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I’ll be waiting for you.. ( SwaSan Ts – Shot 6 ) By Swarmayi



SwaSan and SakNish were settled on their booked table..


Sanskar : So.. what will u like to eat? Swara???


Swara : I.. ( cuts her )


Sakshi : Arey Sanky.. She’ll eat only what u’ll eat.. hai na Shonaaa? ??


Swara got embarassed while Sanky smiled.


Sanskar : Diii. .. den should I order? U guys don’t have problem na?


Nishad : cmon sanky.. we knw ur choice.. ( looks at swara ) u won’t disappoint us we knw dude.. ( winks )


Sakshi giggled while Sanky gave him shut up look..


Sanskar : ( to waiter ) Excuse me.. write our order.. 2 BUTTER CHICKEN, 4 TANDOOR ROTIS,  2 PLATE PAPER CHICKEN, 2 CHICKEN BIRYANI.. ( looks at all ) Aur kuch? ???


All were looking at him with opened mouth. Sakshi jumped in happiness.


Sakshi : Sankyyyyyyyy! !! Omg!!! Thank you so much! !! U knw me n Nish just love chicken sooo much.. n u ordered all our favourite items.. ( suddenly remembered smthng n looked at swara n she got naughty idea ) Swara.. y r u quiet? Spk smthng na? Don’t u like wat sanky ordered fr us?


Swara : ( looked at Sakshi angrily bt smiled fakely ) vo I…


Sakshi : ( cuts her ) Loved it.. ryt na? I knew it.. Sanskar.. see I told u na..


Swara gave Sakshi death glare.. Sakshi winked at her. Bcz she knew Swara is pure vegetarian.


Soon their order arrived.. All started to serve themselves. But Swara stayed still.. Sanskar looked at her confused.


Sanskar : Choco chips? Why r u staring food? It is for EATING. Cmon eat.. arey! Ur plate is empty.. wait.. lemme serve..


Swara : ( stopped him ) No no sanky.. m full.. ( sanky looked at her weirdly ) I mean.. m nt feeling like eating.. I.. I’ll order milkshake fr me.. u guys enjoy.. ( smiles fakely )


Sanky : What? But u were hungry b4 smtym? N without eating anything hw cm u r FULL? No ways.. u hv to eat.. m not going to listen.. Cmon yarr.. we r here to enjoy.. y r u being so boring?? Plz na.. atleast eat sm biryani n paper chicken.. for me?? Plzzz???


She nodded.


Saying this he served her. She gulped looking at her plate.. She was feeling nauseous smelling that.. Bt she gathered sm courage n took spoon near her mouth with trembling hands. Sakshi’s eyes popped out n  was looking all this with opened mouth. Bt swara.. couldn’t hold it anymore and she keep that spoon in plate again n left from there murmuring excuse shocking everyone.


Swara : ( left spoon n ran outside controlling her tears ) Excuse me..


Sanskar : Swaraa.. wait.. Swaraa. . ( confused ) What happened to her?


Sakshi : Shonaaa.. wait.. sorryyy yaarrr. . Shonaa…


Sanskar : Di? Wat happened to her? N y r u sorry?


Sakshi : ( sad ) Vo.. Sanky.. Shonaa.. she’s pure vegetarian. N i knw it bt I was teasing her all time..


Sanish : What???


Sakshi nods.


Nishad : ( angry ) What was dat Sakshi? U knew it still u dint tell us.. Wat was d need of doing that.. u spoiled her date making her sad..


Sanskar : Nish.. calm down.. I’ll look after her. U guys don’t fight..


Saying this he left. While Nishad gave Sakshi angry look.


Sakshi : Nishi.. I dint mean to make her sad.. I was just teasing her..


Nishad : Leave it Sakshi.. u did wat u want to.. I just hope sanky convince Swaru. .


Sakshi nods being sad..


Outside of hotel..


Swara cm running there n take sm fresh air.. as she was feeling uneasy bcz of smell n looking at all that food.. She took out scent frm her pocket n sprayed it on her hand to smell. Soon she heard footsteps.


Swara : ( turned n smiled ) Sanskar.. y u cm here.. Go n hv ur lunch.. Actually na.. m nt feeling like eating.. bit uneasy.. so I cm hear in fresh air.. u go m fyn..


Sanskar : Now u’ll lie to me? ( swara looked at him ) Di told me everything. ( swara looked down while tear escaped from her eyes ) Y dint u tell me b4 swara? Wats there to hide in this thing?


Swara : ( still nt looking at him ) I.. don’t want to make u upset.. I.. mean.. I thought.. u wont like it.. that.. u like non veg n I..


Sanskar : n u dnt!!! So wat Swara? We would hv ordered veg… n

Is it written smwhere that what all Sanskar likes Swara should also like it? N y will I mind yarr?  U r seriously crazy. Now cm.. I knw u r hungry.. lets order smthng veg fr u..


Swara : ( smiled n nodded ) Okay..


Both returned to their table.


Sakshi : Sorry Shona.. I was just teasing u.. I dint mean to make u sad..


Swara : Don’t worry Di. . I knw.. n I’ll keep ur teasing in my mind.. m nt at all angry . ( smirks n winks )


Sanish smiled while Sakshi gulped cz she knw wat she meant.. Surely, she’s up to smthng n now it will be her, who will be in trouble. She mentally cursed herself fr teasing her n gave fake smile to Swara..


Swara ordered sm veg food fr her n soon they returned to their respective homes after completing lunch…


Days were swiftly passing and our SwaSan were enjoying their newly found FRIENDSHIP. Well, though they donno it is frndship or smthng more.. but yeah, WE CAN SEE IT IS SMTHNG MORE.. 😉 Their bond is growing.. They started spending time with each other.. They were enjoying each others company, Each others care, each others silly fights n all..


One day, all were sitting in lounge of GM after dinner.. Sanskar n Nishad were also present. Sakshi n swara was talking while she saw her Dad n said happily..


Sakshi : Dad, u knw.. Nowadays m listening few songs repeatedly.. I got audio clips.. I like it so much.. wait.. I’ll show u.. u asked me na to hear.. ( suddenly )


” Sakshiiiii…” Avni called her..


Sakshi : Aayi mom.. Dad, guys.. I’ll just cm.. Shona.. hold my phone.. m cmng..


Swara : Ok Di. .


Sakshi left.. Suddenly smthng strikes to Swara.. she smirked naughtily. 😉


Sanskar who was talking with Nishad and Neil saw it n got confuse. 😂


Soon Sakshi cm along with Avni n settled with all..


Sakshi : Shonaa. . Gimme mobile. . I wanna show my new favourite songs to u all..


Swara gave.


She played 1st song..


” Aa re pritam pyaare banduk le aaj goli maar re.. ”


Nishad choked water. All looked on shocked.  Swara bited her inner cheek to stop her loud laugh.. Sakshi was beyond shock..


Raj : Sakshi? Wat is this?


Sakshi : Dad.. I donno.. I think.. sm mistake.. wait.. I think.. this is the one.. lemme play..


She played another..


” Laila mai Laila. . Aisi mai Laila. . Har koi Chahe muzse.. milna akela.. ”


Now all were double shocked. . Nishad was looking at her with opened mouth.. While Swaravarjun in condition of Rofl.. n sanky was hardly suppressing his laugh.. Sakshi was so shocked.


Shekhar : Sakshi? U listen all this???


Sakshi : ( immediately ) No no no.. Bade papa.. I donno how this.. I.. ek min.. I knw.. this is the one.. ya.. this is that song only..


Saying this she played it..


” Suhaagraat hai ghoonghat Utha raha hu mai..”


Hearing this Nishad was abt to fall bt sanky hold hir while all laughed loud.. Swaravarjun were Rofl. .. n elders were also laughing… Sakshi was hell embarassed.


Shekhar : Raj, I never knw that our Sakshi is in so hurry of her marriage.. Mishti.. Avni bhabhi.. call pandit soon.. we’ll fix date soon.. ( said while laughing )


Raj : ( laughing ) Ha bhai.. jaldi sab karo.. varna pata nai aur kya kuch dekhna aur sunna padega..


Hearing this Sakshi turned red n ran from there blushing while Swara was laughing continuously.. She gets up from her seat n went to kitchen to drink water.. she drank water n when she turned, she dashed with sm1.. who was looking at her hvng mischievous smirk on his face..


Swara : Sanky.. u.. u scared me.. ( sighs )


Sanskar : ( teases ) really? Don’t u get scare while playing PRANKS on others?? ( raised his eyebrow )


Swara : ( got his point n look here n there ) Wha..what u mean? M nt getting.. u..


Sanskar : Okayyy.. cmng straightly to point.. ( keeping his hand on her shoulder ) My dear choco chips, I mean.. u dint feel scare to change AUDIO CLIPS from di’s mobile??? ( raised his eyebrow )


Swara : ( stammered ) I.. me.. u.. ( takes breath ) I.. dint..




Hearing him Swara blushed hard.. She managed to say


Swara : How.. How u.. got to..knw???


Sanskar : ( smirking ) It’s written on ur face choco chips! ( she looked at him confuse n he laughs ) well, u hv to accept m very good face reader.. ( says while keeping his both hands on either sides of his pockets )


Swara : ( makes faces ) Huh.. liar.. I knw u dint get to knw by my face.. say me truth or else don’t talk to me.. ( turned her face )


Sanskar : ( smiled seeing her cute antics ) Aww baby.. don’t be angry.. m saying truth only..


Swara : ( keeping both hands on her waist ) O hello.. m not baby ok.. don’t call me dat..


Sanskar : ( laugh out loud ) Yes you are!!! Look at ur antics.. ( mimics her ) Say me truth or else don’t talk to me.. ( laughs ) This stubbornness is of child only.. haha..


Swara looked at him angrily. All fuming.


Sanskar : ( pulled her nose ) n this cute baby nose which get all red when u get angry.. like BABY!


Swara : Sanskarrr… ( takes breath ) u better stop teasing me.. or else..


Sanskar : ( coming near her ) else what… BABY???


Swara : ( tighten her grip on water glass ) Sanskarrrrr. .. I..


Sanskar : ( coming close ) You.. what???


Swara : I.. I.. ( looked at Sanskar n in a fraction of second throw water on him ) will throw this water on u..


Sanskar was all shocked n drenched.. while swara was laughing continuously.


Sanskar : ( shouts ) U r gone miss Swara… run…


Saying this he started to chase her.. swara ran out of kitchen. They ran all over house… everyone was sitting there n watched it..


Neil : What’s going on???? These both…


Aaravarjun : Marathon Neil bhai.. ( giggles )


Nishad : But y this Sanskar is all drenched? Baarish toh hui hi nai…


Swara was hiding behind all while running. She hided behind Neil n laughing..


Sanskar : ( to Nish ) Yeh mausam ki baarish ki vajah se nahi hua hai Nish.. Its because of ur pyaari saali emptied all water glass on me… ( to Swara ) Swaraaaa… cm out… m nt leaving u today…


All started laughing..


Swara : ( while running ) First catch me to leave u lambu..


All : Lambu????


Swara : Haa.. lambu.. tallest man.. hehehe.. look at him.. he’s like coconut tree..


Sanskar : Swaraaa.. u… ( saying this he again started chasing her n finally caught her ) Now spk.. wat were u saying ha.. lambu???


All laughs..


Swara : ( struggles while pleading ) Sorry na Sanskar. .. leave me na plz plz plz plz plz…


Sanskar : A big NOOOOOOO…


Swara : ( suddenly looked at him n smiled cutely.. he dint understand. She winked suddenly shocking him. He loosened his grip on her n she escaped from his clutches ) Hahaha. .. See Sanskar. . U can’t even hold my hand properly..


Sanskar : ( smiles looking at her while giving naughty smirk ) I ALREADY HELD UR HAND.. ITS U WHO DINT SEE.


Swara immediately looked at him n both had cute eyelock. Which was broken by All..


All : Ahm ahm… ( clears throat )


Swara smiles n ran from there.. While Sanky just shook his head smilingly…


She stopped at 1st floor n looked back.. sanky was looking at her only.. She bids bye to him.. He too waves his hand n gestures to call.. She smiled  while nodding n ran to her room n close the door..


Hum jo har mausam pe marne lage

Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho..

Hum jo sher-o-shayari karne lage

Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho..


Swara slapped her forehead.. n went to her study n took out her pen n diary..

She smiles while writing n then closed the diary..


Bikhre bikhre se the hum pehle

Ab sawarne lage..

Tumhari galiyon se rozana jo

Hum guzarne lage..


Sanskar went towards his car.. while walking he looked upwards n there swara was standing smiling.. waving her hand.. he chuckled n waves bye too.. n drove off..


Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho..


Sanskar slept on his bed.. Hugging his pillow while smiling…


Aise pehle na the

Jaise hai hum aaj kal..


He remembered swara’s behaviour… Her continuous blabbering nature.. Her cute antics.. Her pranks.. their nok jhoks.. Her anger.. Her innocence..


Tumhare siva kisi aur se

Hain milte kam aaj kal..


Next day he spent doing sm random things.. n in evening went to meet her..


Zara zara se hum badalne lage

Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho..

Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho..


Both were having pani puri when she take 1 puri near his mouth.. He looked at her while she gestured to eat fast.. He ate n smiled..


Mmm…ho oh…


Next day… He took her for bike ride.. She was so happy as 1st time she was sitting on any bike.. She was enjoying while he was riding fast bt safe..


Dhoondun jab main tujhe

Tu mere andar hi mile..


when he, SakNish along with Swara went fr shopping, he stared her who tried princess gown n was twirling again and again n giggling..


Kaha pe tu ho shuru

Kaha pe me khatam pata na chale..


Swara gestured him ‘ hw m looking ‘ while he mumbled beautiful n gave flying kiss to which swara blushed..


Betahasha hum ishq karne lage

Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho..

Wajah tum ho, wajah tum ho..


Guys.. Do I need to tell now dat They started loving each other????? ( raising my eyebrows ) No no.. my readers r clever enough. Hai na? 😉😉😉


Next day..


Swara’s phone rang.. Obviously it was our hero..


Sanskar : Hey choco chips,  where r u?


Swara : Hey.. m at Poo’s home.. y?


Sanskar : cool.. m cmng to pick up up.. we r gng out..


Swara : A hello excuse me man.. wats this? Y suddenly? N u.. ( cuts her )


Sanskar : I have taken permission from ur Dad. ( swara frown ) Now stop ur kbc n cm fast.. m waiting near xyz stop..


Swara : ( sighs ) Okay..


Swara left from there n started going towards xyz stop. She reached there bt Sanky was late.. He dint reach still..


Swara : ( murmurs angrily ) Huhh.. always late..


Suddenly where she was standing, 1 bike cm n mistakenly splash all mud water on swara’s dress.. 1 boy wearing helmet n 1 girl wearing scarf was sitting on bike..


Swara got angry n shouted..


Swara : ( shouts ) Abey oyyy.. Dikhta nai hai??? Andhaa hai kia?? Girlfriend ke saath maje bike pr nai ghar pr mara karo. Huhh. Idiot kahika! Spoiled my dress..


Hearing her.. boy stopped bike.. got down of it.. n both boy n girl walked towards Swara.. Boy took out his helmet while girl too took out her scarf…


Swara : ( screamed ) YOUUUUUUUUUUUÙUUUUUUUU? ????


Screen freezed on Swara’s face which was showing shock n anger n much more…












Main to chali.. tata bye bye…


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