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Swara was leaning back and tears were continuously making their way on her face. She hears the sound of door’s opening so she wiped her tears and plastered her million dollar smile on her face. It was Laksh and he had tears in his eyes seeing his fav ,Cute saali in such a condition. But he gulped it and passed a smile to her. He sat next to her.

Laksh- how are u now?

Swara-I was fine until now but after seeing u (he narrows her eyes)I’m perfectly fine.

They burst into laughter. Meanwhile shomi entered there and adored the saali-jeeju bond. She approached them. Laksh made her sit on his seat and leaned on the wall crossing his hands against his chest.

Shomi- r u insane swara. I have warned u many times to stay away from them but u never payed any heed to me. Now see what condition they made of u. What will we do if something had happened to u…

Swara(monologue)- that’s y mom I had never told u about my disease. I don’t know what will be urs and laddos reaction when u will get to about this. I’m ssorry mom I have to hide this. Plss forgive me. Plss

Shomi- and this will be ur last time. If I get to know that u are again indulged in such fights then I will……

Swara- aa Meri maa bas. I’m fine na look. Plss stop ur lecture. Don’t u know it’s bad to give lectures to patients. It will have bad effects on our health. Hain na bhaiya?( pointing towards Laksh)

Laksh looks around and points to him . She nods s.

Laksh-ha maa(smiles and winks at her).

Swara- dekha. ( Dramatically)Hai Mera bhagwan my health will get worse. Aa my head is spinning.(holding her head) Aah

Shomi-( gently slapping her hand) chup kar nautangy.( They laughs) I’m leaving(placing her hand on her cheek) take care.


She nods ss. Shomi goes from there and Laksh and Swara started talking random things. Then ragini entered there . Still tears were rolling down her cheeks. Laksh was going to leave to give them privacy but ragini holds his hand please to stay back through her eyes. Stays back. Ragini sat near her and started crying. Laksh rubs her back to console her and Swara gestures her that she will say. She explains everything to laksh. Tears were dripping from his eyes and ragini was totally broken that she started to cry more. He immediately hugged ragini tightly and she also responded to it,caresses her hair and planted a soft kiss on her hair. Swara was very happy that her laddo got such an understanding person as her husband. Both were sobbing silently yet peacefully in each others embrace. In order to lighten up their mood swara started her nautangi.

Swara-( dramatically) oh my matha.(she covers her both eyes with her hands. Yeh kaisa din dikha rahe hai aap hume. (removing hands) don’t u know its bad to romance before marriage that also in front of a young girl. What if I became mislead after seeing u. Nahiiiiii(she covers her both ears with her hand and closed her eyes tightly.)


Laksh gently hits on her head with his fist. She removes her hand and started rubbing it. Ragini pinched her ears. She screamed a little and pouted. Seeing their cute sister’s antics raglak burst into laugher and seeing them a smile crept on her lips.

Swara- bhai u have to spend sometime with di. But ha don’t think that u can do it daily before marriage. Got it?

Laksh- (saluting) ok saali sahiba.

They burst into laughter. He holds ragini by her shoulder and ragini kept her head on his chest. Both were finding peace in each other. They went outside. And swara again got immersed in her thoughts of….. (ofcourse disease yaar? ).


At night

A person was going to enter swaras room but then his sight caught sanskar who was approaching that room. So he hid. Sanskar entered her room and felt relieved to see his angel sleeping peacefully. He approached her. And strand of hair was disturbing his sleeping beauty. He was removing it with supporting one hand on the bed but it slips and he was hell close to her. Their lips were inches apart. His heartbeats became faster. He was looking at her lovingly. He then smiled and planted a soft kiss on her forehead. He sat next to her and started talking to the queen of his heart.

Sanskar(little anger) –


what have u done swara what if something happened to u. What will I do then. I can’t even think of a life without u. When I saw u there fully drenched in the blood I thought that my life was going away from. Me don’t do such stunts ok. If something had happened to u then I would have never forgiven me. I would have ended my life there itself. And by the way I will not let u die that was. U have to tolerate me for ur full life(chuckles). Do u know one thing swara I always made myself to propose u but I had a fear that whether u will reject me and will break our friendship there itself. I will not be able to tolerate that pain so always opted to be silent. And the best part is that ur di herself is helping ne to make u fall for me.


U always tease us na saying that something is cooking between us then hear this it was all our plan to make u jealous but u don’t even know its meaning. Whenever i act to romance with ragini my eyes were always fixed on u. I always looked at u with the corner of my eye and rago is not less than u. She also teases me using ur name. Mtch but what to do my teekhi mirchi is not ready to fall for her sanky. No matter I will wait for u my whole life and don’t think that I will leave u that easy. I will try till my last breath.


Saying this he kissed her cheeks lovingly and caressed her hair. She cuddled into her pillow. Sanskar chuckled. He slept resting his head on her bed and keeping one hand on her’s. Next morning when swara woke up she saw her sanky sleeping beside her. She sat up with a pillow supporting her back. As the sunshine was disturbing his sleep she woke up and saw swara looking at him smiling. He asked her what through action . Swara smiled widely and pulled his cheeks.

Sanskar- swara what are u doing.


Swara- pulling ur cheeks.

Sanskar- y?

Swara- cause u was looking damn cute while sleeping

And she again pills his cheeks but a little hard so pressed on her bandage on her head. She screams and she hits his Han. And then they started fight like that. At that time laksh enters there and was shocked to see them fight like kids. Laksh asked them to stop and swara stuck her tongue at sanskar. He chuckles. She had a frown with an angry pout on her face which changed into a smile after hearing him.

Laksh- its done swara


Swara- really?

Laksh- ss

Sanskar- hey wait a mint what are u talking about.

Swara- oye don’t speak in between.

Sanskar- shut up

Swara- u shut up


Sanskar- u shu…

Laksh- both of u shut up. And sanskar we were talking about her discharge only.

Sanskar- what? Discharge?

Swara- y u can’t hear him?


Laksh – mtch swara….

Sanskar – but u could have stopped her na jeeju it may be harmful for her.

Swara-( kerpind her hand on his shoulder,buttering) oye sanky… Don’t worry im perfectly alright. And u know na I hate hospitals smell. And we also have to arrange for laddos engagement na so…

Sanskar- ohh so madam want to arrange for it(she nods). Ok I will make u help u without making aunty know it. Happy?

Swara-(hugging him) – aww u r the best . I love u.

Sanskar-(hugging her back) stop ur buttering theeki mirchi.

Laksh(fake anger) u forgot me?

Swara-( with one hand holding sanky and with other holding her ears) oh sorry. Come

Saying this she opens her hand towards him she smiles seeing his saalis cuteness and hugs her. The trio the broke the hug and took some selfies.


Laksh- ok I will go and complete its procedure.

The duo nodes to him. Laksh went from there and they started their gup-shup. After 2-3 hrs they reached their house. Sanskar was holding swara by shoulder to give support to her. Sahil was fuming in jealousiness seeing them that close. They all sat down just then laksh handed a cover to swara. She looked at him confused.

Laksh- don’t look at me like that. It’s a gift for my cute saali ( caressing her hair) from ur jeeju. Open and look.


She opens it and was shocked to see a lehenga in it. It was a beautiful purple lehenga with silver embroidery.

Swara- princess aunty told me that u never wore this kind of dress. So I thought to gift u this only. U have to wear only this type of dress in ur dis marriage and no but vut plss do it for me plsss. Now go and try.


She unwillingly goes to try it. Everyone was shocked to see swara obeying like a small kid to laksh without much forcing and was happy that finally swara Will wear something that looks girlish. After a lot of struggle swara tied her blouse’s dori. She comes out looking breathtaking. Sanskar and sahil was mesmerized to see her and Sanskar stood with his mouth open. Ragini sees it and closes his mouth. She chuckles and sanskar felt embarrassed. Shomi and rago was so happy and they hugged her.


Swara ask sanskar how is she looking through action and he acts as he get fainted by her beauty both laughs sahil was seeing it jealously.. Ragini was admiring the duo when a strong hand pulled her by her wrist to a corner. She had closed her eyes tightly and was going to shout when that person covers her mouth. Sensing no further movement she opened her eyes and found laksh looking at her lovingly. She started beating his chest and he was laughing. finally he hold her hand and pulled her closer. Her body hits with his hard chest. He leans close to her and she closes her eyes in anticipation. He smiles seeing his effect on her. He plants a kiss on her forehead and she opens her eyes shyly but doesn’t found him there. Her eyes started searching for him but suddenly and hand with a cover comes in front of her. It was laksh he signs her to take it. She takes it and opens it. She found a beautiful blood red lehenga with golden embroidery. Her eyes got filled with happiness. Laksh kissed her both eyes wiping her tears.

Laksh- do u like it?


Ragini- no


Ragini- I loved it .

He smiles at her.

Laksh-Then where is my return gift?

Ragini looks at him confused and he points towards his cheeks. She looks down shyly and was blushing. He smiles and plants a kiss on her cheeks. She gets shocked and keeps her hand on her cheeks.

Laksh- iss se chalega

Saying this he went from there. Ragini was dumbtruck and was not moving a bit. Laksh runs towards her and pecks ger other cheek bringing her back from her dreamland. He chuckles and ran from there. Ragini was smiling + blushing profusely. She kept her gift In her room and joined other. There laksh was staring her. Swara had changed her dress and stood beside ragini.

Swara- where were u di?


Ragini looks down shyly + blushing and swara found laksh staring her. Swara hits her shoulder gently with hers. She blushes profusely and both swara and laksh chuckles looking at her. Sanskar got a phone call so he went out. Sahil followed him. Sanskar hung the call and was going to enter the house when sahil stopped him.

Swara- hey sanskar what kind of relation u have with swara? She is ur sister right?

Sanskar(in mind)- oye saale behen hongi Teri. She’s My Girl. My Love.

Sahil- y r u not answering?

Sanskar was going to answer him when swara entered there.

Swara- oye sahil. Are u irritating my cup cake.


Sansahs eyes widen. She winks at sanskar. He smiles at her.

Swara- oye stay away from my baby ha.

Saying this she hugs his hand. Sanskar gives her a “u r unbelievably look” to which she chuckles. Sahil was feeling jealous seeing their bond.

Swara- oh hallo. Y r u staring at us. Hadn’t u seen any lovers. And by the way laksh bhai is going. are u not going?

Sahil nods and leaves . Swasan give hi five to each other.

Sanskar- y u said like that to him?

Swara- actually he was staring me with his mouth open when I wore that stupid girlish thing. I wished to break his 32 teeth.(sanskar suddenly closes his mouth) her lets go to dabba yaar. Pls.

He nodes and they were going when they heard someone clearing her throat. Swara closes her both eyes and turns towards the source with one eyes open. After seeing her she shot open the other.

Shomi- no one is going anywhere.


Swara(buttering)- hai my lovey dovey let me go na. Im perfectly alright and also sanskar is there with me na(pulls him close to her by his hand and sanskar was just staring her lovingly). He will take care of me. Plsss(puppy eyes).

Shomi does not have a strong heart which can avoid this” cute puppy eyes” of her nautangi girl. Her heart melted as a ice kept on a hot pan. She agreed to her given her all responsibility to sanskar and he happily accepted his loves responsibility.( I know I know that no one can be this much healthy after 2 days of a major injury. But what to do my shona is so much energetic). After reaching the dabba swara called her jeeju and asked her to come. They orderd food. Swara was eating the chillies as a chocolate and here our hero is looking at swara then at the chilly with a sad pout. She enquired him through her eyes and sanskar pointed to the chilli. She asked him to eat it as for her the chillies are not “that hot enough”. By believing his angel he took its first bite but immediately spit it and started waving his hand above his tongue stucking it out. His eyes became glass. Swara immediately ordered a glass of water and gave it to him. He was drinking it while she sat beside him and started rubbing his back.

Swara- are u okay now.

He nods Ss . They share a short eyelock which was broken by laksh’s voice. She hugs him and made him sat beside her.

Swara- bhai y not u give a surprise to rago or spend some time with her. It will help u both to know each other more.


Laksh loved that idea and the 3 planned for a surprise date to ragini on the engagement days night. Swasan took the responsibility of arrangement. The day after tomorrow was ragos engagement. Next day. The preparation were going on and our shona was made to sit at a corner. She wanted to help them in work as it was a special for her loving di. She told this to ragini. As the best di of world she was not ready to agree but she knew that her little sister is desperate to arrange for her engagement. After a session of forcing ragini finally agreed to shona and she took shomi out telling she wanted to do shopping. Swara started her work. Swasan where running here n there telling the workers to make it fast. Sanskar was carrying a basket of flowers a nd a garland. They collided with each other and fell on the floor.


Swara was on top of sanskar . The flowers were showering on them and the garland was on both of their neck. They stood up but as there was the garland the sudden pull made their chest crash with each other. They share an eyelock which is broken by swara. She removed the garland mumbling a sorry with a sheepish smile. At noon. Swara was pacing here and there yelling through phone to the arranger of her dis special date and our hero is walking behind her. In his one hand was a plate of food and the other had a bit of boiled rice which he is trying to stuff in the mouth of ” miss angry” for the past 30 minutes. At last she ended the call and quickly he stuffed the food in her mouth. She smiled him .and kept her phone in her pocket. She also started feeding him with her own hand. At last both had their lunch and sanskar gave her the medicines. Again they were indulged in the work. That night sanskar stayed there only as workers had left around 10 and the swasan were busy in the final touch up up to 1 am. Next day. Our rago is sitting in front of the mirror wearing the lehenga gifted by her would be husband with a slight blush. Swara was pacing around the trying a number for the 6th time and yelling at them which was making ragini angry. She snatched the phone swara and asked her to get ready.


Swara unwillingly went and dressed and there comes the biggest problem” the dori “. She calls sanskar. She stucks her head out of the door.

Swara- sanskar yaar plss call maa or any lady or even Laddo. I’m not able to tie this dori.

Sanskar- what? Y, are u feeling shame? Mm

Swara- vo kya he na bohoth mushkil se ye body banaya hai eise thodi na kissiko dikha saktha hai. Who know whether they will become mad for me.

Sanskar- u r impossible. Wait ill call someone.

Both chuckles. Sanskar went from . He came after some time.

Sanskar- raginis make up artist had come and aunty is busy with the guests . Other ladies are indulged in one or other work. What should I do now?

Swara(thinks for sometime and makes a puppy eye.) sanskar plss tie it na.

Sanskar- what?


Swara- don’t shout. Arey plss na yaar. Otherwise I’ll not be able to step out plss.

He unwillingly agrees and comes inside. She puts her hair to the front giving the view of her smooth whitish back to him. He was loosing his control. Our shona is unaware of this and she again started to call sometime. Sanskar was looking here n there not knowing what to. She asks him to hurry up. His hands were shaking. Swara cuts the call and sees his hand shaking.

Swara- hey buddy u r not tieing mangalsutra to me that ur hands are shaking like this.

Sanskar- her y r u talking like this.

Swara- I have seen in movies that men’s hand shakes when he ties mangalsutra to the girl. Anyways just leave it and hurry up.


He took a deep breath and took the dori in his hand. He was tieing it when his hand touched her smooth back sending several shivers through his spines. At last he tied it and both went from there. Ragini called swara to her room. Ragini asked the beautician to do make up on her but swara was not ready after forcing a lot swara agreed for a light touch up. She was now looking like an angel and anyone will go crazy by seeing her. Lakshs family had reached and s ragini was made to come to the hall along with swara and some other girls. Both the sisters were looking breathtaking. Sansahs and laksh eyes were glued to the sisters. The ceremony had started. Raglak was standing with each other when laksh complemented her which made her blush. Swara went out to enquire about the dates arrangement. Sanskar was standing outside only. Sahil followed her. Suddenly she trips and sanskar holds her making his hand come in touch with her soft whitish belly. Sahil fisted his hands. It made his whole body shiver. Sanskar made her stand properly and she mumbled a thanku by hugging him. Everything was driving sahil mad and giving sanskar a indescribable feel. The ceremony started and raglak exchanged the rigs. They had taken the first step towards their marriage. The guests started to leave from there and at last the maheswaris also left from there. Swara came to shomi.


Swara- maa may I and rago go to sanskars house plss maa. Raginis marriage date is approaching and we want to spend some time together. Plss don’t say no to it.

She agreed. Swara takes ragini to the shed and ask her to sit on her bike.

Ragini-y? Uncles house here only na.

Swara- shu up and sit on it.

Ragini sits on it with a pout. Swara takes her to a hotel.


Ragini- y r v here swara?

Swara- actually there is a party with our friends as today was ur engagement. Ok wear this.( she gives her a packet)

Ragini- y?


Swara- will anybody attend a party wearing churidar. Grow up my kiddo. Ok wear it and come I will be there only( she pints to a place). And here is the key to the room. It’s 202. Go fast.

Ragini went and dressed it. It was a dark blue gown. There a mini make up kit was also kept. Ragini now was fully ready and was not less than an angel that had directly ascended from heaven. She came to the place where swara had told her to . There was complete darkness and fear had overpowered her mind. She was shouting swaras name but suddenly someone covered her eyes with his hands and planted a sweet kiss on her cheeks.

Ragini(sensing the touch) Laksh.


Laksh smiles and leads her to a place still his hand on her eyes. They reaches a place and laksh lifts his hand from here eyes. Ragini was spellbound by the arrangements. It was a pool side area there a table with 2 chairs covered with baby pink cloth and a silver cloth surrounding it support area. A bunch of roses are kept on the table. And the most beautiful thing was the grand arch made of red roses which have a poster hung on it. That poster had 2 part. 1 was full of raginis collaged picture and other of lakshs. At the center was a big love with their engagements photo. Raginis eyes filled up with tears of happiness. Laksh back hugs her.

Laksh- how is it jaan.


Ragini- its beautiful.

Laksh(turns her towards him) -actually my saali wanted to give u a surprise so I and swasan together arranged it. Mm may I have the pleasure to dance with myjaan(forwards his hand)

Ragini(holding his hand) Ss.

He wraps his Hand around her waist and she encircles her hand around his neck. They started moving romantically with the song. Our swasan was sitting far away from them but can see their small figure. Swasan had a sweet smile on their lips and they were eating ice cream . After sometime Raglak stopped the dance. Swara fell on sanskars shoulder as she was sleeping. Sanskar smiled at his sleeping beauty. Laksh cups her face.


Laksh- not more than my saali but(lovingly) I Love U Ragini.

She smiles and buries her head on his chest hugging him tightly and he also reciprocated to it. He kisses o.n her forehead.


Sanskar places his one hand on her face.

Sanskar- I Love U Swara.

Saying this he smiles and kisses on her cheeks. She cuddles more on him. Then he placed his head on hers. Soon sleep took over him. They slept peacefully


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