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Didn’t expected this story ryte… Couldn’t stop myself wn i got many requests for this story

And i know many want PKD..bt i hv lost the track i will update after a month!

Let’s begin…

San shocked:laado!?

A girl was holding a board written “I Love U”

Girl infront of him smiles sheepishly and nods in no

Girl:arey jiju mein nai di …
She signs to the the direction

San looks at the direction and sees the girl standing folding her hands

And his eyes falls a big banner placed behind her wch has “Will you marry me?”

Laado: my sweet innocent sister has been gone mad in your love plz be her doctor and treat her..if you say no then…

San looks at her with disbelief: then what?

Laado smiles: then she no no even me too will not leave in your dreams…

San: why don’t you ppl understand…we are not of the same …

Laado:we r not of the same status! We can never be a good match.. Make your sister understand..it would be an insult for her to marry me blah blah blah….hogaya

San:u also feel this as a joke

Laado: yes
Girl looks at her
Laado:i mean i was agreeing with you

Girl:i know sanskar.. There is some feelings for me in you..that is why you are scaring abt me being insulted…

Laado: some feelings?i can see something else kyun jiju…?

San: first of all….

Laado:m not your jiju… Jiju don’t you get tired telling same boring dialogue ..there’s a better lines for you..i accept your sister…i will marry her.. We will stay for eachother…

Girl:plzzzz Sanskar atleast agree your some feelings for meeeee

He couldn’t resist her cuteness


San smiles: why u both are like this?

Laado:we will change of you agree…
Girl: Sanskar…its been 7 months 8 days and 6 hrs and..hmm(she checks her watch)32 mins and 54 seconds

Laado:ab tho…

San leaves

Girl: Sanskaaaaar…..

San turns and smiles: ok…tmrw at 10:30 your home..

Both sister’s were confused

Laado: why?

San: you said you both will change..bt i don’t want to! So for marriage talks!

Both the sisters were shocked and jumps on happiness and hugs eachother

Here Rag closes a diary

Rag: we will change as promised and if would hv seen his scared face (she remembered sanskar.. the old lady was Rag only she disguised herself)…i will destroy Sanskar Maheshwari…u will be with me right..i know you will be…

Here a girl is shown in a ventilator..her BP was getting low…

Doctor injects her and she calms: she has left few time….
Nurse: doctor… We should inform her family
Doc: how wn she hv no one!


San: Swara plz save me from her memories plz…. It kills me!

Sw: Sanskar… Calm down nothing will hpn! And this sunday night there’s a function from Maan Singh Industries and i think we should go there!

San: u r right swara!

Right then he remembers the old lady…

San: swara…she and her sister loved to sing remember and today the song from

Sw: still you are remembering that lady.. She is mad… Don’t be tensed Sanskar


Rathan: Ragini.. Do you think he will come… After having loss and that interview…

Rag smirks: he will come!i hv fill trust on his so called wife, she will bring him here!

At the time a man comes and he is revealed to the same reporter who hv asked those questions to Sanskar

Rag gives him a bundle of money

He refuses: mam..i don’t need this you hv helped me a lot and now it’s my time to pay back and i will go any extent to help you and i found you like a family don’t break this Relation by this

Rag smiles and nods…


Swara and sanskar goes to a designer boutique…

Swara didn’t like any saree then her eyes falls on a black netted saree and a white stone border she was abt to touch it….

Sales girl: no mam… It’s sold!

Sw:bt i will pay you for this.. And ask them to leave this saree

Sales girl: this is specially requested design and the customer herself given this design

San for a moment remembered laado who used to give design by herself and get the dress designed for all her family he then brushes off his thoughts

Sw:i want this…u know with whom you are taking to??

Sales girl: i m sorry mam.. This can’t be given to you

San:Swara..leave it and select something else

Sw: Sanskar i want that…

San gets the call: 5 mins.. Its an important call…
He goes…

Ragini and Rathan were seeing this..

Rathan: go Ragini.. Your first prey is waiting for you and all the best…

He goes other side

Sales girl: try something else man
Swara holds the saree…: No.. Didn’t you listen…wn i wish to get something i will get it by hook or by crook

Voice:excuse me!

Sales girl: Ragini Mam….this lady want this Saree

Sw turns to her: i want this Saree i can pay any amount to you…the amount wch even you hv not seen in your dreams
She smirks with an attitude

Rag smiles: thankyou so much… Bt i will give this to you afterall this is not for me.. This was for my servant..u take it for free

Rag turns to girl: i had paid already give it to her for free

This hurted swara’s ego…

Rag: where’s my order?

Sales girl brings it… It was a beautiful black and red gown

The other sale girl packs the date and gives to swara

Sw throws it

Rag: oh u didn’t want it…

Sw:mujhe rumhari bheek nai chahiye…and….. And i won’t touch this saree too

Rag interrupts: its ok…i understand.. Hope we meet soon

She goes…

Sw was frustrated..

Sanskar comes: swara…did u

Sw:i don’t want..
She goes

Sanskar was left confused


A guy was moving in a club..

He was dancing with girls

Someone dashes to him

And the girl revealed to be Ragini

The guy was mesmerised by her beauty

Rag: i m sorry

He was lost comes out of it wn he listens her sweet voice: n..no it’s ok

Rag: that’s so sweet of you

Rag goes..

He sees her chain in the floor

He picks it…. And keeps it with himself

In car

Rathan: target number 2 has fallen for you and i don’t think so he can get up

Rag smirks: get up..i will make him to die..no no i will kill him!

She remembers the 2 lifeless bodies in the pool of blood!

She wipes the tears which was ready to fall!


So how was the part?? Did something for clear or more confused??

Did you get some pictures abt wat might hv happend and wat will happen next???

And today i will try to update one more story.. You can suggest me too.. Bt don’t confuse me 😉

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