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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Janta celebrates Chaitu’s birthday

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu saying Genda doesn’t give me peace. Imli says maybe she has to settle scores with you. Chaitu says she is opposition member. Chaya says Chaitu will become Salim and madam will become Anarkali. Imli gets shy. Chaitu asks what’s the need. Chaya says you will redefine love. Chaitu says I will become Salim, protect my cake, its 101 kg cake. Puttan says don’t worry. Genda scolds her party workers and asks them to find out where is Chaitu’s cake ordered. She says Chaitu will apologize, he didn’t invite me in his birthday. Puttan tells Chaitu that he got a birthday gift for him. He shows 20 crores in the bags. Chaitu asks just 20 crores. Puttan says our state is poor.

Chaitu asks Jha to go and invite people. Imli calls her Mausi to invite her.

Chaitu sees all the family members inviting relatives. He asks what’s happening. Imli says relatives are imp. Chaitu says cancel this. Imli takes his class. He says I can’t call entire relatives, call few people. She starts emotional blackmail.

Khoji tells the breaking news of some terror threat. Chaitu also gets a letter. Chaya reads it and says its a terror threat for Chaitu. Khoji says the bomb can be anywhere around, is this a plan to ruin the state. Puttan comes and says no one can ruin the state. Chaitu asks him to sort the trouble. They all get messages and receive warning. Khoji says there is a big storm of warmings. Puttan asks Chaitu not to go out and call urgent meeting at home. All ministers reach his house. Chaitu asks the officers to find bombs and diffuse, as its his birthday is tomorrow. Chaya says the rumors are spreading. Reporter tells about the big warning, the people should better stay at homes. Pahelwan asks what’s happening in the state. Chaitu says you sit at home, what will you do coming out. Chaitu sends them.

Malai asks who will come in your birthday. Chaitu says I m thinking the same. The bomb squad try to find bombs. Genda laughs and says the news was fake, I have spread this rumor to ruin Chaitu’s birthday, he didn’t invite me, he insulted me, now he will celebrate birthday alone. Everyone dress up in fancy costumes at home. Jha says the entire city is believing the rumors. Chaitu says so was this a rumor. Puttan comes as Hitler. He says Genda did this, she has sent a message and passed the rumor, we have paid this price as we didn’t invite her in party.

Chaitu says call the people in my birthday, will no one come. They call people to invite. Everyone makes excuse as they want to prefer having a life first. Chaitu says all my dreams are shattered, who will cut the cake, who will see Umrao jaan’s dance. Janta and his son come. He greets Chaitu and wishes him happy birthday. Chaitu asks what brings you here. Janta says Puttan called me here. Chaitu thanks Janta. Everyone claps. Chaitu sees a 1 kg cake. They ask about the cake. Chaitu says I have sent 100 kg cake to Genda. Genda says I can’t wait to cut this cake, I will have it. Janta’s son celebrates his birthday and cuts the cake. Genda gets Chaitu’s letter. She cuts the cake and bomb blasts. She says I won’t spare you Chaitu Lal. She stabs the cake angrily.

Malai says Chaitu wanted to have pumpkin, I will make it. Imli prays.

Update Credit to: Amena

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