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Guys swara is working as a RJ in 99.9 fm.

Swaragini reached the orphanage. There was a beautiful board with a name sharada sadhan. The walls were decorated by beautiful cute pics drawn by the cute little champs in it. Ragini was going to step into that sweet home when the children were heading towards her as a flood and ragini backed off. The whole children had surrounded the 2 sisters and were happy to see them. There were making noise expressing their happiness.

Anugraha( one of the little girls) -Chona di. Take me to come bere(some where. Are 5 saal ki bachi hai. She can talk like this only na.)

Swara( thinking) -toh chale.

She makes her in the front part and drve off. She took her to ice cream parlor and bought her fav chocobar for her. They finished it and bought some more different types of ice creams according to each children’s choice. She handed it to ragini and drove off. In middle of her journey someone called out her name and stopped to find her sweet friend rohan there.

Swara-are mere bhai when u reached

Rohan-I reached yesterday only

Swara- so how is Saudi. Did u get any girl there.

Rohan- no yaar. Everyone is wearing a veil . I can’t even see their face

Swara- hmm only Indians is best for Indians. Right?

Rohan -sach.

Suddenly swaras phone rings manichithrathazhu bgm( its a malayalam horror one guys) rohan panicks

Manichithrathazhu bgm :





Swara takes her phone

Swara- hey don’t panic yaar its my mom

Rohan- hey does anyone set such ringtone for mom yaar.

Swara- yes I set it na. I set it coz whenever mom and di calls me I get heart attack hey let me pick it other wise there will be a bomb blast.

Swara( picks the phone and puts in speakerphone) hallo

Mishti- hallo shona there is a good news

Swara( lit up ) kyu chudail mar gayi kya

Mishti( confused) chudail? Kaun chudail?

Swara- are sandhya maasi


Swara- sry. Then what’s the news.

Mishti- tomorrow a family is coming to see laado

Swara- so?

Mishti- are to fix her marriage

Swara- what.?

Mishti-hmm and I want u to take her to shopping this evening

Swara-y? She already have so many clothes

Mishti- I want her to look perfect and u also buy something

Swara- no mom. What if they have a girl with them and after seeing me she wanted to marry me. My sister’s alliance will break na . And by the way we can’t blame her. Akir mein itni handsome Jo hu.

Saying this she hifis with rohan and mishti had a sweet smile on her face.

Mishti- chip nautanki. And take her to shopping ok?

Swara- ok mom bye. And she cuts the call. She bids bye to rohan and reached the teastall where sanky was sitting. She was going to say something but sanky interrupts.

Sanky- shona are u ….are u looking for any alliance for ur …. Sister I mean ragini.

Swara-( she sits in opp. Bench) pls don’t tell about alliance. Mom had told me that after1 yr of laddos marriage mine will be held

Sanskar laughs


Swara- y r u laughing

Sanky- I was just thinking about that unlucky person

Swara-( smiles faintly) but I can’t ruin sm1s life na

He felt the pain in her voice and placed his hand on hers giving * every thing will be fine * look.

Swara- re baapre. I forgot to tell u something. Tomorrow a family is coming for an alliance with ragini.

Sanskar( stood up and shouts) what?

Swara- don’t shout. I can hear I’m not deaf.hey wait a minute.( sits to his beanch and made him sit beside her.) are u in love with my sis( he looks at her shocked) tell me na ill make u elope and marry.( he looks away. Swara leanns towards his face.) tell na( he glares at her) ok(she retreats) acha listen. Tomorrow come to my home early we have arrange for their arrival na

Sanky- let me do one thing today I’ll stay in your house and helpu in arrangements.

Swara-thaki issi bahane tum apne pyaar ko bhi dekh sake

Sanskar( unknowingly) hmm.( then realization hit his head) swara.. ( and gently hits her hand)

Swara- ouch( and rubs that area.)

Suddenly her phone rings she attends it and hungs up after sometime.

Swara( happy) paths hai hame

Sanky- that we got a proof against nk right?

Swara- hmm

Sanky- y u hate him tho much. Is he related to u in some way.

Swara- when time arrives I’ll tell u. Hope this will be a solid proof.

They reached there and collected the proof. It was related to his smuggling team. But swara was not convinced. She want something strong that he can be hanged.they then left to their house and at evening the trio went for shopping. Next morning there was hustle bustle in whole house as they are going to welcome the hone wale parivar.

Sanskar and swara were doing some work when ragini comes there.

Ragini- gud mrng.

swasan-gud mrng

Ragini was walking towards them but she stumbles and sanskar holds her by her waist. Ther share an eyelock. Swara smirks

Swara- ahem ahem

They parted from each other. Then shomi calls her and she went from there.

Sanky – what was that swara?

Swara- I was just testing whether I can break 2 lovers eyelock

Sanky- acha

She nods. Sanskars pulls his sleeves. By seeing the danger ran from there with sanskar behind her. She runs into raginis room. He get hold off her and began tickling her. Swara was laughing madly and at last both fell on the bed and the bed broke. They were lying with swara on top of sanskar. She gets up.

Swara- what have u done sanskar? If ragini sees this na then she will kill u.

Sanky- I hadn’t done anything its u. Kitni bhari ho tum.

Swara- bhati mein nahi bhati tum ho . Kaali bhes.

There was a hot argument going between them and ragini entered the scene. She was shocked to see her bed broken. Swara was going to say something when sanskar cover her mouth with his hand from back and he tightly hold her both hands.

Sanky- ragini she broke ur bed

Then swara hit his stomach with her elbow and he released her. She explained everything to her. Ragini was faking anger and was heading towards them but swara puts her leg in between and she stumbles. She falls on sanskar and they both land on the bed. Now sanskars 1 hand is on her waist and other on her head.

Meanwhile a car stops in front of their house. And a handsome dashing boy gets out of it with a sweet smile pasted on his face. He removes his google and hung it in his shirt.

Raginis room. They both gets up. Swara runs from there. .

The boy is again shown. He puts hid hands in the pocket and walks towards the entrance as a hero.

Swara was running looking backward and laughing. Suddenly she hit the person and was about to fall. But but…. He holds her by her waist and swara had cluched his collar tightly and her eyes closed. She slowly open her eyes. He smiles at her and makes her stand properly.

Boy-sambalkar jaao

Swara- I’m sry. And thanks for rescuing me.

Boy -its my pleasure. U r swara right.?


Boy- hi I’m laksh. Laksh maheswari. U can call me lucky.

Swara- ohhh so u r my would be jeeju. Hi.

And they shook hand.


Laksh- but y r u calling me jeeju before fixing the alliance.

Swara- I very well know my mom’s and laddo’s choice. They will surely love u.

Laksh- laddo?

Swara- its her pet name and mine is shona.1 minute. Laddoo…… Maaa…maheswaris had arrived. Where is others.

Laksh – they are on the way.

Hearing swaras words ragini pushed sanskar and ran to get ready. Sanskar fell on floor with a thud.

Sanky to himself- both sisters are mad. But I love her madness.

Swara made laksh sit on couch and went outside. She collides with a person and her phone fell down. She sits down to take her phone and looked up.

Swara- when u can’t see properly then y r u wearing tho stupid goggles.

Boyr removing his goggles- ey ladki. Do u know with whom u r talking

Swara getting up- yes ek andhe se kyu.

Boy- hey I’m the great Sahil Maheswari

Swara- I didn’t have heard about this name.

Sahil- ey

Swara- oi chup. Bandhar.

Saying this she went inside. Leaving a smiling sahil behind.

Sahil to himself- interesting.

And he also comes inside.there his whole family was present and sahil took a seat next to his brother laksh.

Ragini came there beautiful dressed who was followed by swara and sanskar. Swara leans on the wall and sanskar stood beside her. Misti haded the tea tray to ragini. Laksh was totally lost in her beauty and didn’t noticed that she was waiting for him to take the tea. Swara coughs and laksh came back to his sense. Everyone laughs at them.

Laksh- so swara what are u doing.

Swara- I’m currently working as an RJ in 99.9 fm.

Sahlak- what?

Swara- what happened?

Laksh – we are great fan of urs. Give us an autograph na.

Swara- jeeju are u here to marry my sister or to get my autograph. And by the way we are going to be relatives then y autograph.

Laksh- u r right. Did u took leave.

Swara- ya . For 2 days.

Mishti then sent both to swaras room for some privacy as raginis room was not less than a place which hit by a hurricane. Mishti tells swara to bring some fruits and was ready to go out when she realizes that her wallet is in her room and the love birds are sitting there. She went towards her room and knocked.

Swara( buttering) -Laddooooo plz open the door na…

Laksh signs her to tell no

Ragini -nahi.

Swara- pls yaar. Otherwise ill come inside.

Laksh-then come.

Swara had a mischievous smile on her face.

Ragini-y u told me to do so

Laksh-just for a fun

Swara- to do fun or romance?

They turns around and finds swara lying on the bed.

Laksh-how did u come inside. Swara signs to the window and got up from the bed. She took her wallet and opened the door.

Swara- sry guys ur time is over.

The trio went outside and they fixed the alliance. Mishti tells swara to bring pandit ji also. She calls the pandit ji and brought him to the house. There engagement was fixed after 10 days and marriage at the months end. And sanskar was tensed and nervous of their marriage. Days passed away.

4 days before their engagement.


Ragini was as usual going to the orphanage but someone kidnapped her or to say nk’ s goons kidnapped her. This news reached swara and she was burning in anger. Ragini was taken to a godown . Swara reaches there and the scene made her more angry. The goons were trying to force themselves on her and it was enough for swara. She bangged in as a hurricane. She was fighting with goons and were beating them with no mercy. The goons were so tired that they were not even able to stand. She took ragini to a corner. Her sleeve was torn and swara gave her jacket to her. She hugged her and cried. She took her phone and gave it to ragini and her to call police and sanskar. She hears someone’s foot step . She goes there and finds to new goon. She again had to fight with them to save her laddo from their lusty eyes. One of them were pointing gun at her laddo her life. And it didn’t got unnoticed by swara. She screams out her name. Ragini was startled by the gun. He shot and ragini closed her eyes of fear. She senses someone falling on her. S swara took the bullet on her. And it was near to her heart. For that moment the whole wold stopped for ragini.

Ragini( shouts) – swaraaaaaaaaa

Swara was breathing heavily and at that time police and sanky reached there. They arrested the goons. Swara puts her hand on raginis cheek.

Swara-(cring) do…. don’t say anything to mom. Tumhe me … meri ka…sam

Ragini cryingly nods. Sanskar ran towards them. Swara fell unconscious. Sanskar lifts her in his arms and with the help of the police they reached the hospital. She was taken to the ot

Dr- the peson is critical. Lets hope for the best . Saying this he enters the ot. Barun also comes there and gives an assuring look to ragsan

Sanky- ( sobbing)what happened to swara.

Ragini explained everything to him. He hugs her.

Sanskar – (sobbing)don’t cry. Everything will be fine. Our swara is not that weak to fail in this test. She will pass it.(he parts) And don’t tell anything to any one ok.

Ragini nods and again hugs him.

Mishti-( crying & running towards them) kya Hua mere shona ko?

Sanskar- vo aunty…..

After sometime. The doctor comes out.

Barun- the operation is successful. She is still unconscious and can Say about her condition only after 24 hours.

Ragini hugs her mom and cries.sanskar looks into the ot only to see swara attached to some machines. She was then shifted to icu and the whole family was waiting outside the icu. Mishti sends tagsan to home. Ragini changes her dress and comes back with some fud along with sanskar.they had their fud. It was night and sanskar after dropping mishti home came back. After reaching home shomi informs this to maheswaris. Next day swara woke up with her sister laying her head on her bed. She caressed her hair and ragini woke up. She was happy to see her sister fine. She went outside and informed her whole family. The maheswaris were also present there. One by people came to talk to her. Then sanskar along with rohan and zain enters there. Sanskar stood to her right and zaro seat next to her left.

Zain- how are u swara.

Swara-( weakly) I’m fine yaar.

Rohan- we came to know about everything.

Swara- sanskar did ragini said anything to mom.

Sanskar- no swara I have made another story.

Swara-what story?



Mishti- kya hua mera shona ko.

Sanskar- vo aunty… Someone kidnapped us. And when we were trying to rum from them they shot me and swara took my bullet. Then I don’t know how but police reached there and ragini was near that ggodoown. And she also accompanied us. In that hurry her dress also torn so I gave her swaras jacket. Everything will be fine aunty.

Mishti- hope so

FB ends

She sighs. She holds his

Swara- thank u sanskar

He places his hand over her and gives a assuring look

RoZa- aakhir yahi toh dosthi hai

Sanskar turns his face away.( in mind) aakhir yahi toh mera pyaar hain shona.

A lone tears escapes his eyes and he quickly wipes it.

Swara- I want to talk to sanskar alone . So guys…

RoZa- ok yaar

And they went out. Swara makes sanskar sit on her bed and she struggles to get up. He helps her and make her sit with the support of a pillow.

Swara- sanskar maa ko ye nahi patha lagne Dena ki mujhe..

Rohan- sanskar aunty is calling u.

Sanskar left from there.

Swara to herself- ki mujhe brain tumor hain.

And she leans her head back and tears flawed from her eyes wetting her pillow.


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