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Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arohi has brought devika to the house

Ishq Mein Marjawan 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
The girl is asleep. Deep comes there. Arohi syas why are you here? Wanna kill her too? He says no wanna ask some questions. Deep asks her how did you get here with that child? She says everyone was talking about Roma in the hospital. Everyone knows who she is. Roma says you did right you deserve a present. She says I need permission to live here my landlord kicked me. I will be here for few days only. Roma says you can stay.

Virat says why did you let her live here? Roma says we have a name is society we have to live upto it. Don’t worry. If she leaves Niku will be taken by police. You will be arrested.
Prithvi says to the girl why are you here? She says you didn’t want me to come here but God made niku the reason. If you force me I will tell Roma.

says she might be clever. I was given task to kill Arohi and I did that Virat had to kill Niku. Virat says i did i don’t know how he got safe.
Someone texts the girl you entry was amazing. You will get your answer be careful of deep and virat.

Virat comes to niku’s room. He is about to give him an injection. Doctor comes and says I am here to check him. Arohi is with him. Virat says who called him? Arohi says I don’t know. virat says go out. Doctor says the child is not well. I have to treat him or I will need to call police.
Roma says to deep when Virat said he will kill niku you got worried why? Virat says I am worried for your reputation and Virat not Niku.
Media comes to Roma to talk to her about her social service. Virat says I will take this doctor to mom. Deep comes and stops Virat. He says there is media if you take the doctor out we will be defamed. Virat says to doctor who called you? Doctor says learn to behave first. Deep says I am sorry. Please tell me who called you. He says a woman called me. Arohi goes ot her room.

Arohi says to Chawani because of you I could save Niku. He says I didn’t do anything. Roma says he told Virat some woman called him. Roma says to Deep and virat find out who called him. And end this chapter as soon as possible. Chawani says you have to do something. If you send him away they might harm him. Arohi hears someone saying I didn’t do anything.
Virat puts gun on the girl and says you called the doctor. Arohi says stop what are you doing. Virat says she shouldn’t have called the doctor. Prithvi says stop. I have found everything about this girl.. She is not lying. She went there for checkup and found niku there. Virat says okay if you say so. I don’t know then who called the doctor. There is someone in this house. He leaves.
Prithvi says to her why are you here? You know this isn’t the right time. She says you are here papa.. Arohi overhears. Prithvi says this place is dangerous for you. She says papa you are here I know nothing would happen. After so many years I got to spend time with you. Prithvi says I dont’ have answers. Please go from here. He leaves.
She says if you can’t tell me the person who brought me here can help me. She texts someone and says I am here now, when will I get my answers.

Chawani gets a text from Devika. He saysv how should i answer this. Arohi is with him. Arohi replies her you will get all the answer just wait. Arohi says she is our trump card. We have to play it right. She is a weapon that will ruin Raichand family. Just wait and watch.
Precap-Arohi says to Devika you will be my next weapon. Deep says I will do anything to save my family.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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