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Ikyawann 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya forgives Soumya

Ikyawann 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fighter Didi waiting for Susheel in the wrestling space. Susheel comes and recalls everyone’s words. She asks about the rules of the game. Fighter Didi says forget the rues, just do it by heart, there is no competition, did you think I will fight with you. Susheel says yes. Fighter Didi says you feel bad when the ladies don’t like the food, they will cook today, but number of rotis will depend on you, you have to get the bells from the hen’s necks, two rotis per bell, you have 5 mins, I have to check how fast you are.

She sits and checks the stopwatch. Susheel runs after the hens. She falls down. She catches one hen and says I got a bell. Lady says we are six people, just two rotis, we won’t get rotis, there is no time. Another says true, she is saying as if she has

won Janmashtami trophy. Susheel recalls Satya and runs to catch hens. She gets angry and catches another hen. Fighter Didi checks time. She comes to Susheel. Susheel asks do you know. Fighter Didi says Satya, you reacted hearing Satya word, I understood seeing your anger. She asks the ladies to get hens inside. Soumya comes to Leela. Leela taunts her. Soumya says I wanted to make everyone’s food better, I cooked food and it wasn’t good, so I gave the order. Leela says you are a seed and I m the plant, I chose you, you have to become a plant, so do what I say, don’t cheat me ever, else I won’t tolerate.

Susheel sees Ajmera house. She goes to Kali’s clinic and asks for her. Leela throws the seed out. It hits Susheel. Leela says go and find the seed. Soumya goes out. She sees Susheel and screams. She says save me, how did gorilla come here. She laughs. Vishu says I didn’t like Soumya, she should have not lied, Susheel would have not done this. Satya says Susheel is not here. Vishu says you liked Soumya, but her lie… Satya asks did mum send you to do this, she was cheering up everyone, mum said about oily food, even Sejal makes pakodas. Vishu says I m comparing as Susheel would not hide her mistakes, you would have not taken a stand for her, you won’t understand.

Soumya comes to clinic and takes the seed from her. She says I got your everything, Satya or this junk don’t want to live with you. She sees herself in mirror and asks Susheel to see herself, mirror always speaks truth. Kali comes and hears Soumya insulting Susheel. Susheel says mirror never lies, you are mirror for me, this soil is everything for me, I feel proud, when soil leaves real color, it lightens even mehendi color, see now, its a stain for you, but a part of me. Soumya goes. Susheel says I got a wound so I came here. Kali says I wonder why didn’t I have a daughter like you. She does the dressing. Susheel asks how is Sejal. Kali says fine, practice well, your fight is for all the women. Soumya cleans the soil and recalls Susheel. She asks Satya to help. He asks what happened. She says I went to get coconut water for Leela to say sorry. He cleans her hands.

She hugs him and asks are you annoyed with me. He says no, I can’t get annoyed, I wanted a girl like you as my life partner. Susheel comes and sees Fighter Didi heating the sand in a big bowl. She says this is next phase of your training. Susheel’s hand burns. Fighter Didi says time up.

Fighter Didi says hatred can’t teach you a win. Susheel says no person should force a woman for anything. She breaks things in Satya’s room and scolds him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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