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Swara was sleeping peacefully in sanskars embrace and sanskar was admiring his theeki mirchi. That lovely smile was not ready to leave his lips. The moon light was enhancing her beauty more and more that he was staring her without even blinking his eyes. The newly engaged couple was approaching our love birds with ragini clinging on to his arms smiling whole heartedly and lakshs eyes was reflecting the love he had for his “jaan”. Ragini was so happy to see swasan so close to each other and laksh was double happy to see his littil princes sleeping peacefully. He was totally unaware that raglak had come to them. It was cough which brought sanskar back from the dreams of “HIS LOVE”. Hearing the sound swara also woke up. She gave her million dollar smile to her brother urff jeeju.swasan gets up.

Swara- lets leave laddo come.

Laksh-no no swara actually we had planned something else.

Swara looks at them confused. He smiles at her and looked at ragini with love which made her slightly blush and look down. Sanskar chuckles seeing her.

Laksh- actually swara I want to take ragini with me to roam around the city. And also we want ur bike.

Swara- u can take her but I will never give my bike. It’s my jaan.

Raglak gives a puppy eyes. Sanskar was controlling his laughter.

Laksh- u will not give to ur bhai also.

Swara(melts by his talks)- ok but come back soon. It’s already late and its not safe to roam around in this time and that also in Bangalore.

Laksh(happy+excited) thanku so much shona .(he hugs her and kisses her on her cheek) U r the best.

Swara(with a pout wipes her cheek) ha theek hai.( guys swara hates when someone kisses her. She will immediately wipe it.)

Sanlakrag burst into laughter. They bids bye to each other and went from there. Sanskar and swara walks towards his home. A car was approaching her with full speed from back. Sanskar sees it and pulls her with full force. They falls on the ground with swara above him. Shivers ran down his body. They shares an eye lock. A strand of hair was falling on her face. He tucks it behind her ears gently brushing his fingers on her smooth face. Swara breaks the eye lock and stands up. Both looks away embarrassed. They look at each other through the corner of their eyes and started laughing. They went home. Swasan were sitting in sanskars room. They were not getting sleep. So they decided to play SOS. Sanskar takes a book and both get settled in front of a table besides each other. They were playing from the past 1 hour. Both were sleepy but doesn’t wanted to lose the thrill of the game. Now it was swaras turn to write. Sanskar with his half closed eyes concentrating on the paper was holding the pen to swara for the past few seconds and there was no sign of movement from swaras part. He turns to her and finds her face palming herself with one hand which is held with the support of the table. Her face was hid with her hair. He gently place his hand on her and she was falling to the other side. He holds her hand and pulled her towards him causing her head ly on his shoulder. She was going to wake from her beauty sleep but sanskar started patting her cheeks lovingly causing her to fall in deep sleep. He strokes her hair placing a kiss there.

It’s like this only. He always have a magic in his hands when it comes to taking care of HIS SWARA. He is her second mother. From childhood onwards he is taking care of her as if he is her mother and she is his new born baby. May be cause of this only their relation is still magical and heavenly and yet not understood by others. Their relation is still unnamed,still a mystery for other. All the people in their locality still adores their relation. Some are happy&some are jealous but they are unaffected by them. They are always lost in their own small yet big world of happiness.

He lifts her in his arms gently places her on bead as if she is a baby who will cry if she wakes from her sleep. He lies down next to her and slept embracing her praying to god to never put an end to this beautiful moment. After and few hours sanskars phone started beeping. He looks at the caller id and sighs. He without disturbing swara started talking to that person.

Sanskar-kya yaar laddo. Y r u disturbing my sleep.

Ragini-shut up yaar. Do something and get me inside. I’m all drenched.

Sanskar-ok. Wait, What? ( he literally shouts causing swara to jerk and she wakes up. Sanskar hits his forehead)How u became drenched and where are u now?

Ragini-we r standing under ur rooms window.

Laksh(snatching phone from her) come fast yaar. It’s so cold outside.

Sanskar-u r also with her o god. Ok wait I’m coming.

He cuts the call.

Swara-what happened sanskar?

He explains her everything.

Swara-what the heck?what will we do now?

Sanskar-exactly. That’s what I’m thinking.

Swara- whatever. Come lets do something.

They with baby steps peeps into baruns room. They sighs seeing hum sleeping. They tip toes to the backdoor and made them enter through that door. They take him to sanskars room.

Swara- sanskar give ur dress to laksh bhai and I will get one for ragini from our house.

(guys sanskars house is just beside her house without any walls. And boths house is large enough as barun is a quite famous doctor and is a bit rich so he always helps them in everything)

Swasan like thieves enter into the house but unfortunately a vase fell from sanskars hand and shomi jerks from her sleep. Swara drags him to a side closing his mouth with her hand. They were hell close and sanskar was staring her intensely. Feeling his gaze she looks at him. their eyes met. Shomi goes back to sleep as she finds nothing wrong. Swara enters into raginis room and took her clothes.

Meanwhile in sanskars room ragini was sitting there with an angry pout and laksh was continuously poking her shoulder. Now it was enough for her she jerks her shoulder and shout but in a medium sound.

Ragini-now what ?

Laksh with puppy eyes- chorry

Ragini- bhad mein gaya tumhara sorry.

She turns her face away.Laksh pouts. Ragini sees him with the corner of her eyes she smiles which go unnoticed by Laksh. Swasan enters there and gives both of them their clothes with a towel. Ragini went to the washroom and laksh to the other room as instructed by sanskar. Swasan sits on the floor besides each other waiting for the duo to come. They both comes back and sits opposite to each other with swasan to their sides. From the past half an hour raglak hadn’t utter a single word even a sound. Ragini was sitting there all angry and laksh was like a child whose candy slipped from his hands just before he puts into his mouth. Swasan looks at each other sanskar holds her hand pressed the light button on her digital watch. They both looks at the time and hits their forehead letting a sigh.

Swara- its already 3:30 yaar. Are u going to speak.

Sanskar-or should I call papa.

Raglak shocks sanskar rocks.

Laksh – I will tell u everything.

Swara gives thumbs up to sanskar to which he winks with a smirk.

Laksh- wo

He went to a flashback.


After swasan had left from there raglak droves off from there. They literally roamed the whole city with ragini hugging him tight claiming him as her own property causing the smile on his to never leave in the whole journey. They reached in a beautiful lake bank where there is only them with nature adorning their love. There was complete silence. But they were exchanging words through their eyes. They were walking hand in hand. Laksh suddenly stops and pulls her towards him causing her to fall on his chest. He cups her face with a naughty smirk. He caresses her face causing her to loose in his touch. She closes her eyes in shyness. The moonlight was enhancing her beauty. Now it was hard for laksh to control. He gently kisses on her eyes ,then nose tip,cheeks and he was going to capture her juicy lips but … Ragini pushes him and ran. Splash…….. It all happened in a fraction of time that laksh took some time to register everything. There he saw ragini in the pond all drenched who looked nothing less than a wet poor cute kitten. Laksh was laughing like hell. Ragini was glaring. With much difficulty laksh suppressed his laughter and she extended her hands to him signing him to pull her up. He holds her hand and …….splash. Laksh fell into the pond. He comes out and notices a laughing ragini. He was lost in her but laksh is laksh. He can’t let her go without a sweet revenge. He pulls her into a passionate kiss. Raginis eyes widen but soon gets lost in it. She let laksh to dominate. Her both hands were on his chest. His one hand on her waist and other on her neck pulling her closer. They breaks it due to lack of air. Laksh stares her intensely and ragini lowers her eyes whose face was not less than a red tomato. They comes out and there was chilling clod. The ride on the bike too made them shiver. It was romantic but its not easy for a girl to sit for a long time all wet. So ragini made an angry face though she loved it and poor laksh was not able to study his loves mind and assumed that she is angry with him.


A pillow flew on air and directly hit lakshs face causing him to jerk from his thoughts.

Swara-will u say something or will sit like mauni Baba.


He explains them everything except their romance cause brother can tolerate a man romancing with his sister and swara was not less than a brother and it will be quite embarrassing.Swara looks at ragini and easily understands that she is faking anger. She smiles slightly. How could ragini hide it from swara when they are 2 body with 1 soul.

Swara-ok sanskar come. I think they should talk alone. And ha u 2. U have to solve this now itself ok. Chal.

They went outside and closes the door. Ragini stands up and walks towards the window followed by laksh. Swara slightly opens the door and peeps into it and sanskar was also there resting his chin on her head. Laksh stands behind ragini leaving his hot breathe on her back. Raginis heart was beating so fast due to their proximity.

Laksh(*back hugs her* lovingly) jaan

Her back hits his chest as it was so difficult for ragini to stand.Even laksh didn’t knew that this one word by him was so capable to make ragini melt and weak

Laksh(whispers in her ears) I’m sorry.

And kisses her ear. Now it was enough for ragini she turned back and hugged laksh tightly making laksh shocked. She whispers I love u in his ear and look into his eyes. She can only find love there. He leans forward for a kiss and sanskar closed his a swaras eyes with his hands pulling out.

Swara-one day this love birds will kill us.

Sanskar -hmm.

Swasan knocks at the door startling raglak. They breaks their kiss. Swasan enters inside as if they don’t know anything.

Swara- everything is fine right?

Laksh-yaa baby.

Swara-ok then laksh bhai u can leave.

Ragini-let him stay some more time swara. It too dark outside.

Swara-(looks at ragini with naughty smirk) is it like that or do u have something else to say.

Ragini looks down due to embarrassment.

Swara-bhai go. Sanskar take him out.

Sanskar-ji husoor.

They were going out when laksh gives a flying kiss. Ragini catches it. Swasan hits their forehead.

Laksh-it was not for u ragini. It was for my baby doll. Hain na shona.

Raginis mouth hits the floor.

Sanskar(laughing)-uski shakal toh dekh.

Now it was difficult for the sis and bro to control. All started laughing.

Ragini-urgh. Oi sanky hanky I will see u later.

Sanskar- shut nagini(stucking his tongue out acting as a snake)come jeeju.(sry ragini fans I didn’t got any other name rhyming with hers. So sry)

Ragini-shaithan kahin ka.

Sanskar( walking out with laksh) say that looking at mirror.


Swara-mtch calm down laddo. He was just joking na. Come lets sleep.


They both settle on the bed.sanskar enters there.

Sanskar-shona I will in the next room. Call me if u want anything ok.(she nodes)(smiling) Goodnight laddo. Gn shona.

Swaragini-(smiling) gn.

They both sleeps hugging each other.

Next day swara was sitting on the grass in the garden eating something secretly.Boo. She gets shocked and then sighs seeing the person. It’s her …….. Of course jeeju yaar.

Swara- have scared me bro.

Laksh- y what happened angel.

She shows a box. Seeing it his eyes widen.

Lakah-(shouts) egg?

Swara-don’t shout. Otherwise ragini will hear.

Laksh- means u r eating it hiding from everyone. But y?

Swara-oi hoi. Maa and ragini hate this. They are pure vegetarian and me non vegetarian. He he.

Laksh-but what if someone finds u?

Swara-no one will. Actually maa went for shopping and laddo is all lost in ur thoughts. O there is no question of ragini stepping outside.

Laksh-(smiling whole heartedly)acha. Can I ask u something?if ragini and maa is pure vegetarians then how u became non vegetarian.

Swara-(excited) Wo papa had taught me. Do u know we always come hear and eat like this. He loves non veg so so much.(teary eyes). After his death I really missed that. Whenever I feel to meet papa I come here and will eat like this. It makes me feel that he is still with me. Our memories still so fresh that I feel that it happened yesterday only. (smiling). And u know one thing maa always says that I’m a Ditto of my dad. Same eyes,same smile,same sayings and same character. Ek dum jakkas.(a lone tear escapes her eyes)kash Wo yaha hothi. Then he will be happy to see his daughter getting married.

She wipes it. In order to lighten up her mood laksh started talking.

Laksh-leave that. Give me 1 piece plz.

Swara*turning other side*no.

He started poking her shoulder and she always jerks him. He started shaking her hand but there was no change. He pouts and turns his face away. She extends a piece towards his mouth. He gets happy. He take it from her hand. Break it into 2 and put 1in hers and other in his mouth. Both smiles at each other.

Laksh-acha swara where is sanskar.

Swara-actually he will be in mk hall. He conducts small small concerts. I must say I toh love his songs. And his wish is to become a famous singer . He must be coming only.

Laksh-oo . Then what about u?u have to go to fm station.

Swara-no I have took leave. I will rejoin after raginis marriage.

Laksh-then what about ur prgrm.

Swara-its conducted by aju now. He is conducting it beautifully.

Laksh-mmmm swara can I tell u something.


Laksh- now I really wish that whether you were my own sister. Then we would have done so much fun right?

Swara-ha bhai. As per raginis concept these kind of mischievous things are not fit for good kind girls. It’s are of bad bad boys. And I totally disagree with that. I should admit that its fun to irritate laddo but she never done anything in return. The real fun is only when someone does same with us na. By the way we r perfect for doing that. After marriage we will irritate her together. What say?

Laksh-of course angel. And sahil is also not less. My ears are bleeding hearing his same old jokes. He don’t even know how to crack jokes. And his pranks we can easily guess it. He calls himself as a big prankster. Ha may be his pranks are effective with his colleagues and all but never with me. I’m fed up of his show off. We should have met earlier only right?

Swara- ya . U r saying right bhai.

Laksh-never mind. Pure zindagi pade he na milkar maza karlenge.

Swara-(in mind) I don’t know bhai when will I die but I promise that I will never make u sad when I’m alive.

Laksh-(snapping fingers in front of her eyes jerking her from her from her thoughts) where are u lost angel?

Swara-nothing like that.

It was the last piece in the box and both were looking it at and then each other. There started their fight. Both were pulling it towards each other and shouting. Hearing the sound ragini comes out and shocks to see egg in their hands. Sensing the situation swara gives the box tho laksh and poor laksh he was so blind in the fight that he didn’t noticed ragini. He was going to put the piece in his mouth but ragini screams. It falls from his hands and thankfully into the box itself. Swara sighs.

Ragini(angry)-what’s happening here?

Swara?(Innocently) Wo di laksh jeeju was eating egg.(lakshs eyes widen) I said that u hate it but he didn’t agree. So I was trying to snatch from him. Sachchi.

He glares at her and she smiles sheepishly at him. He looks at ragini with puppy eyes and ragini gives a *come inside I will show u* look. She went inside.

Laksh-what had u done angel?

Swara-mtch bhai. Don’t u know ?u can easily romance with a girl when she is angry or upset. Ha some girls will beat u. But believe me she will forgive u easily. She don’t know how to be angry with someone for a long time. Now go and talk with her. All the best.

Laksh went inside and found angry wala ragini. If looks can kill a person then laksh would died then itself. He with a sheepish smile comes never her. She turns her face away. He keeps his hand on her shoulder. Ragini turned around as a lion who hadn’t ate anything for the past few weeks making laksh shiver in fear. She started beating him on her chest. It did pain but our hero was enjoying it with a naughty smirk. He holds her both hands and pulls her hard causing her chest to crash with his. He started caressing her waist. Ragini was trying hard not to get affected by him. With much efforts she pushes him and ran. But but but……. He can’t let go the chance to romance with his lady love. He hold her hands and pin her to the wall. He put his both hands on either side to prevent her from escaping. He leans closer and ragini closes her eyes. He gently rubs his cheeks on hers making ragini weak on her knees. He then captures her lips. Ragini was loosing her control. They break their kiss. Ragini hides her face in his chest and laksh chuckles seeing her shyness.

Swara was again sitting on there all lost in her thoughts. Someone taps her shoulder and she turns causing her nose tip to rub with his. She frowns. He chuckles and sat beside her. U have guessed him but its my duty to tell. It’s sanskar.

Sanskar-what happened swara?

Swara-don’t u have any other job rather than disturbing me?

Sanskar- mtch swa…

Sahil-hey shona

Swara-its swara.

Sahil- whatever. Come i want to take u somewhere.

Swara-I don’t want to.

Sahil-oh come on swara. We r friends right?

Swara -from when?

Sahil-look swara we r soon going to be relatives and I’m bhais beloved brother. If he comes to know that u didn’t come with me, he will be hurt.

She through signs asks sanskar what to do. He nodes to her hesitantly.

Swara(getting up)- ok I will come with u by on 1 condition. Sanskar will also accompany us.(sanskar looks at her amused she winks at hum) If u want u can agree or else I’m not going to come with u. And I know how to pacify laksh bhai.

Sahil-(with fake laugh) uff swara I was just joking ha ha. Come lets go.

He leaves from there leaving a giggling swasan they hifives.They sits in the car and droves off to a beautiful pond where there is a wooden bridge leading to it. They were standing on the edge of the bridge.

Sahil-swara as u requested (she looks at him) I mean as u told I took sanskar with us. Now I want to talk to u alone. Can we.

Sanskar was burning un jealous but he did give them space and stood a little far from them.

Sahil-swara are u mad. Like seriously u r that sanskars gf that loosers. He don’t even have a job. How will he take care of u. He is just a big zero swara. Take it as an advise ditch him and be with me. I will look after u as princess.

She fists her hands. It was really unbearable for her to hear a single word against her best friend.

Swara*taking deep breath *ho gayi Teri. Now hear this. Don’t u dare say anything against my sanky.(in mind-seriously my sanky….just leave it) if it would have anyone else in your place na tho ganga maiya ki kasam sar phod dethi Teri. U r laksh bhais brother so I’m leaving u. Now I don’t want to spend a single mint with u I’m leaving.

Saying this she leaves but sahil holds her wrist she jerks it with full force causing her bracelet to fell in the pond.

Swara(hitting her forehead)o Teri. Sathya naash kardiya. Tu…

Suddenly they hears as splash sound and finds sanskar missing. Swara was standing there with a horrified face. After a few mints she saw some bubbles and suddenly the realization hit her that our cute hero doesn’t know … Swimming. She took 2 steps backward ran and jumped into the water with a perfect dive. Sahil was just like what’s happening here. Swara finally found sanskar and got hold of him. She with great difficulty swam to the bridge. Swara lied sanskar on the bridge with the help of sahil. She send sahil to get water and started pressing sanskars stomach. She checked his pulse and breath rate. It was going down. Swara was panicking like hell.

Swara-what should I do now. Think think think swara.(suddenly an idea struck her) I think I should give him oxygen but……… Uff swara he is ur best friend can’t u do tho much for him. Come swara u can do this…

She took a deep breath and placed her soft petals on his rough one. She started giving oxygen to him. Sahil comes there and was burning like a sun in jealousy. Sanskar slightly opens his eyes and the next thing he saw took him to cloud nine. He can feel hers his loves juicy lips on his. Sensing some movement swara sat straight and looked at sanskar she was relieved to see him fine. She helped him to st and took water from sahil. He drank it and suddenly swara hit on his heads back.

Sanskar-(coughing) what is…..this swara…. I got conscious now only …and…u r hitting me. So bad

Swara-then what should I do. U don’t know swimming and u jumped into it as if u r a champion in swimming and what if something happens to u. Why did u do this stunt sanskar.

Sanskar-o meri chatter box. Will u give me time to speak. I jumped into it only because of this(he opens her fisted hand and shows her bracelet she gets. teary eyed) its ur fathers last sign na and I know my theeki mirchi will never get peace still u find it. And there is no question of something happen to me when I have my sherni dosth with me.

Swara smiles and pulls him into a tight hug ,sanskar also hugs her back.

Sanskar-and I’m even ready to die for u.

Swara hit him on his back. Then swara asked him to make her wear her bracelet and he did so. Then they left to their house.

Night-swaraginis room.(actually guys as the marriage is approaching ragini had shifted to her sweet little sisters room)

From the time swaras body had kissed the bed she is turning this and that side. Finally she sat up and went towards the window. She opened it and sat on its frame looking at the beautiful landscape enhanced by the moonlight.

Swaras pov(actually talking to Mr. Moon?)

Oh god what had happened to me. Y am I not able to forget it. Y is it following as a night mare. Moon ji u only tell me what should I do. The things that happened between me and sanskar today is repeating in my mind. Y is that so. Y I felt so connected to him that too only today. Y I felt so special hearing his words. Y my stupid mind is becoming more stupid. Moon ji I have asked u so much questions and u r not replying so rude. R u gone nuts swara. Urrrrgh. Hooooo. Calm down my mind its not good to strain urself. Go and get some sleep. Whatever

End of swaras pov.

She closed the window and lied down closing her eyes tightly. Slowly she slipped into a peaceful sleep.

Sanskars room

He was literally jumping and hooting like a monkey. Happy would be and understatement. He was having weir mixture of emotions. Due to tiredness he layed down on the bed smiling as an idiot.

Sanskars pov

O my god. I’m so so so so so soooooooooooo happy. I don’t know to express it. Ooooo her lips are so soft like petals. I just want to capture it and savor its juice.(he blushes) I wished if I was able to respond to it. Don’t mind. I don’t know how to thank god. He really is a wonder for me. And my baby is so caring. Awwww. Let her be mine I will take care of her as a princess. I have only one wish from u god plsss cure my shona.(a tear drop escaped his eyes. He wiped it) . Mein bhi na. Today is a big day and I’m becoming senti. Leave that all and sleep u idiot.

Pov ends.

Sanskar chuckles at his own thoughts. Soon he drifts into sleep.

Next day as usual swara was sipping her favorite coffee from her kakas dabba. Suddenly her phone rings and seeing the the caller id a smile crept over her face.

Swara-her what’s up bhai.

Laksh-swara come to my house and bring ragini with u.

Swara-aww u r asking a sister to let u romance with her sister. This is so rude bhai.

Laksh-swara…. Come fast ok.


They cuts the call. After a few mints swaragini reaches lakshs house. AP and dp*laksahs mom and I know I didn’t mention them sry and they don’t have any role in this story* went out to invite relatives for marriage. They enter inside. Laksh hugs swara and secretly kisses ragini which didn’t go unnoticed by swara. She teases them

Swara- acha jokes apart. Y u called us bhai.

Laksh-actually the functions r approaching so I want the best dance in my sangeet. So do u know any good choreographer.

Swara-of course.

Laksh-who is it?

She signs herself.

Laksh-chal jootti.

Swara-aww I swear I really dance.

Laksh to ragini-is that so?

Ragini-I don’t know

Laksh-dekha even ur sister dont know that u r a dancer.

Swara-coz I don’t dance in front of them. I only dance with sanky.


Swara-hmmm? (like bajirao)Swara ki nach aur sanskar ki gaane me kabhi sandeh nahi karte. Wo kabhi bhi jadoo kar saktha hain.

Laksh hits her head.


Laksh-ok then show us.

Swara-are u challenging the great RJ miss swara gadodia?



Voice-then dance with me. They turns at finds sahil there.

Laksh- dance with sahil swara.

Sahil forwards his hands swara was going to held it hesitantly but…………. someone else held her hand and pulls her towards him causing her chest to crash with his hard toned one. Swaraglak smiles seeing the person and sahil frowns. It’s………………….

Jahan swara hain wahan to sirf sanskar hi honi chahiye. It’s him only.

Sanskar- we r ready.

He plays despacito on his phone. Swaras eyes widen in excitement its her fav song(actually mine). They performed a stupendo fandabulous fendapacodically outstanding dance. They were flowing with the beats. Raglaksah was like ? . Swasan hi fives. All 3 claps for them

Laksh-so guys u have to do a pair dance and also teach us one. I must say yaar ur Jodi is just magical.(putting hand around raginis shoulder and winking at her) just like us.

She blushes all burst into laughter but someone was not able to stand swasan so close. It’s ………..sahil only. The day went by that only.



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