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His silent love – Chapter 5

Chapter – 5 – Zero chivalry


(Read the author note in the end. Has something about by one shots)





“Pardon?” I was able to choke out and his eyes widened before he lets out a nervous laugh waving his hand in a dismissive manner, “No. No. I didn’t mean like it. I mean why would I need you? Or who would?”


That was mean.

I heard him curse under his breath running a hand through his hair frustrated. “The latter part of it was unnecessary but never mind. Continue”


I rolled my eyes going back to eating my burger.

You did mind it , Twinkle.

(The writings in bold is Twinkle’s conscience)

Never happening , Kunj was born an asshole.

“Do you remember a few years ago , when Dhruv got badly injured…” he trailed and I nodded boggled as to why was he bringing this up.


“It was horrible..” I mumbled looking up at him and he nodded clearing his throat , “That wasn’t due to an accident”


I narrowed my gaze at him , “Just spill the beans already”


“Your father and mine are running the biggest gang in California, or maybe in the entire world”

I blinked.



Then started laughing.


Stop laughing, you sound like a dying whale.


Wow. Way to be polite, inner Twinkle.


“And why do you think I wouldn’t know that?” I smirked crossing my arms at him and he lets out a shaky breath, “How the f**k do you know about this?”


“Detective Maira and Twinkle” I stated proudly and he rolled his eyes pinching the point between his nose and eyes.


“How much?”


“We couldn’t find everything since dad decided to show up in his office room. All I know , they run this huge gang but it does have some illegal activities”


I raised an eyebrow at him so he could clear the definition of those ‘illegal activities’ for me.

“It’s not your typical ‘kill people without any reason’ gang. It was handed over by our grandfather’s” he begins explaining.


“It’s mainly to protect people. People who are targeted by other gangs who by definition aren’t the nicest gangs out there. We somehow protect people, may it be children being abused at their homes or anywhere.

Or helping orphans get a suitable home. Woman who ditched after getting them pregnant and people who don’t have a shelter”

I know about the orphanage but the rest?


“But you just listed all the good things” I mutter confused, “Then why do you guys call it a gang?”


“Because what we do to help those people for that we need money. And our way of getting that money is kinda illegal”


“Shit. You mean like you rob people or kill them?” I hissed pretending to be mad.

I knew they’d never do that.

Well , knowing my father and Sarna , they wouldn’t but Kunj… joking.


“No ,idiot” he hissed , “You must have heard about those illegal races and fights”


I nodded.

“But we don’t let any one enter those thing easily. We a have a secure contract with them. That they take their own responsibilities if they get injured in a race or a fight”

“And the fight?” I question interested and he nodded , “Boxing. But we don’t take many fighters for that since some of our opponents are dangerous to some extent”

“Am I or am I not wrong that you just pointed out that the dangerous opponent is you?” I chuckled and he smirked nodding , “You know me way too well”


Arrogant as heck!

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at this.

“It’s way too obvious. Since you are nothing but an arrogant asshole with zero chivalry” I declared whole heartedly and smiled sweetly at him.

He scoffed going back to explaining things to me , “After dad and Taneja uncle ,Dhruv and I would be the one’s handling it”

“Why not Yuvi?” I question confused and he sighed , “It’s not my place to tell”


I nodded frowning but decided to ask about this later from Yuvi. And papa and I as well as the rest of the family are gonna be facing me.
“Okayyy and why is it that you are telling me all of this after years?” I question annoyed again that they hid such a thing from me.


“Your father’s instructions. And..” He hesitated looking down at his hands , “The second leading gang in here; the black beaters are after someone and that someone is you”


I blinked again.

And this time for like a billion times.

And then started laughing my ass off at him all over again.


A polite reminder, you do sound like a laughing elephant

Thank you



Hello hello everyone.

So here’s another quick update.

I just wanted to post this one quickly so I could share with you guys about my one shots.

Remember, when I told you guys back in the beginning of two shades that I would doing four one shots.

And I selected four.

An idea by shanaya, but I made it a story instead of a one shot.

Another idea by ritzi, something related to 50 shades of grey/kunj😂

Another idea by kritika (Kritika14, her tu account), honeymoon related.

Lastly by Ria, a plot with a tragic end.

And I am totally excited for all these. So I’ll be posting the one shot who’s idea was by ritzi first, because it’s completed.

Let me know when should I upload it.
The title is “Perfectly flawed

Thanks for liking the last chapter.
Love 💕

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