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Jee Le zara…. Swaragini (ragsan) part 38

thanks for your patience and your encouraging comments.
ragini smiled as she snuggled in her bed seeing kanav sleeping peacefully.she slept after kissing his forehead.
“ragini”a voice reached her ear making her scrunch her brows to avoid the bright light.”you are awake”ragini groaned as she looked at rachna glaring her.”who will say it’s your marriage today…. sleeping till 9″ragini grunted at rachna’s words and got up pushing the sheets away.”…”ragini opened her mouth to retort back to a chuckling rachna but no words came out instead her throat pained horribly.rachna looked at her puzzled as ragini held her throat trying to mumble but no words came out.”your throat? what did you do last night?”rachna understood ragini’s frantic gestures.ragini held her head looking at ground guilty.”ohho don’t worry…we will handle it… you take herbal tea,i will get you the best cough syrup and if needed even Brandy, you will be fine”rachna consoled ragini who gave a small grateful smile in return.”kanav is roaming around seeing aunties making haldi paste”ragini nodded as rachna understood her worry answering her.”I will get you tea, you get fresh and ready for function”rachna strolled away patting ragini’s cheek.
‘my marriage day…oh god…I am entering a new phase of my life….I know I have said it before that it won’t matter as I will be with him but this sensation…my stomach is ready to burst out in nervousness and this stupid heart is fluttering like anything… what do I do? sanskar…yes I should talk to him… but how…my throat…why I had to eat so many ice cream…’ragini’s chain of thought was broken by message beep.a wide smile spread across her face reading the message.’i feel like I don’t have a throat 😫😂’ragini typed in response to sanskar’s message’i hope you are enjoying your prize for winning competition 😂 but I am also paying for it’.’i will send a herbal tonic with bhabhi’sanskar typed showing his concern.’😍😘’ragini messaged him to which he send a gif of blushing and shying away.ragini burst into laughter seeing the gif but instead of her voice only squeaks came out.’dont laugh you always make me blush and then you laugh’sanskar send it with’😒’.ragini shook her head and wrote’aww my love but boys look more cute while blushing… more than girls and you are the cutest boy I have ever seen’.’first I am a man and second I AM NOT CUTE’ragini giggled imagining his flared nose and angry pout.’but you are not like others naa… you are my man.. and you are cute…be in denial but you can see why girls swoon over you which I am thoroughly jealous of but nevermind you are mine only’sanskar sent ‘😁😁’ as reply to her message.’get ready I am coming to take you today’ragini grinned reading the message writing back’i am waiting but be sure you are taking me or I have taken you 😏’.’i am all yours’ragini felt heat rising up her cheeks.’bye now I have to go 😕,maa is calling,see you at night to be hubby ‘ragini typed as she heard Sumi calling her.’main karun intezaar tera….TU Dil tu hi jaan meri 😘’sanskar messaged her to which ragini laughed holding her stomach.’stop singing songs and don’t be too cheesy’ragini replied and rushed outside.
“here your tea”rachna placed a cup in front of her as Sumi sat glaring her.”why you had to be so careless? it’s your marriage today and you have got ill”Sumi chided her as ragini sipped on the tea to hide her embarrassment.”aunty it won’t effect anything… she will be fine and people don’t even let the bride speak on their marriage day so no one will know, it’s just her throat otherwise she is completely fine and if anything happens I will be the first one to get her to rest”rachna assured her as Sumi nodded hearing the sincerity in her voice.”mumma are you okay?”kanav asked in his innocent voice.”your mumma is fine kanav just some cough”rachna smiled at him making him sit on her lap.ragini stroked his hair smiling to reassure him.kanav nodded and sat silently looking around.ragini noticed his silence and raised her eyebrows asking for his worry.”I am sorry mumma I gave you so much tension last night”kanav bent his head.ragini pulled him towards herself hugging him stroking his hair motherly.”it’s ok kanav you are a kid you don’t need to have all the burden, you are so small and you are tend to do mistakes and never ever ask your mother sorry for a valid mistake”rachna spoke on behalf of ragini as kanav giggled seeing his maasi trying to imitate his mumma.
“we are here with the haldi…jiji look how beautiful my bahu is looking”sujata announced cheerfully approaching ragini who was sitting in middle of ladies clad in traditional yellow suit and flowery jewelry.”oops sorry sorry not bahu beti… let’s start the function”sujatha smiled at ragini and they started the ritual.ragini smiled at everyone who came to put half on her.”ragini”parineeta hugged her carefully as to not get smudged with haldi as she held her hand giving something.parineeta blinked at her smiling widely while rachna came and took the thing away to keep it safely.ragini smiled in thanks nodding her head.swara came grinning ear to ear with her hands full with haldi.”ragini it’s your haldi today and then Shaadi, you will be my sister in-law I can’t wait to spend our time together”swara went on talking as everyone looked at her amused.”her mood swings result in her being overexcited”Annapurna smiled sheepishly and asked swara to apply haldi.the function went on but ragini’s heart was stuck on the packet not because of tonic but sanskar had sent a message with it which she wanted to read right now.
“finally”ragini tried speaking in her hoarse voice after drinking the tonic he send.she opened the letter and started reading it.”hi ragini I so wanted to do this…send you a love letter….wow love has actually mad me crazy… actually I wanted to say that what you are feeling right now I am feeling the same… these marriage jitters are so weird…I wish to hop here and there screaming your name and in next instant I want to sit still just waiting for the moment I can be with you….we are getting married yeah!!I have said it earlier also but I will say it again I love you….I am glad to be a part of your life… we have not been each other’s first love but I promise that you will be my last love….. always, life won’t be always a bed of roses but I will pick up the thorns before they harm you….. my every action will be in regard to our future now…. you are my anchor in this disastrous life and I will always hold on to you to retrieve hope….. maybe after marriage we will get indulged in our work but I will always remember to take time for you…even if i sometimes won’t be able to which I am determined to avoid then know that you occupy my heart my mind all the time…. solace,my love you will always hold a special place in my heart
so much of emotional talks naa please just don’t cry or your glow by haldi will fade away….”ragini felt a tear trickle down her eyes.”I love you so much”ragini muttered holding the letter close.
“ragini”swara came excitedly to her room and was awestruck to see her sister looking like a royal highness in her red maroon lehenga with the diamond ,gold and kundan jewelry.”you are looking amazing…ethereal… you… sanskar will fall in love with you again”swara jumped excitedly holding her swollen tummy.ragini and rachna giggled seeing her.”baraat AA gayi”swara clapped her hands hearing the drums voice and ran from there holding rachna’s hand.”sanskar”her heart fluttered as she said his name.she heard the approaching baraat and roamed around her room in nervousness biting her manicured nail.
“ragini pandit just is calling”Sumi came in with swara,rachna,kavya, parineeta and uttara following behind her.ragini turned around schooling her expressions to neutral.swara held her one shoulder while rachna other as all walked out to mandap.ragini felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up as all people watched her in awe.her hear beat loudly as she felt his heated gaze making her lift her head slightly to look in his eyes.his eyes expressed each emotion:love, excitement,passion, support, nervousness, understanding and hope for their life together.the way his eyes shone when ragini met his gaze and she could feel him making a resolution to keep her happy, the determination on his face seemed to fly away all her concerns and soon she was sitting beside him in mandap.
the pandit chanted mantras for wedding asking them to follow.sumi and shekhar came on the altar at time of kanyadan.it was the first touch they had in whole day as sanskar held her hand securely.his sweaty palms showed that he too was nervous for this but his firm hold told her that he will overcome it all… just for her.soon they were standing for phere and ragini remembered their rounds in Temple smiling softly and realized sanskar is also thinking the same as he squeezed her hand lightly.sanskar looked at her as he was about to fill her hairline with Vermillion and she could feel herself drown in his intense emotions.he blinked once and she repeated the same feeling sanskar filling her hairline with some sindoor on her nose.”aww jiju loves ragini so much”kavya spoke happily.”you are now husband and wife”the pandit announced as sanskar kept his hand on hers without anyone noticing.”yeah mumma and papa got married”kanav clapped enthusiastically.

all the maheshwaris and gadodias went in as ragini wanted to light the Diya in front of her mother’s photo before leaving her house.her hands trembled as her vision was fogged by tears.she felt a hand holding hers and lightning the matchstick.her husband would understand her all feelings without saying.however she tried to run away from the reality but she still hoped for her mother to be with her, to see her grow up, to teach her things, to chide her for mistakes, to see her getting married and hug her tight before leaving her daughter asking a promise from her groom to keep her happy and warning him if he didn’t.she cried as sanskar keep a hand on her shoulder trying to soothe her pain while kanav held her other hand in worry.ragini sobbed as she knew now that even if she falls sanskar will pick her up and mend everything.the bidaai soon took place and ragini was sitting in car with sanskar.”come here”sanskar spoke softly with his damaged throat as ragini kept on sobbing.he snaked his arm to her shoulder and with other hand patted her hair bringing her close to himself.her sobs ceased as he held her in his protective warmth with his heart beat soothing her.he didn’t say anything but the silence was comfortable, sanskar knew what she wanted and he was too happy to give her the comfort.ragini felt normal as they reached the maheshwari mansion.
“push the kalash beta”sujata directed her and soon all the rituals started and ended in a daze as everyone was too tired to stay after the rituals for talking.
“you change inside I will change outside”ragini nodded and went to washroom collecting her belongings.she came out wearing simple salwar kameez and saw sanskar sitting on bed rubbing his eyes.”kanav is sleeping,maa made him sleep”sanskar said sensing her presence.she came and sat beside him.they looked at each other after some time and smiled sheepishly.”now?”both said at the same time and laughed nervously.”I am sorry that I am saying this now but I really need to..”he was cut off as ragini said”no need for sorry even I can’t control myself… after waiting for so long I don’t want to wait more”. sanskar nodded vigorously and both looked around and then at each other.”where?”ragini asked as sanskar smiled sheepishly again making ragini shake her head.let’s give it a go”ragini sighed standing up as sanskar mirrored her gestures.they both looked at each other hungrily with intense desire.

now now will you read it all here?wait for next part.but first I am planning to write a one shot as per ragsan wish.
actually guys I am just so stuck up in everything and when I get home I am too tired to write anything.i feel horrible for keeping you waiting so long.
rikashini sorry dear but I don’t think I will be able to take it till 50 chapters.i have already planned an epilogue and it may come soon but with that I have also planned other stories which I hope to update.
thanks guys for reading this.
p.s.-the last scene is inspired by a post I read on instagram.i love the writer’s mindset.

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