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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Gauri leaves for Kashi

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Seth ji saying my men won’t put the guns down, Rahul is also with me now, he is alive till now. Yashpal says hand over Rahul, Preeti and Minty to me, else you can’t go alive. Seth ji asks will you stop me. Yashpal shoots him. Police and goons start firing. Seth ji’s men take Namrata in the car. Yashpal gets shocked seeing the dummy. The recorder plays. He gets angry. He says this is bluetooth operated speaker, it means Seth ji was nearby, come. Gauri wakes up and sees her bag fallen. She reads temple’s secret book. She recalls the play and Namrata’s words. She checks the map. Seth ji’s men lock Namrata in some room. She gets shocked seeing rats. She screams and says save me.

Thakur thanks inspector to let them stay in police station at night. Gauri

says I have decided, I won’t return village without finding shivlings. He says no, you are returning with us. She says I m going Kashi. He asks why, did you get any dream again. She says no, I m sure we will get shivlings near Ganga river. He asks how can you be sure. She reminds the play. Latika says I don’t know the story, what is it. Thakur says its Brahma’s story of pride, he had ego that entire universe is because of him, he didn’t agree to Vishnu and all Devtas, Shiv came to explain him, but Brahma insulted Shiv, Shiv got angry and threw his hair on the earth, Kaal Bhairav was created, he had beheaded ?Brahma and ended his ego, but Brahma’s egoistic head got connected to his hand, he got guilty and his body started turning black, Shiv suggested him to go Kashi and wash his sins, then Kaal Bhairav washed his sins, since then he stayed on earth.

Gauri says Namrata and Seth ji are sinners like Brahma, Kaal Bhairav stayed in our temple, many innocent people are killed in our temple. Thakur says you mean Kaal Bhairav and Shivlings have left the temple to purify. Gauri says yes, they have gone to get purified in Kashi. Latika says you are just guessing it. Gauri shows them the route on the huge map. She says Shivlings are going this way to Kashi, we can take shivlings back to village after Shuddikaran, I m going Kashi, I will wait for them, you can go back to village, I will search for my contentment. She goes. Seth ji’s men put Rahul in room. Preeti and Minty ask him to get up. Gauri boards the bus. Latika says I will wash sins in Kashi. Thakur and Lakhan also join. Gauri smiles.

The men take Namrata to Seth ji. He says you wanted to meet me, see my face well, give me shivling. She looks at him. Seth ji’s face is shown. Indra is in disguise of Seth ji. He says I have to prove that I m Seth ji right, you are tortured as you supported Yashpal. She says I don’t have shivlings. He says I know that, you will tell me its location. He shouts and says someone has sent you that pic one day ago, the person has seen shivlings, tell me. Namrata cries and says Yashpal has sent me the pic, he had shivlings, but Rudra and Shambu ran with the shivlings. He says you don’t matter to me, but I m ready to give you one chance, if you find shivlings before me, I will give you Rahul, else I will kill Rahul, just I will win. She gets scared.

Minty goes to see Seth ji. He gets shocked seeing her.

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