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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu’s birthday is celebrated by public funds

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 5th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chaitu asking Jha to dye his hair black. Jha helps him. Chaitu says no hair should look grey, how young do I look now. Jha says you look around 45. Chaitu says I have written wrong age, I will be 50 years next week according to that documents. Imli asks him to keep hair safe, its his birthday coming. Malai sings. Puttan comes and says minister is such a person whose birthday is celebrated even after death. Chaitu says I m alive. Puttan says we will celebrate your 50th birthday, we will invite big personalities, I will make actors dance and cut a cake of your size. Chaitu gets glad. Jha asks about expenses. Puttan says people will celebrate. Jha asks but how. Puttan says we will make people celebrate by their money.

Khoji says Chaitu is celebrating his 50th

birthday. Chaitu says its a fast news channel, Jha ask everyone to prepare for my birthday. Genda eats the cake. Haseena asks her to have it slowly. Genda says I love cake, no one calls me on their birthday and no one celebrates my birthday. Haseena says you will have cake of Chaitu’s birthday. Genda says I will go in his birthday and have cake. Haseena says he will celebrate birthday by people’s money. Genda says I will feed this matter in people’s mind, find out who is making Chaitu’s cake. Officers come and salute Chaitu. Puttan says this is DM Das, he will arrange cake for your birthday. Das asks how will I manage. Chaitu says do his transfer. Das says no, I will manage. Puttan says make such arrangements like its his last birthday. Another DM tells what arrangments will they make. Puttan says your birthday will be seen on all news channels. Puttan introduces Chaya. She says I will manage your PR from today, your account will be on social sites, big filmstars will come in your birthday. Puttan says everyone is busy in your work. He asks Jha to stop it, Chaitu belongs to people and people will celebrate his birthday.

Janta’s son asks for gift and cake. Janta says I will get it, but I have no money now, we will get your birthday dress. Puttan stops Janta and asks for gift for Chaitu. Janta says I don’t know him, I have no money. Puttan laughs on him and says celebrate your son’s birthday with Chaitu’s birthday. Janta says fine and gives money. Puttan takes donation from people. Puttan and his men beat people and collect money. Chaya asks Chaitu to do as she says, the news reporters are having a program for them. Chaitu gets much footage in the media. Khoji says Chaitu has called media inside for changing his image, will Chaitu come in pyjama or become a pyjama himself. Janta and his son see Chaitu on tv. Janta says you will go in his birthday. Media publicizes Chaitu. Genda says he is such a big actor, not bigger than me. The men come and ask her to help, Chaitu’s men are forcing for donation. Reporter tells about Chaitu receiving donations. Khoji asks Genda to give proof. Genda says its an insult to ask ladies for proof. Chaitu says Genda thinks this is a business. Genda says its bad. Chaitu and Genda give interview to Khoji.

Chaya gives an idea to celebrate Chaitu’s birthday and declare it as Jija day to collect funding from every school kid. Puttan and Chaitu like the idea. Chaitu thanks Chaya. Puttan congratulates Chaitu. Khoji says Jija day has come for the first time, Chaitu has declared his birthday as Jija day. Inspector says we loot people and ministers are looting us. Janta comes to complain. Inspector says I also have to complain, I m troubled, give me money if you want to get complaint filed. Janta says I won’t give money, its not right. Inspector threatens him and takes money from many people.

Khoji asks Chaitu how did they collect funds. Puttan says we got it by beating people. Chaitu says I mean we got beaten up by people and took funds being compelled, we have invited everyone, except Genda. Khoji asks why, is she not special. Puttan says no, she is a trouble. Chaitu says no, she will ruin my cake. Genda says no, there can’t be a bigger insult, I wish to give a statement and ignite fire. She checks her dangerous statements book. She says I will not let Chaitu cut his birthday cake, stop me if you can.

Chaitu dressed like a king. Everyone dresses in fancy dress costumes. Puttan says Genda has ruined all preparations. Chaitu asks won’t anyone come in my birthday.

Update Credit to: Amena

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