollen. It was unbearable for sanskar to see her in such a state. He with much difficulty took her to his home.

Sanskars room.


Swara was sitting on his bed and fresh tears were rolling down her cheeks which she was continuously wiping off with the back of her hands.


Sanskar- swara plss say smtng. Plzzzz

Swara-(crying)what should I say sanskar?what that im a joker for the world even for my maa?(wiping her face) im tired sanskar. im tired of this life. I wish I would have died early only.( though it was hurting sanskar a lot but he have to be silent so that she can lessen her pain). I wish I can tell everything to maa. But how can I say that her daughter is dieing each day. I felt that my whole world will collapse today. Do u know sahil was going to read my reports. I was totally blank. I didn’t know what to do. So I acted as if im angry.(sobbing) And see na what happened. Sometimes I feel to say everything to mom and make myself light but I can’t . I can’t see my rago and maa breaking down in front of me.(taking deep breath) sanskar I want to say smtng. Papa death was not due to accident. It’s….. a …. Its a murder.(sanskar gets shocked to here that and tears were rolling down her cheeks uncontrollably.) yess sanskar that day……..



Little swara and shekhar was going to her uncles house in their favorite bike at night(earlier baruns house was not near gadodia house after shekhrs death only they build a house near to them and shifted there). It’s daily routine to go there and play with her uncle and sanky. They were going in a lonely road. Suddenly from no where a car hit them and as a result swashe fell from bike. Shekhar was under the bike and swara fell a bushy area. Some men from the car came and started beating him with sticks. Then a man came and started making deep cuts on his body with sword like thing. Little swara was so shocked that she was rooted to her place and voice was not ready to escape that little mouth. They went from there after making sure that shekhar is no more. Swara comes there and started shaking him with her little hand. Swaras face was all wet with sweat and tears. She was crying and calling her father with all her strength but alas that little kid was unaware that her father will never respond to her calling,


will never wipe her tears, his voice will never come from his mouth to call her shona with love,will never extend his hands to make her sit in his lap. Swara calls her uncle. Sanskar was fast asleep. Without disturbing him he came to her. The scene was really unbearable for him. Shekhar was lying in a pool of blood and little swara had blood in her tiny hands and her head was bleeding. Without thinking for a second time he called the ambulance and rushed to hospital. He know shekhar had left this world but his heart is not ready to accept it. He still had the hope even after knowing that it will only remain as his hope in few mints. Swara was took to do bandage as she was becoming weak due to blood loss. He informed shomi. Shomi rushed to the hospital with ragini and sanskar. There she saw swara sitting on the chair emotionlessly. The operation was still going on as shekhars body was not in a presentable manner.

Shomi- what happened shona? Tell me bacha plsss.

She said hugging swara.


Barun comes out of the ot and feared that swara will tell everything to them. Before he could say something swara started speaking which shocked everyone to the core.

Swara- hamara accident hua.

Shomi and ragini started crying uncontrollably. Sanskar also had tears in his eyes but tried to console them. Barun was proud of his children. In one side swara, a 7 year old girl buried everything in her heart just because she dont want her mother to know about her fathers actual situation which will hurt shomi deeply and in other side a 10 year old boy this consoling his sister and aunty. Barun had a sad smile on his face. Later he informed about shekhars death and his last rituals were done. After that day swara never told anything related to this to anyone and everyone believed that it was just an accident. It remained as a secret between barun and swara.

Fb ends.


Now swara was crying bitterly in sanskars embrace. He was trying to console her but all went in vain.

Swara-(in between her cries)- do u know y im still using his bike. Because it still had his presence. It still had his bloods smell which always reminds me of that day. U asked me right y I want to take revenge from nk cause he was the one who killed me. Papa was trying to arrest him that’s y he does so. After that incident he always threatened uncle. Thats y he shifted here and he only told me about that b*t*h. Sanskar is it sin to hide things from family even after knowing that it will hurt them badly…..am I…….am I that bad sanskar.

Sanskar-shshshsh mera bacha. Dont cry. U r not a bad child . U r the best daughter a family could ever get.(cups her face) now stop crying and sleep. Uncle will become upset if he saw his shona like. Now sleep.


He kisses her forehead and made her lay on his lap. Tears were still flowing from her eyes. She slowly fell into sleep. Sanskar made her lay on bed and seated down beside the bed. Tears marks were visible on her face. He gently wipes it off. He took her hand in his and started gently caressing it with thumb. He placed his other hand on the bed and rested his head on it. Soon also drifted into sleep. Next day swara gets up and felt a sharp pain in her head. She looked around and was confused as y she is here. Last night’s scene started playing in her mind. Tears again made their way through her eyes. Sanskar wakes up sensing movement. She immediately wiped her tears and passed a smile to him. He too smiled but the sadness in her eyes didn’t went unnoticed by him. Swara went to washroom. Her head was spinning but she thought it’s due to hangover sanskar gave her clothes and towel and went down to prepare lime juice. She freshened up and came down. Barun had already left for his hospital. She drank the juice.


Swara- sanskar I’m going to home. I think I should apologise for last night.

Sanskar(smiles and cares her hair) – I think u should act as if nothing happened . I know it’s difficult but. Aunty really needs to get out of it. I know my brave can do this.

Swara smiles at him. She left to home. Shomi was in kitchen all lost in thoughts. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Swara saw it and felt a pinch in her heart. She took a deep breath.


She enters there smilingly. Shomi gets startled by her voice. Swara comes and hugs her.

Swara-(dramatically)ohhh so my maa is lost in thoughts don’t u know while cooking u should concentrate on this only. Or else (holding her stomach) hamara pet gharab ho gayega.

Shomi smiles seeing her daughter like before.

Swara- I’m going to meet ragini.


Saying this she was walking out when…

Shomi- I’m sry beta.

She turns and finds shomi crying. She walks to her and wipes her tears.

Swara(imitating shekhar) mishti I have tears.

Shomi laughs and kissess her. She then left to ragini room who is lying on her stomach emotionlessly. She know y is ragini sitting like. But she have crack her stupid jokes. After all she can’t see her sister like this. Swara jumps on to the bed jerking ragini from thoughts. And started her nautangi.

Swara-offo eh kesa din dikhaya apne good ji. Rago kabhi to Laksh jeeju ke alawa iss choti pyaari bholi behen ki bare mein bhi to socho.


Ragini(smiling) nautangi kahinka.

And holds her ears. They talks for sometime. Swara left to sahils room. She hesitantly knocks on the room. Sahil saw her and ask her to come. Sahil rally wanted to apologise as he is also at fault. He should have asked someone. It’s bad manners to enter any room without asking. But he didn’t had the guts to face her.

Swara-im sry for last night. If u can pls forgive me.


Sahil-its ok swara. And sry for entering there. I swear I didn’t had any intension to do so. It’s just I was curious to know what was there. Swara ……. Can we be friends.

He extended his hand. Swara giving a warm smile shook hand with him


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