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Hlo remember me?its been 3 or 4 months right that I have disappeared. He he stupid me. And sry 😁😅. Actually im posting the whole story once again. If u remember the story u can skip this. And new readers plss give it a try….Its a swasan and raglak ff  Happy reading

A girl is shown sitting in front of the mirror humming a song with her melodious voice in a perfectly shaped blood red anarkaly. Her fav is not shown yet. She is putting kajal in her almond shaped eyes and then a light colored lip balm on her soft beautiful lips. Then she puts red glass bangles on her soft white hands whose sound was filled in the room.she runs her fingure through it and shakes it to hear its sound. There was an innocent smile on her face. she wears a golden colored jhumka and gently hits it. She wears a golden simple chain with a Lockett of 2 connected hearts. She wears her anklet and stamps her leg.

She stood up and took her duppatta. She puts its one end in one side and then threw it to the other.she takes her bag and run but stops at her room’s door. She hit her forehead and Ran towards her mirror. She took a bindi which was pasted on the mirror and placed it correctly between her eyebrows. As she moves her Han we can see her beautiful lips curved to a smile and an angelic face on the mirror. She descents the stairs and the sound of her jewelries were not less than a music to the people’s ears. Her loose hair was playing in the cool breeze. In hall her mother was waiting for her with a plate of food. It’s non other than our sweet cute shermishta urff mishti





Misti-are beta eat something na

Girl-no mom I’m super late. I have to rush mow bye.

Mishti- beta listen….ye ladki bhi na . Left without eating.hmmm


The scene shifts to a market . 2helmetted boys on a bike snatches a golden chain from a women. She screams for help. This was witnessed by a helmetted person in a stylish black 90’s bullet bike with graphics of burning red cum yellowish orange fire.the person races the bike and started following the thieves In a heroic way.they were going through a narrow crowded road. There was a pulling wooden cart stoped in front of a shop for loading goods. The person increases the sped and drives the bike on the cart. The bike was now in air and its tyres touched the ground with a perfect landing in front of them. He took 2 rounds of the thieves and again stopped the bike facing them. He jerks his hand and wow the chain is now in his hands. He salutes them turned the bike in a racing style.

In a fraction of seconds the bike is disappearing and the thieves were surrounded by the police. Their face were blank as they are still trying to figure out what happened a minute ago. The hero stopped his bike in front of the crying woman who had just lost her chain. He handed it to her because of which her face lit up.the biker is now slowly removing his helmet. O my god…..sry guys there is a misunderstanding. It’s not a boy its a………..GIRL. (he he jhatka lagana. It’s not necessary that heroism is shown only by boys) she is giving the women a million dollar smile. Her curly hair is playing in the gentle breeze.there is no make up on her face but still she was beautiful. Her cuteness and that smile was enough for a boy to fall in love with her. Her full sleaved black jacket,which is pulled up to her elbows,was a perfect combination for her flawless white skin. There was a steel bangle in her right hand which is tightly fitted above her wrist and a stylish black watch on the other.

there is a silver long chain with the symbol of danger( skull and 2 bones) as its Lockett which is perfectly placed at the center of her inner white top. There was a black magnetic earrings on her both ears and a stylish black Nike shoes which perfectly matched her dark black jeans. She was a perfect treat for any eyes. The woman keeps her hand on her head.

Woman -thanks beta


Girl- don’t mention aunty ji . It was my duty . And u r not hurt right.

Woman -no beta I’m perfectly fine. I’m leaving. Take care bye.

Girl-ji bye

(guys the girl in first scene will be denoted as girl 1 and the other as girl2)

She waves her hand to the woman.

Voice- choti…..

The girl gives an annoyed look to owner of the sound but her eyes were shining to see that person. It was girl 1. She approaches her.

Voice -happy bday theeki mirchi.


The girl looks at the owner of the sound. A boy was approaching them with one hand full of ballons which was blocking the view to his face and a cake in the other. But…. He steps on a stone and stumbles. The cake fell from his hand and the balloons flew from the other. He turns and looked at their retreating figure. He stamps his leg cursing the stone in his mind. He faces the girls with a cute pout. They glares at him. He gives sheepish smile to them. The girls burst into a laughter. He gives them a bright smile and walked towards them. The girl2 turns away her face and both of them crossed their hands against their chest. Boy approaches girl 1. He holds her hand began shaking it saying


Boy – ragini plz tell her to forgive me na.

Ragini-( irritated) uff sanskar u know na I hate this. And she is here na ask her.

Sanky approaches girl2- mirchi forgive me na

Girl2 -laddo what should I do

Ragini( acts as thinking)- forgive him na swara

Swara- ok

And she smiles at him. He jumps of happiness and hugs ragini. He gently swings her.

Swara-ahem ahem

They breaks the hug and sanskar hugs swara tightly.ragini was admiring the duo.

( so guys the boy is sanskar,girl1 is ragini ang girl 2 is swara)





SWARA GADODIA- age 20. Younger daughter of shemish. A tomboy girl. Loves her family and friends a lot. Took all the responsibility of the family in her childhood itself. Have some secrets and is behind to fulfill her fathers dreams. A kind hearted girl to poor people and nightmare for bad ones. She lost her father at the age of 7 in front of her eyes.a small goon type girl and a big dramebaaz


RAGINI GADODIA- age 23.elder daughter of shemish. A lovely ,beautiful and sweet girl. Kind at heart. Loves her sister a lot and is worried for her. An innocent girl and never gets angry on anyone but tries to act as an angry bird. MBA graduate and passed with 1 st rank. Currently working for an orphanage. Is waiting for her prince charming.


SHERMISHTA GADODIA- a loving ,sweet and fun loving mom. Worried for her younger daughter. Widow of shekhar.


SHEKHAR GADODIA- was a police officer. A loving father ,a strict officer. He was a very honest man.


SANSKAR MISHRA- age23. A mischevious ,naughty and fun loving person. Handsome hung of his college and locality. Best friend cum partner In crime of swara. Knows her secret but still she is hiding something from him.Was an orphan but was later adopted by barun mishra. Secretly loves……… it will be revealed later. He he

( guys sanskar and ragini were in same class in same school and college. Swara stopped going to school when she was in 10 who was then taught by ragini and passed both 10 & 12 with full A plus. Never tried to go to college. )


BARUN MISHRA- a doctor. Uncle of swara. An unmarried person but later adopted sanskar. Equaly loves swaragsan but cares swara More than anyone. Knows her all secret.


LAKSH MAHESWARI-age 26. Elder son of maheswaries. a hansome kind hearted man. A fun loving prankist. Loves his younger brother very much. A businesses tycoon and girls are mad on him. Is waiting for a queen who can rule his heart.


SAHIL MAHESWARI-age 24. younger son of maheswaris. A famous journalist in a famous news channel. Loves his brother madly and is ready to loose even his life for him. A prankster and a naughty youngster.



Ragini hugs swara

Ragini- happy birthday swara

Swara-thanku laddo

Ragini-hmmm shona….

Swara- laddo plz don’t call me by that name. I get heart attack when u call me that name

Ragini( she knows y but act as an innocent) y shona?

Swara- cause I know that u call me by that name when u need something.he na sanskar

And she did hifi with him.

Ragini( with a pout) its not like that swara I call u by that name when my love towards u increases.

Swara looks at her watch and smiles.

Swara- and ur love increase when u need my help like now. U rlate for ur orphanage and u want me to drop u there. Chal bet

Ragini gives a sheepish smile and sits on the bike in one side.swara looks at her

Swara- do u think I’m ur husband. Nahi na. Then sit properly yaar.

Sanskar- arey shona she have to practice it na. When her marriage happens she have to sit like this only na.

Hearing this ragini blushes and sankar smiles seeing her blush.

Swara- u r impossible laddo. Sanskar wait me here ok ill be back in 10 or more mints. Do go anywhere ha.

Sanskar-(salutes) ok theeki mirchi

Swara- u both are mad

saying this she stars her bike and drove away. Ragsan waved their hand to each other. Sanskar was watching their retreating figure with a bright smile on his face. He then sits in the nearby teastall.

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