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Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Chapter-40

….My Brothers Are Everything To Me….


Chapter 40:




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Chapter 40:


Annika trembled and tried to concentrate on putting the kumkum in her partition but it’s really, really difficult.


She tried so hard to ignore the azure eyes on the mirror in front of her.


He had already woken up and even bathed before her. He was the one who had woken her up. When she came out after bathing, wearing a chudi of Priyanka since she hadn’t still got her things from her house.


While she was getting ready in front of the mirror, he was ignoring the file in his hand and those azure eyes were staring at her reflection in the mirror.


Usually, she would wake up late but today was not because of her habit. She woke up late because she couldn’t sleep till it was around three..


His hands on her bare waist…


The way he cuddled her..


The way his breath was against her..


The way he buried his face in the crook of her neck…


The stubble piercing against her..




She still felt goosebumps thinking about it..


So she slept late after he moved away from her a little in sleep and now she’s having aftereffects of waking up..


Her eyes were swollen a little in being awake so late..


But through it all he slept so peacefully, treating her as if she’s a cuddly pillow.


Now though…. It’s different matter all together.


The chudi’s a little tight already and the way he’s staring at her is making hard to breathe..


Where all the oxygen in atmosphere go?


Or is it only her feeling lack of air?


But soon she froze when he got up, putting aside his file, not taking eyes off her.


Annika wanted to look away from those eyes but even if she willed it to, she can’t take her eyes of him.


He moved towards her and put his right hand above her right hand which was frozen in mid air above her eyes with a little pinch of sendoor.


He pressed his front against her back forcefully that she almost collided with the dressing table, his left hand circling her waist to balance her and it made her to press more back on him.


He leaned his face and rested his chin on her left shoulder and made her hand to put that sendoor on her partition.


“You seem tired Annika. Didn’t you sleep well? I know you need time to get used to new circumstances so just relax. I’m not going to eat you.”


His words and eyes failed to match…


While he told her that he won’t eat her, his azure eyes are looking as if they want to eat her alive, devour her to the last of her cells.


“Anuway, I’m going to office today.”


With that he moved away from her but not before his left hand around her waist tightened before letting go.


“But dadi said the post marriage rituals..”


“Yeah yeah… After finishing all those only then I’m going to office. I have lot of work pending with the absence of almost a month. And I have to make arrangements for the press meetings too regarding my marriage with in a week. So I hope you understand.”


Annika was surprised that he didn’t get angry while she woke up late than him and now he even explaining his things to her…


He’s behaving sweeter than she expected..


“No.. No… It’s totally fine.”


He nodded at her and went back to his files but then looked at her suddenly in a curious way..


“You know, you can wear whatever you want.. There is no compulsion that you has to wear saree and all. I’m fine with anything you chose.”


Annika nodded speechlessly because she had known that he’s egoistical and even arrogant sometimes but she never thought that he will be sweet and kind to her.


“Ok.. I’m going down. Dadi will call you for your first kitchen ritual or something.”


They both shared a glance when they both remembered what they said when Shivaay stayed with Annika one day.


~~“Your future wife is so lucky sir”


“And your future husband is so unlucky”~~


Because they both knew that she cannot cook.


They shared a hesitant smile.


He placed a printout in her hand before exiting the room.


What is it..?


Annika looked down to found a simple recipe of Kheer and that too in Hindi with simple instructions that even she cannot mess up.


She will be damned if she didn’t fall in love with him more..


Just before exiting, he turned towards her and said,



“Also get ready in evening, I will come to pick you up.”


“Where are we going?”


She asked confusingly.


“To meet Saahil and explain our marriage.”


With that he went away not caring about her heart’s condition.


One day her heart is gonna burst not able to withstand the love she has for him if it keeps on increasing every second.


She now understood why Rudra was so possessive. Because this side of Shivaay she had never witnessed of.




Rudra groaned in sleep, not wanting to wake up since he slept late, unable to sleep because he can’t get used to the new surrounding even though it’s his room.


Ever since he knew, he had always slept in the room of Shivaay bhaiyaa and sometimes Om’s room and even sometimes in Dadi’s room but to sleep in his own room was never a habit of him.


Rudra even has clothes and things in Shivaay bhaiyaa’s room..


Rudra could not get these thoughts away even in half asleep state.


Rudra can’t help the way he feels..


Rudra whined and muttered,


“Shivaay Bhaiyaa..”


“Yes it’s your bhaiyaa only”


Rudra woke up suddenly with a bed hair and tangled in the bedsheets, looked at Shivaay bhaiyaa on the right side..


Rudra side hugged bhaiyaa and basked in the warmth of his bhaiyaa.


Shivaay bhaiyaa petted his bed hair, making it even more messy.


For once he didn’t care about his hair and all.


It may seem childish and overly dramatic to many but to Rudra this is a world changing event.


Because his Shivaay bhaiyaa and Om are the world to him. Anything happening to them changes his world completely.


Annika di is a very nice and good girl, even said to him that she loved bhaiyaa.


Yet his heart could not settle completely. Rudra accepted her but still reluctant because they had shared a bond ever since they were born.


But now though, his Shivaay bhaiyaa came to wake him up and even brought a tray of his favourite pastries and tea made him realize that his bhaiyaa will always be his bhaiyaa.


Shivaay hugged Rudra back in order to console his little brother.


Shivaay knew that even though Rudra himself thinks he’s an adult, Shivaay cannot agree with that because Rudra has a heart of child..


Shivaay knew why Rudra is possessive of him unlike Om.


Because Om views him as brother and a guardian. But Rudra is not like that. Rudra views him as a brother, a parent, a guardian, a roll model.


Rudra never was close with his parents like Om or Prinku was and always relied on him, looked up at him.


That’s why Shivaay wanted to ask him,


“Are you not happy with this marriage Rudra?”


Shivaay wanted Rudra to accept Annika because Shivaay cannot live with Rudra being sad and at the same time he don’t want to hurt Annika.


“Of course I am really happy that it’s not lady baba Bhaiyaa.”


“I know Rudra how you feel. You don’t have to force yourself to act, ok? We will get through this. Yeah?”


“Bhaiyaa, I am just a little sad that’s all. You don’t have to worry over me and Annika di came to speak with me last night too about this. I am really fine…”


Shivaay’s heart settled hearing that and he was glad to have her as wife despite the circumstances. Tia would’ve ignored Rudra’s worries as childish but Annika didn’t.


“Ok.. Ok.. If you’re fine then that’s all I want. Now go and freshen up. The food is getting cold.”


Rudra got up, pulling the blankets aside and ran towards the restroom.


Shivaay knew that he’s spoiling Rudra but he didn’t regret it one bit.


Rudra will forever his baby Ru as long as Shivaay takes his last breath.




Om looked at Annika and nudged Rudra who was sitting beside the nearest chair, devouring the food obviously Shivaay had made like he had never eaten for ages.


Rudra looked up at him irritatingly and Om pointed towards Annika and Shivaay sitting beside each other on the opposite side of the dining table.


God! How could they miss teasing Shivaay.


“So… Annika, why are your eyes red?”


Rudra too joined in the fun and wiggled his eyebrows.


“Stop it you two..”


Shivaay hissed at them silently..




There it is…


Angry Singh Oberoi.


Om giggled along with Rudra because it’s really cute when Shivaay gets all riled up.


“Did you see that Rudra? The great Shivaay Singh Oberoi is speaking up for his wife.”




Om ignored Shivaay calling him and continued,


“You ask question to one and you are getting answer from another one.. This is called perfect husband and wife.”


“So what? We’re perfect couple”


Annika choked on the food at Shivaay’s statement but Om and Rudra knew that Shivaay bhaiyaa is trying to play it cool to cover up his embarrassment.


Shivaay patted Annika’s back and gave her water.


“Ooh… Caring husband. Have you ever seen Shivaay taking care of any girl like this Rudy? He’s changing.”




“So anyway Annika, why are your eyes red.?”


Annika had calmed down finally and looked at them both confusingly,


“Didn’t sleep well”


She mumbled those words and Rudra smirked at her,


“Why so…”


They expected her to blush and stutter..


“Well, it’s all your bhaiyaa’s fault anyway. He didn’t let me sleep at all”


With that she got up and went away, helping the maids glad that the Kheer wasn’t burnt or something.


It was Shivaay, Om and Rudra’s turn to choke on the food.


While Annika meant something different, they took it even more differently.


“Naughty Bhaiyaa”


Rudra finally got the words out and Shivaay made a hasty exit from there.


Om laughed along with Rudra seeing how the mighty Shivaay is running away.


Om looked at Rudra after the laughter died out and asked him,


“Are you fine Rudra?”


“Yeah O. And if I get to tease Shivaay bhaiyaa like this then I will be fine even more.”


“You know I’m your bhaiyaa too right, you can sleep in my room if you want to..”


Om had been worried about Rudra and was glad that he’s reluctantly accepting Annika.


“Thanks O”


Rudra said emotionally before getting up and leaned towards him,


“But I am still not calling you bhaiyaa Omikuru”


“Rudy, How many times have I told you to not call me that”


Om yelled at Rudra who even snatched the remaining of wedding cake left on Om’s plate and ran.


Shivaay even though irritated at their teasing, chuckled at thematic went to office.


Occasionally employees came and dropped the files to the front gate because he never allows anyone in unnecessarily. He had work piling up with all the rituals of marriage and family drama.


So Shivaay tried to look at everything quickly since he had promised Annika to pick her up in evening.


So when he called Annika before exiting the office in the evening, her mobile was switched off and he called home to only know that she had went to her home to pick her clothes and things needed.


So Shivaay went to her home and was surprised that it’s locked and no one’s there..


Suddenly he got a call from Daksh and he cut it twice since he’s already tensed enough with worry.


But he picked it up at the third time,


“Daksh, I’m not in the mood to–”


“Shivaaay… Shivaay… You definitely have to speak with me so only you will know where’s your Annika..”




(A/N: Hope you all liked their bonding time..


So anyway I have IMPORTANT announcement to make..


Omkara’s pair will be neither Ishana nor Gauri. I have never connected with their characters so I don’t want to write it half heartedly. There will be no pairing to Omkara till the end of my story. Some of you may be happy with this and dome of you might be disappointed so I apologize to them.


Thanks for all the comments and love. Especially VHM.


See you all with next update.)


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