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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 5

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His Destiny Awaits – Part 5

Darius is waiting outside the jail. He talks with one of his men. “Free him and kill him” He orders. The man goes in.

Guards question, “who are you and what are you doing here?” The man replies, “King sent me to take that traitor in front of him. King wants to question him” Guards allow him. Guards open the jail and take Hasthi out. He is in anger. The man looks at the guards, takes out a sword and stabs both from behind. Hasthi looks at him shocked. The man gazes at him.

Puru comes inside the palace. He goes to meet Queen Anusuya. On the way he meets King Bamni. Both of them stop infront of each other. Bamni looks at Puru with a hopeful face. Puru looks at his eyes without showing any emotions.

“I want to talk with Hasthi for the last time” Puru finally speaks. “Alright. I’ll come with you” King Bamni replies. They go towards jail.

While at Dasyu Lok,

Laachi is seen sitting on a rock looking at the sky. Mahanandini comes and looks at her. She sits by her side. “I want your happiness” Queen of Dasyus speaks. Laachi turns to her. She doesn’t reply. Mahanandini continues, “I didn’t know that you were trying to help Dasyus. I always thought that you are a little child and you don’t know what’s right and wrong. But you have grown up now, so I can have faith in you.” Laachi smiles and hugs her. Dasyu king looks at them from behind.

Puru and Bamni reach the jail. They see that the gate of the jail is opened and runs towards it. Puru quickly moves in and gets shocked seeing the dead bodies of guards. King Bamni also gets shocked. Puru screams, “Hasthi!!” King Bamni shouts for soldiers and soldiers come running there. “Find Hasthi somehow! He had escaped. I’m sure he won’t have gone so far” King Bamni orders. Soldiers run searching Hasthi.

Purutries to leave with them but King Bamni stops him. “You stay in palace. He may harm you if he gets a chance as he is in anger with you. My soldiers will find him” Puru gets annoyed but doesn’t show. He says, “Hasthi has escaped from your soldiers only.” King Bamni says, “I know, that’s why I’m sending them”Puru gets surprised. 

Meanwhile, Queen Anusuya looks out of the window of her room. She sees soldiers running here and there . She panicks thinking that something might have happened. She runs out of her room in search of King Bamni. She stops two soldiers and asks, “Where is the king?” . One of the soldiers replies, “King and Prince are near jail my Queen”. Queen Anusuya gets surprised and quickly runs towards the jail. 

She reaches there and hears King Bamni asking Puru to not leave the palace. She questions, “What has happened?” King tells her the whole thing. She orders, “Puru, you are not allowed to go out of the palace from now on.” “But mom..” Puru insists. “Obey your mother, Puru” king advices him. Puru gets annoyed and leaves. Queen Anusuya and King Bamni look at each other.

While leaving, Puru gets thinking. “How did Hasthi escape? Why were the guards inside? They should have been out not inside. Then what has exactly happened?” He reminisces the soldiers lay dieing and gets alert. “They were stabbed from behind which means, while they were going inside, someone might have entered there.” He is shocked to realize the truth. “Darius!”

Dariuscomes there and smiles, “you are smart, but how did you know that I did it?” Puru gets angry. “Bharaths don’t stab from behind as Farsis” Darius laughs, “Merchants like us always do that” he leaves. Queen Anusuya comes there, Puru sees her. He tells her everything.
“How can we prove this in front of King?” Queen Anusuya questions, Puru replies, “We can’t. But they’ll pay for it” he leaves. Queen Anusuya looks at him worriedly.

Hasthi reaches Pritha. She gets surprised along with happiness. She hugs him. He speaks, “Farsis helped me to come out, but they tried to kill me.” Pritha gets shocked. “Why would they try to Kil you?”she questions.

“Because I can throw them out of Barath.” He smiles evilly. “But they have forgotten that I won’t let Puru’s dream come true. I am also a Dasyu. Dasyus cannot be caught” She smiles. “We have to leave now.” He says. She nods.

While in Macedonia
Alexander is shown with his army. “We will surprise them” his commander says to Alexander. He agrees. “Soon I will be the King of Persia”.

Back again at Bharath,
A Farsi man comes running to the palace. He runs inside and reach Darius. “My Lord, new King of Macedonia, Alexander, is heading to Persia, they will attack us soon.” Darius is surprised. “They are reaching to their death” he smiles. “I must reach Persia soon. Order the army to be ready, Death is coming Alexander”.

Precap: Alexander reaches Persia. Darius leaves to Persia with Barsin. Puru thinks of a way to make Dasyu Queen understand that he is not a traitor.

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